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Quote by Violet_the_Verbose

The forum watch thing seems fixed which is awesome.

The notification bell only allows me to clear notifications 10 at a time currently. I was starting close to 200 notifications from all the forum stuff from before that got fixed so it's gonna take some time to clear all.

There's also an automated message I've gotten from friends on here. I'm only bringing it up because I've gotten it twice. Not sure how it got sent, but it's the following:

Subject: I'd like to know more...
Body: Oh hey there!
I've been checking out your profile and I like what I've seen, why don't you take a look at mine to see if we click?
Hope to hear from you soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know I'm a hot ticket item and all, but I get the feeling this is a holdover from a dating site lol.

Edit: Sometimes clicking on 'Clear All' and the individual 'X's doesn't do anything. Not sure why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I too have had that message sent to two of my friends in the last couple of days - I knew it wasn't an original message of mine because I've never wanted to 'click with anyone !
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Quote by etairay

I'm so lost here ..first day back on forum ..and ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ send out the rescue party 

Welcome to the new forum etairay - you're not the only one who feels lost and bewildered on here.

I don't know how but two people who I am already friends with have received a friend's requests from me, and

the thing is it's not even from me ! And now I can't post pics on profiles any more !

Happy days !!

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Hi everyone,

Early last night using my lap top I successfully posted an image from my media onto a friend's profile., but later on when I attempted to post more images on friend's profiles the function would not work - very frustrating. Is this something I am doing wrong or is it another glitch which has popped upon the system ??

Also I managed to have a brief chat with a friend on Messenger - I do hope that's a permanent fix !


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Quote by rolandlytle
Hi my friends.

I have been off my rocker for a few days but started feeling better last night. I am falling so far behind on my reading. Please accept my apology.

I love my father, but he believed in so many of the right-wing conspiracies like Covid-19 was a hoax. So he did not get the vaccine. Last week he got sick. He would not go to the doctor because he did not think it was serious. My sister and her husband, who live with my father, made him go to the hospital on Sunday night with labored breathing and a fever. When they arrived My sister and her husband had their temperatures taken to get in the hospital and found out they both had fevers too. All three were tested and were positive for Covid-19. Last night my father died of Covid-19. My sister and her husband both had their vaccines. My sister still has a slight fever and a sore throat and her husband no longer has any symptoms. Next week I will be going to Charlotte, NC with my family for his funeral.

I am heartbroken and upset. I can not help but think my father threw his life away because of the lies he listened to and believed.

Until I return from the funeral, I will not be writing much, but I will try to read some. I am sure that reading your stories will help keep me sane for the next two weeks.

Death is a part of life, just like birth, happiness, love, and tragedy.

Till later. Be safe, happy, and continue being the great people you are.

Laughter is healing, so remember; chameleons who can not change color are suffering from reptile dysfunction.

No one who has not lost someone can possibly feel what you are feeling and going through at present.

Stay strong, be safe , and feel the love of all the people here who are thinking of you

Speak soon my friend
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" If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me " - The Bellamy Brothers

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Quote by Verity

Oh please may I borrow that book after you have read it Verity ??

I've always wondered what a comma was for !
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Quote by GodsAngel
Hello all. I am not new to writing. And I hope I can share mine.

Hi there Angel - welcome to stories space !

Not been here too long myself, and I must say the folks on here are such a friendly crowd - I'm sure you will soon feel right at home !
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