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Fine Wine

Do you look back as I do, and think our teenage years were crazy?

Has it been twenty years?It doesn't seem that long.Since we got tattoos in Blackpooland danced to Rosie Gaines songs. Rollercoasters, bumper cars,it's all a little hazy.Do you look back as I do,and think our teenage years were crazy? Nights at Cafe de Par...

His Lordship Of Norfolk

everyone in Norfolk knows, that Her Ladyship wears the trousers.

His Lordship of Norfolkhas upset his lovely wife.This doesn't bode wellfor the future harmony of his life. Their Wedding Anniversaryhe has failed to remember.Too busy was he on Facebookbothering a distant family member. Her Ladyship cried, "Enough!This I...

I Wake Up And I Weep

My nightmares knocking at the door

I wake up in the nightI wonder if you know?If you looked into my eyesWould my fear still show? I can't look into your eyesThey haunt my sleepI relive all the pleasure you tookIn making me feel cheap The things you didI can never escapeThat you took pleasu...

I Believe In

I believe in

I believe in night I believe in day I believe that one day with Henry I will have my wicked way. I believe in sight I believe in sound I believe at the end of a rainbow A pot of gold can be found. I believe in light I believe in dark I believe if you swim...

Voodoo For Beginners

For all potential sinners.

Sitting in my bedroom Mad as bloody hell Thinking about making a voodoo doll And casting a dark magic spell Now please don't think I'm evil Usually, I'm not I went to church a time or two Not sure when though I forgot Would I be a sinful girl If I went ah...

My Heart Belongs To You Too

Anniversary poem for my late husband.

I feel lostI ache insideIt's our anniversary FridayI was your brideSuch a wonderful dayI had a beautiful dressWe made our vowsHad our union blessedAfter so many yearsYou finally gotMe to agreeTo tie the knotMade me your wifeTwas a simple affairSo special...