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the Wanderer

"you dont need to be in the spot light to change the world"

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After a massive war of the four Kingdoms where there was no winner only death the world was shocked to its core the world powers that once held the lands together. Where gone and chaos ruled the land the weak were killed, and the strong seek to control these land that once was united. The strong stood to take control of the land for themselves.  

There were three factions that wanted to take control of the lands these factions are the deluvian empire,  Ironstriders and the Wrezosm faction with the Council of 10 gone they could do what they want. Lands ran red with the blood of their enemies. Conflict between the three factions destroyed cities and towns the deluvian empire in North East the Ironstriders in the south and the Wrezosm faction in the north-west. All these factions fought over land to gain greater power over each other and did not care who they had to kill to get it. The people of these lands have no hope and no one to guide them. Their world is full of war and loss, Their fields that once grew their crops now hold their dead thousands on thousands of tombstones spread across the fields.   

Our story started with a wanderer in a village in the Ironstriders land when the man entered the village all the people closed the shutters in fear of the stranger. The muddy road was empty except for a crying old woman on the road, the wonder walked up to her and put his hand, out to her the man was covered in ranges the woman grabbed the strangers hand gripping it tightly and said, "save me son" the woman pointed to the middle of the village, the man covered in rags walked towards the middle of the village saying nothing to the woman his rags fluttered in the wind. As the man walked closer to the middle of the village he could hear voices shouting, "those who stand up to us will die just like this fool" as the wanderer gets closer to the boy, a man runs up to the guards trying to save the boy he gets grabbed and pushed to the floor and kicked in the stomach. 

A bolt arrow goes into one of the soldier's eyes, the soldier stumbles back and falls to the ground the other soldier tries to stab the man on the ground, but then the wonder jumps in and stops him with a short sword, then slits soldiers neck with a dagger. Another two soldier's charger at the wanderer, he throws two daggers at one of the soldiers, the first one went into the soldier's arm the second one bounced off his helmet. The first soldier swung with all his might; the wanderer evades the strike with little to no effort jumping back on one leg and taunting the soldier with his hand. The soldier goes in for another attack, but before he can make a move the other soldier runs at the wanderer shouting, "I'm going to cut your fu..." but before the soldier can finish what he was going to say, the wanderer moved so quickly no normal person's eyes could keep up, with one clean stroke he cut the soldier head clean off.  

As the body drops to its knees and the blood still gushed from his neck, the other soldier falls losing what strength he had; he shouts in a scared voice, " you bastard." The wanderer slowly walked towards the soldier with blood still dripping from his sword. The soldier was trying to gather the strength that he has left fumbling to his feet and both of his hands shaking;  he grabs his sword and charges at the wanderer, shouting "you bastard" the wanderer dodges to the left whilst swinging his blade slicing cleanly through the soldier's neck. 

The wanderer goes up to the old man who tried to save the boy and helps him up. The man asked him "who are you?" The wanderer replies "I'm no one just a wanderer." As soon as he said this, he was gone. The man went up to the boy and let him free. All the town folk came out and raised the man up as their hero, but no one knows who the true savior was, but this small act gave the Villagers hope and power to stand up to the strong. This is a story about a wanderer and his hope.      


Written by Anonymous
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