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2 days ago
Prairie Village


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Morning All

Coffee sounds like heaven to this anicent lion.

1st snow

The Animals will be frisky today. No Name will.have to roll in the snow! It's a hoot watching the barn cats explore their first snow too

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Quote by DenimAngel

A large hot chocolate with a mountain of mini marshmallows would be great it's chilly here today

it was a fantastic trip took LOTS of pics ..

Glad you could travel through my pics Jeff

I think the next trip will be to Oregon.

Fergus was looking a little bit thin James

Today's cookies are a little late but they are here !!

moving the old cookies to the emergency cookie tins behind the counter and filing the cookie jars to the tippy top with fresh cookies

giving the adorable critters fresh water and treats

Sara the best to go with hot chocolate is soft sprinkle covered doughnuts 😊

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This mention of poetry was like evening moths drawn to a flicking candle Molly. And what Dreamcatcher (Larry) is the first to enter!!

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Good Morning

Rain with thunder for my day

Filled the coffee pot and put the kettle to a boil with this weather a cup of tea sounds perfect

Everyone have a wonderful day

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Just enjoying to post this to make us remember not that long ago what the youth was willing to do

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A wise Owl woke me this morning and said "drop off some sugary treats" to support the tasty cookies Sara brings, enjoy everyone

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Here is a poem I penned over 4 years ago.


I took the British steel,

On Bunker Hill.

I sent G Shot

On Erie lake.

I fixed bayonets

On Little Round Top.

I bled under the knife

At Greasy Grass.

I felt my way up the hill

To the shouts Bully Boys.

I bled red

Feeding poppy fields.

I swatted mosquitoes,

On the deck of Yorktown.

I froze white and numb,

At the reservoir.

I rode a green horse,

Over the far off jungle.

I drove though,

The hot sand box.

"We quell the storm and ride the thunder."

For I am a American soldier.

On this Memorial Day please remember all that "gave their all" for us.

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Hello, I haven't darken the doors here in way to long so what if I leave a small sample from a local shoppe that I pass by on my way to check on my friends furry friends. May I have a cup of coffee to go?

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Hello All

Hot cocoa with mini marshmallows please

Here is the snow we had overnight here in Kansas

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Hello all that enter

Sure glad to see a few friends that stop over here too.

How this for a sign to welcome people here?

Well its another Friday here in Kansas hope all enjoy their weekend
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Hello Anna and Sara

Coffee been brewed and ready for the coffee drinkers
Hot water sit on the counter for our tea drinkers too.

Well it's another TGIF here in Oz.
Sending well wishes out to all and have a great weekend too

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Just dropping by with need for a cup of coffee

Time to think of a ride to enjoy the colours of the fall leaves. One of the better locals is The Lake of the Ozarks. I great ride indeed

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enough of the talk of weather (sigh) Fall has arrived and brings beautiful colours to all of the fallen leaves

dropping these off for enjoyment

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Morning to all that shall pop in today

Coffee hot and waiting everyone.

Just back from a 903 mile bike ride though the Ozarks and around Harrison Arkansas.
Being old (as dirt) my butt is flat and dead lol

Peel Ferry the last ferryin the state of Arkansas.
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Hi Anna and Sara......

My mother was born in Kassel Germany and came to the USA with my grandparents in 1919 after the end of the conflict (WW1) and their love of the Kaiser. Guess they "knew" the pending troubles brewing in Germany. Moved to Detroit Michigan. The rest is a longer story lol.
Anna I am up to a huge 63 words (my mind is numb) far short of the requirements on the Moon challenge. Enjoy your Holiday Anna

Ice Tea always ready for you Sara ... tell us what was for dinner
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I have read the rules now 4 times and frankly I don't think my complete body of poetry and stories on here add up to the minimum word count
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Quote by AnnaMayZing
Yesterday, in Beaumaris, on the Island of Anglesey, North Wales, I found an amazing butchers/Deli shop.

In their heated pie cabinet they had the most gorgeous looking pies and sausage rolls I have ever seen.
Minted Welsh Lamb, Steak and ale, etc, etc.
Sadly, due to my health, I had to walk away but they looked so good I could not have stopped at just one...

I will drown my sorrows with a double espresso please.

Anna, reading this made me a little sad. First that you had to walk away and second because I was not there to try the lamb, and have you catch me stuffing a couple of sausage rolls in my backpack

Hot mug of coffee with a fine friend is definitely in order on this cold April afternoon