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Reap The Wind

Reaping the Montana wind.

Standing on their hill. Snow blowing her hair. Head bowed. Tears flowing. His widow remembers. That hot, July day in 76. The day he rode, Out of her life. His weathered face. Blowing his love, Her final kiss. Telling her, To saddle the wind. Till his retu...

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Bitch Called Nam

You're back under her spell.

An Asian beauty bathed, in the light of the moon. Broke many a man's heart. Took lives too soon. Treacherous mistress, from the very start. We tried to tame her and got a boot to the heart. Star-filled sky wasn’t a romantic sign. Just meant more young bro...


Taking the sun, the moon, the stars and every thing good in me.

I am sitting with my morning coffee. My girl walks in and says "it's over." And just like that, she is gone. I watch from our kitchen window as she drives away. Taking the sun, the moon, the stars, and anything inside of me that is good. I am left a shell...


Heart in her throat

She had enough Vicious words Smell of alcohol Black and blue Cutting deep Gifts of his love Never again Run away Far away Heart in her throat Hands shaking Calm on the horizon She knows Need to love Respect Yourself first Won't look back Under her first F...

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Memories Made

Under raspberry Sun.

Under raspberry Sun. We fed on, Olives from Iklaina. Tasting sweet honey. On full lips. Waves crash Under the Blue Moon. Secrets whispered. Promises made. Bonfires flame. Bullroares sing. Clapsticks wail. Stolen kiss. Then returned. Can honey, Be any swee...

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Enough. Hearing screams. Tired of talk. Blah blah. Can't stop, Finger pointing. Never change. Leaving only, Broken souls. Bloody teddy's One more school. As we all, Look upon. Fresh Graves. Anyone listening? Enough. Say it. Enough.

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6th Street Stray

Hunger her only home.

Born at night. Tossed at first chance. Alleyway to stoop. Hunger her only home. What is love? Or smiles to keep. Head hung low. Matted fur, Stumbes on. Frozen paws, In the falling snow. Brow eye girl. Born rich. No mothers love. Raised with whispers. Told...

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Last Friends

Seeing for the first time the beauty of the jungle.

Blood pooling. Friends to the left. Friends to the right. Given their all. Wishing to hear. The crackle, Of the radio. Bringing salvation. Your fallen team. Their last minutes, Calling out. To loved ones and mothers. Wiping your tears. With steading hands...

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Honour all that have been taken by Cancer.

My heart is stone My heart is empty Not a single crack Nothing will ever grow No more pain to endure Never another wake No more loss to bear My heart been turned to stone

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Promises Kept

Pulling the envelope from my pocket.

As I sat on the Greyhound bus I opened the window as it pulled away. I knew what I had to do, what I promised to do. Pulling the letter out of my pocket I stared at the brownish stains. Closing my eyes and once again being transported to the lush greenery...


To many times

I am shattered I have been before Way to many times Holding women And broken men Sadness filled eyes Sobbing widows Another flag Draped across Lined up caskets When will it end Their homecoming A white cross upon a field I am shattered Been here before To...

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Kingdom Of Heaven

As we call you the star of love

On your return  As we call you The star of Love To brighten the sky  Blessing given to all Mere mortals below Some looked up Seeing your wonderous sight Most continued On their bustling ways As your first gift fell Covering all  With a blanket  Of pure wh...

This Is War (Sneeze)

As they sneeze on you

On the subway home Don't sneeze  On me Stay calm Been told Keep your distance Wear your mask Fear the infection Lock your doors Hide downstairs Sound the alarm As it comes for you No flowers Or family As it takes you Let them grieve alone For they too Hav...

Father Winter Treats

With a smile as large as the valley below.

As the dark clouds swirled, the forest gnomes busied themselves. For since time recorded, they have been tasked with waking Father Winter. Jimmy's task was to bring the sugary treats this year.  At first light, the ten gnomes gathered their belonging and...

As The Oceans Burned   No One noticed No one cared Fish belly up Birds cover in oil Not a tear Do you care? To stop and think As you drove away Tossing your empty cola can Hurry before you are late Can't be bothered by the news  As the oceans burned