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United Kingdom


I am a miners son in my late forties. My upbringing was a working class mining community in Fife, Scotland. Paradoxically I am proud of this but also have detested aspects of it. I have worked in many jobs over the years; mostly manual or in the care industry. Presently I am the family carer and don't anticipate a return to other employment. I like to write short stories that make folk think.

tv, gym, walking, writing, reading

Favorite Books
Usually crime, thriller or mystery. But I have been known to read widely across those boundaries.

Favorite Authors
Stephen King, Colin Dexter, Bernard Cornwell to name but three.

Favorite Movies
The Godfather movies, Lord of The Rings movies

Favorite TV Shows
Inspector Morse, The Blacklist, The Border, Graceland, Legends, Game of Thrones to name but a few...

Favorite Music
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Divine Justice

Sometimes crime doesn't pay!

Arthur lived on his own, in the same council flat he had brought his bride home to 51 years ago. Where they had raised three kids and seen them fly from the nest out into the world. It was also where he had held his Irene as she breathed her last breath i...