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A Very Mature Person

A very mature person is left to take care of children

The 27-year-old Maryam has been left alone with her young cousins. Soheila, Maryam's aunt, left her children there and then went away with Maryam's mother in haste. Several hours later, Soheila calls Maryam's house. Ring... Ring... Ring. Maryam picks up t...

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The Howling of Your Dogs Shall Pass Too

I wrote this poem as a warnning to tyrants

Death will pass your world too The prosperity of your times shall end too The owl of suffering who annihilates from the root Shall visit your sad land too The autumn wind bringing misery to the lands Shall pass your gardens too The water of death, known f...

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My Embarrassing Story

This story happened in 1990, when I was in my twenties

My name is Leila. I'm afraid of earthquakes since childhood. One night I was alone and getting ready for bed. Suddenly I felt an earthquake. I was so terrified that I ran for the door as fast as I could without thinking. I made it to the stairs, and then...

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