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Here to share the wisdom and light, happiness and sadness, and the two chief elements of life, health and love. The former has been letting me down lately, but the latter is here to stay.

Writing, gardening plus everything else.

Favorite Books
Too many for me ever to get through

Favorite Authors
From Dickens, through D. H Lawrence, to Steinbeck, Updike and Connelly

Favorite Movies
The long list starts with Beau Geste and goes on into infinity (but not the sci-fi infinity)

Favorite TV Shows
Anything that doesn't carry a reality tag or the word 'celebrity'

Favorite Music
Piano Jazz
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I Am Viennese (Part three)

After much troubled existence, Mira is unwillingly on the move.

That November night, Mira would later learn, went down in history. It seemed normal enough as the nuns tended the various children in the dormitory. But before they could even get to sleep, the noises from the heart of the city began. Mira thought she hea...

I Am Viennese (Part two)

Mira heads deeper under the Nazi influence

That Thursday, all pupils were called into the minor-hall in the convent, where the Mother Superior, her voice cracking occasionally, told them that under a decree from the German High Command and with immediate effect, the Roman Catholic nuns would no lo...

I Am Viennese (Part One)

An 11year old Austrian girl discovers the reality of Nazi unity

It was 1938 and Mira Wurtz, eleven years old, loved to eavesdrop the gossip of the customers in the grocery store where she bought the weekend bread and milk for her busy Grossmama (grandmother), Jana Kanner. Here in the city of Vienna, talk, for a long t...