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Our General Fiction category is for stories of 1,000 to 10,000 words that do not fit into any other category, or that would work equally well in multiple categories.

If your story is primarily in a specific genre, please submit it in that category rather than in General Fiction.

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Young And Dumb In New Orleans

Twenty two hours in a New Orleans jail

The tenor for the trip was set when the two mild, innocent-looking Midwestern girls got up from their seats on the Greyhound, a few hours before it was set to arrive in New Orleans, and went into the tiny bathroom at the back of the bus together. They eme...

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3.1k words 3.1k words

If She Only Knew

Angels come in many forms

She sat there with her laptop glowing Her stare was continuous, never knowing He watched her with eyes slowly going His heart was overflowing She had no idea he had feelings She could not tell it had reached higher than the ceilings They had only limited...

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I draw a circle with a stick, so big I have to walk a ways to join its ends. Dust rises as I drag: steam from a train, smoke from a pipe. Pa smoked a pipe and it smelled fine. My circle is a farm for my animals. Right now they live in my dress, in a pocke...

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1.6k words 1.6k words

As I sit and watch the day begin I realize I have been here for some time A peace connects with my soul Time is standing still I don't think of the cancer growing in my body I don't think of being alone I remember all the good I have seen All the smiles a...

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96 words 96 words

I had a bit of a debate on Reddit a few weeks ago with a high school physics teacher that stated his students have to solve the problem the way he showed them how to solve the problem. I stated I liked showing students that there may be easier methods to...

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Young man has first lesson in infatuation

Strange, isn’t it? Those small things that get listed in the memo pad of the mind. Brief, inconsequential in their setting, and outcome, yet noted, sharp and clear as any major incidents that give our lives direction. A lifetime ago, drawn by the music, I...

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110 Views 110
1.4k words 1.4k words

It takes time and patience, To cure my toxic ways, My awareness and presence, Needed now almost always, Live to die a little, I die every day Ask me how I am doing, I would lie in every way Hero of my own story? But who are the villains? Wear a cap every...

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148 Views 148
418 words 418 words

A dream come true in real life is like last year’s dandelions blooming into roses. This is when the virus that causes MS is discovered. Then a vaccine and new treatments are developed, and MS is no longer a menace. MS is the Crispr of life. It is a harsh...

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150 Views 150
79 words 79 words

My heart has been ripped straight up through my throat and right out of my head to the stars. You might feel loss like this too, but did you also know that a new spark can start a new fire that even warms my heart with forgiveness so that I can throw off...

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132 Views 132
84 words 84 words

The Island Of Death

Are we friends now?

When I was younger, my father called me his little nest—his little heir. My earliest memories were of him holding me close, like he couldn't bear me being too far away, like I was the lightning rod that kept him grounded in the middle of a thunderstorm. H...

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It was between him and her, and her and her, and like always I was caught in between, a bottle of bourbon trapped between my thighs while I nursed the glass—the alcohol burned fresh paths down my throat, drawing parallels with the scars that ran down my a...

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4.5k words 4.5k words

The Blue Danube Waltz

Would you go back and try to change history if you had the chance?

The old man sat at the table, watching the couples dance. He stared into his glass of Schnapps. The taste did nothing for him. Nothing did anything for him anymore. He wasn’t sure why he’d come. The lecturers and professors got younger every year. He felt...

A World To Save

A day in the life of a struggling hero.

The air tasted like lavender body wash and gunpowder. Fireworks dotted the night sky as the bang-bang-bang of New Year explosives ricocheted off the buildings in New Glory. Avery sucked in a deep breath and her hands to the moon, meaty palms up. It was gl...