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Understandably a number of people will not like the new setup here. But that's par for the course when a site undergoes a massive facelift.

But the backlash over minor things like gender identity, has gone way over the top, and is totally irrelevant at this juncture.

It was not long ago that a decision regarding keeping this site going or not was in the balance.

People need to look at the bigger picture rather than get bogged down with minor irritations and issues as to the way the site is currently.

The new site will not be perfect and "as we'd like it" at the start. It's a massive undertaking moving both this and a 15 year old site which has literally TB's of data to transfer for 600,000+ members, over to a new platform.

Time is of the essence as there will be no further support on this current platform from mid-September and it's essential we try and get both this site and the larger one up by then.

So let's get the bulk of the site up and running, and then anything missing / that needs changing, can be patched / addressed later, and improvements will then be ongoing.

We have a whole support / dev team now who will be able to implement required changes as they become necessary / on the members' essential wish list.

Thank you for your support and understanding while we are in transition.



I can't post an image from my hard drive directly into a forum post. It would be better if we could rather than have to add it to your own images, then post the link. 

This story has html in instead of the "non-breaking space" that's meant to be there:

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Hi I am new here, but I am having log in issues. I click log in and a drop down box tells me I am logging in as me. Yeah! Then nothing. A minute or two later another box saying page unresponsive wait or delete? Press wait and another minute or two I get a bigger box telling me to resubmit and then, bingo, I am in.

I appreciate the site is new. Newer than me, but no one else seems to have mentioned it. Maybe it is me.

I have reported it.

I have noticed this too. It says "Signing in as Nicola" then doesn't work. If I then refresh my browser, it shows me as logged in.

The cover image issue is being addressed. We actually want all covers to be of a certain dimension so that when we show cover images on the front page, they will look uniform.

I'm really liking the new look and speed of the site.

There are bound to be some issues / bugs so please bear with us over the next month or so while they are addressed.

If you come across a problem or something you'd like to see, please post it in this thread.

Thank you!


The forums have been fixed. Sorry about that!

We will still be running the old site for the next few days as there are a couple of fields missing on the import script.

Hopefully Thursday is the big move.
This is scheduled to happen in the next few days.

It is very likely you will need to log in to the new site when it happens, as your cookies will most likely be invalid. If you can't remember your password, click on the Forgotten Password (/ email address) link: (when logged out) and go from there.

If you used a throwaway email address or can't access it, use / set up a use a proper email account, then change it in your settings here (hopefully you're still logged in!): - that way you won't be locked out and have to set up your profile all over again. We can't merge profiles.
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Quote by Mendalla
I don't know how anyone could reject a change to this site. It is a design that belongs to the age before mobile devices dominated the Internet and is simply not appealing, or sustainable, in this era where phones and tabs dominate.

Can't we have a compromise? Like where you can have the current look as a classic or flashback skin?

Unfortunately, we are running 5 dedicated servers currently, on a very outdated platform / setup. The new site will be on a totally different (cloud hosted) platform / servers. We can't maintain 2 versions of the same site.

It's a very intuitive and easy to use platform. I'm sure you'll get used to it soon enough!

This site is pretty simple compared to others. Mostly it's the stories / poetry, forums and profiles. Easy to figure out!
Quote by Mendalla
Question: Are the existing forums being ported over, or just stories? Wondering if long-standing threads like Inspirations and What are you listening to? will already be there or need to be restarted.

Everything, barring incidents!

Stories, forums, profiles, the lot.
Following on from my post in June concerning site changes, I am delighted to announce that our new team of coders have made excellent progress on the upgraded site, and it is a matter of weeks away.

They have done a successful data import and trial run, and are aiming for a launch date for the new site around 17th August all being well.

The new platform is lightning fast, and purpose built to be responsive for all devices. It has a very clean and modern new design, and is a lot less cluttered.

It's human nature to dislike change (!), but I believe the new site will be a huge improvement.

Plus with a team of coders on board, we can make any changes our membership deem as necessary, in a much more expedient manner going forward.

Here are some screenshots from the front page of the staging site to give you an idea of how it will look (apologies for the grainy images, the forum resizes them):

"For crying out loud." "Not a damn thing has been done."

Wow, what an attitude to have. Quite frankly, it stinks.

I've seen spam on international news sites, remain for days and days, and you complain that it isn't cleared up within 12 hours here, on a non-profit writing site, managed by a few volunteers? Quite remarkable.

The spam reports will go to more than one person in future, which should help.
I like to think that authors are a little more particular / discerning, about which publisher they sign up with.

Who in their right mind (unless broke), would want to sign up with a company, everyone in the industry considers a homogenous McPublisher (Amazon)?

Publishers tend to be specialists in certain genres, to try and be all encompassing, has fail written all over it.

I seriously can't see it ever happening. Fun article all the same, the usual from the NY Times!
"Beatrice and Virgil," Yann Martel. It's one of his follow up books after the success of "The life of Pi."

Interesting read so far, a few chapters in. Talented writer, that's for sure.
Very true.

I'm reading another of Murakami's books now, "After Dark". One sitting and I'm half way through. He's so easy to read.
I go through phases, but can't get enough of Haruki Marakami lately. Kafka on the shore was an incredible read, I highly recommend it.
I write like: Stephen King. That's odd considering I mainly write business reports and pulp fiction!

I wonder how many authors they have in their database?