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Quote by Starlyt
Sorry Adele..Account isn't the right answer..the answer is MINUTE...

The answer is PIG?

sorry star, the answer is not pig, but COW.

gflat, your answer is SPRING

The author wrote a _______ all book.

Some gamblers lose due to a _____.

I cannot _______ a lie.
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Answer : account

Root beer and vanilla ice cream is called a black _________

The mean kid called his overweight school mate a _________

Many early settlers often kept a ________ for various things
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I could sit and watch waves hit the beach for hours and if it was sunrise or sunset, even better.
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I guess I would have to agree with several people above, like having my computer with me, as I write all my stories on it. However, I do write my poetry with pen and paper, then transfer it to the computer when I am satisfied with it. One comment that I don't agree with is the one about being awake. A number of stories and poems I have written, and which are the ones that come the most easily are the ones that I wake up with already fairly formed in my head. So I guess my "thing" would be to wake up with a new story in my head every few days.
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banana split with hot fudge please

cherry coke or cherry dr. pepper?
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welcome Madonna, to storiesspace and the forums.
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need to find a photo editting program that will reduce the size of my pics so i can post NZ ones