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I am so tired. I finally finished my new story at 2 am this morning. No to edit *yawns*

Hey Gillian *hugs*
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I am plotting a new series of the Reece and Giorgia adventures with Cal smile
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Roses are red
I'm watching tv
But I'm not alone
My brothers with me

Hey Star
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How the hell is a Star Trek fan supposed to answer this question??? I just can't decide.
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Roses are red
Roses they die
Just like you did
And I don't know why

Roses are red
But never blue
Which is how I feel
Today I so miss you

I miss what we had
The love we once shared
When we were so happy
We loved and we cared

Today the tears are falling
I just feel so sad
Feeling so conflicted
Because yesterday I was mad

Mad that you left us
And my eyes were dry
But today I feel empty
And that's why I cry.
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Quote by gael
I Am enjoying Cal and Kiera's Series.

I am thanking you, Cal and I are so pleased you enjoyed them as we had lots of fun writing them.

I am really freaked out over the last gif ginger posted on my wall lol it's bizarre.

I am hoping Welshdreamer feels better soon.
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I had to re-set password but it's working fine now.

Thanks Gav xo
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Quote by ginger86
Quote by Kiera
I am looking forward to mothers day tomorrow smile

i am wishing you a very happy mothers day

hi babes

I am thanking you.

I am exhausted...writing is hard work but I think my ginger is gonna like it, and her parts..very funny.
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Unfortunately, though it looks like America could end up with Trump as President and never have I been more relieved to be English cause that man in a position of power is insanity and quite frankly the whole world should be terrified right now.

Hi Andy Feeling better today?
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I am really excited with how well Terror in the Land of Hope and Mystery - part 4 and the finale is coming along.... Writing with Cal is just such a pleasure and for our readers who have loved this series so much we apologise for the delay but real life takes over sometimes but we truly hope that you will enjoy it and that it will be worth the wait.

Hi Andy Hope you feel better soon.
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Quote by authorised1960
Quote by Blue
Bumping this thread!

So far we have only seen six submissions for the competition. I sure hope some of you are hard at work scribbling something amazing to join in on the fun.

Deadline is Feb 16th!

Thank you to the ones that has already submitted.

Will I be accused of rank hypocrisy if I change my mind and submit an entry, given the lack of entries thus far?

LOL I knew you were a secret badge junky.

I am going to write mine this weekend.
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Same as Andy, David Bowie day today...may he R.I.P
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Fortunately Andy has a make up bag to cover up the hickeys

Hi Andy
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Quote by authorised1960

I am in a state of shock.

One of my rock heroes, David Bowie, has died at the ridiculously young age of sixty-nine.

I am too sad
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Quote by Circle_Something
I think I'll light a candle for David Bowie.

I just found out from the very sad

Lighting a candle for David...R.I.P
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I am kinda grossed daughter wants peanut butter on crumpets for breakfast...ewwww.
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Quote by Rebellious_Soul
Fortunately I still get warm greeting from interesting people.

Hey Kiera, how's your writing coming along?

Cal and I wrote a new part just before are in it a lot...we just have a final part to go now.

Fortunately I have pain killers