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Here to share the wisdom and light, happiness and sadness, and the two chief elements of life, health and love. The former has been letting me down lately, but the latter is here to stay.

Writing, gardening plus everything else.

Favorite Books
Too many for me ever to get through

Favorite Authors
From Dickens, through D. H Lawrence, to Steinbeck, Updike and Connelly

Favorite Movies
The long list starts with Beau Geste and goes on into infinity (but not the sci-fi infinity)

Favorite TV Shows
Anything that doesn't carry a reality tag or the word 'celebrity'

Favorite Music
Piano Jazz
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Winter's Hope

Shy young man is uncertain of his choice of location for a first date

The river, smooth as a land-locked pool glows silver below us, and the snow crunches under our feet as we stroll towards the mid-point of the bridge. So many times, my searches for nature’s gifts have led me here. But never in winter. And never with a wom...

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Young man hopes are inspired by sight of lovely lady

If I could write a poem, I’d celebrate her style How roses blush in envy, At the radiance of her smile. As I sit in awe, just watching Her form, aglow in silken white. Now she waits, in peace and loveliness For her chosen, loving knight If I could write a...

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Staying Alive

Aging man reviews life's chances

Hospitals have always made me uneasy, and that was only when visiting. Now, here I was, a patient, and breathing easy. Not allowed to get up yet, though. They don’t half fuss over me. “You’re a special case, Mr Fuller,” the nurses keep saying. Doctors, wh...

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