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11 hours ago
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No time for Myths and Monsters for me. About to take Mira further on her escape to England.

And here's the reason why:

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Red's three-part "I Am Viennese" is, incidentally, wonderful.

Thank you , Verbal

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Have to pop in to sample Sarah's intriguingly titled 'salted, caramel, chocolate chip' cookies. Nothing else to say except, 'Mmmmmmyum.'


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Having completed my over-extended involvement with my latest tale, do I now sit back and consider whether I should write any more since each new venture takes longer and is no longer effortless? I could read more (a long delayed pastime) OR with the sun shining and the boxes of seedlings screaming to be planted, I could crawl (not rush) out of my easy chair and do some gardening.

Decisions, decisions! Maybe a cooling iced tea and one of Sarah's tempting pineapple cookies will help me make my mind up.

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At long last, the first part of my Anschluss story is verified, "I Am Viennese." Part two is already being checked and part three is standing by. Now all it needs is a reader!

Better than that, the hard blood clot that has been lodged in my ear since my carcinoma op,(8 weeks ago} was finally hauled clear yesterday after three weeks of oiling and probing by my audiologist. God, it was so big, she commented, "It's a wonder you could hear at all."

All's well that ends well.

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Mets still suck. (Sorry Red.)

My team mightn't be the same sport but that losing feeling I know only too well. Good luck with your Devil's Cucumber story.