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Our General Fiction category is for stories of 1,000 to 10,000 words that do not fit into any other category, or that would work equally well in multiple categories.

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I was reminded of you, for the first time in forever. Why- no, how could I so easily forget? But I reminded myself it wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t quick. I had put up a fight. Yet, you watched me from the sidelines. I would’ve fought forever. But I had to s...

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Their Dad came home from work in a great mood. He hugged his two girls and then kissed his wife and the newborn in her arms. "I have a surprise," he said with a smile and the girls crowded around asking what it was. "Taa-Daa," he said and produced three t...


Just make it disappear like it's nothing

Vows You said you’d always be there with support through thick or thin, but when I needed shelter, you refused to let me in. I knocked and begged for mercy, so my needs were very clear – I pounded and I pounded, but you still refused to hear. You watched...

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Mardi Gras Mink

The adventure of Marti

The Mardi Gras adventure. It was Mardi Gras in the French quarter of New Orleans. Marti the mink had never seen such a crowd. She had been around humans before so that didn't bother her too much. She looked at all the fun costumes and masks in bright shad...

Pancake Tuesday

Zara tries to bring a bit of the razzmatazz of Mardi Gras to rural Ireland

Zara slid into the vacant seat and joined her classmates for lunch. “So, what are you guys doing for Mardi Gras?” she enquired as she opened her can of coke. Her friend Sinead paused, a sandwich halfway to her mouth. “We don’t do Mardi Gras. We just have...

If She Only Knew

Angels come in many forms

She sat there with her laptop glowing Her stare was continuous, never knowing He watched her with eyes slowly going His heart was overflowing She had no idea he had feelings She could not tell it had reached higher than the ceilings They had only limited...

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Young And Dumb In New Orleans

Twenty two hours in a New Orleans jail

The tenor for the trip was set when the two mild, innocent-looking Midwestern girls got up from their seats on the Greyhound, a few hours before it was set to arrive in New Orleans, and went into the tiny bathroom at the back of the bus together. They eme...

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I draw a circle with a stick, so big I have to walk a ways to join its ends. Dust rises as I drag: steam from a train, smoke from a pipe. Pa smoked a pipe and it smelled fine. My circle is a farm for my animals. Right now they live in my dress, in a pocke...

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1.6k words 1.6k words

As I sit and watch the day begin I realize I have been here for some time A peace connects with my soul Time is standing still I don't think of the cancer growing in my body I don't think of being alone I remember all the good I have seen All the smiles a...

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96 words 96 words

I had a bit of a debate on Reddit a few weeks ago with a high school physics teacher that stated his students have to solve the problem the way he showed them how to solve the problem. I stated I liked showing students that there may be easier methods to...

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Young man has first lesson in infatuation

Strange, isn’t it? Those small things that get listed in the memo pad of the mind. Brief, inconsequential in their setting, and outcome, yet noted, sharp and clear as any major incidents that give our lives direction. A lifetime ago, drawn by the music, I...

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It takes time and patience, To cure my toxic ways, My awareness and presence, Needed now almost always, Live to die a little, I die every day Ask me how I am doing, I would lie in every way Hero of my own story? But who are the villains? Wear a cap every...

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418 words 418 words

A dream come true in real life is like last year’s dandelions blooming into roses. This is when the virus that causes MS is discovered. Then a vaccine and new treatments are developed, and MS is no longer a menace. MS is the Crispr of life. It is a harsh...

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79 words 79 words