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Over 90 days ago
New Zealand


I like to see the funny side of life. That doesn't mean that I don't see and can't be effected by the parts of life that aren't fun. It just means that I try not to make those parts of my life a focal point that I can't break free of. Please don't ask me to be a friend just so you can make your friend list bigger, because I won't respond. I don't add people that I haven't interacted with first. Sorry, but that's just what I'm like.

Music is my main interest. I love to play music and when I'm not playing it myself, I like to listen to someone else play music. lol

Favorite Authors
I read a huge range of different genre's so I don't often follow authors. Apart from Kya Korday. There you go Kya, an honorable mention. ;)

Favorite Music
I don't have a favorite. What I want to listen to is always totally mood dependent.