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Action Stories

Our action category is for those who enjoy stories filled with adventure and excitement.

This genre revolves around explosive scenes and fast-paced plots.

Common themes include martial arts, car chases, extreme sports and combat.

Allens Last Flight

Danger threatens his home and Allen must act quickly.

I sat in the back seat of the car, my heart heavy with a mixture of awe and regret, as I gazed out at the endless expanse of farmland. The sun's golden rays bathed the countryside, creating a serene backdrop for our journey. Little did I know that this pe...

Sunday Night Easter - A Fuel Story

In the last stop to the biggest event on the F-X Calendar, the racers look for one last major win

26th of April – Season 1 When Moodswing had explained that they would be reusing one of the previous pay-per-view tracks from earlier in the season, Glen wasn't sure. But at the end of the day, Glenwood Jacobs was the Vice President of the F-X Racing Club...

Festival of the Fall - A Fuel Story

The road to the Biggest Finale in Sport Entertainment starts with the biggest festival of Autumn.

22nd of March - Season 1 Lord, I love my job. That was the thought that ran through Toney Kunene's mind as she switched off her car and marvelled at the sight in front of her. She had just arrived at Engels Korta and was blown away by what she was looking...

The Formula-X Grand Prix - A Fuel Story (SEASON FINALE)

With the biggest event on the F-X calendar finally here, each racer looks to have the last laugh

31st of May - Season 1 Moodswing was smiling. This was it. This was what all his hard work was all about: the end result of all the blood, sweat and tears... The Formula-X Grand Prix. This was big. And it wasn't the case just because they'd held out on ca...

Heart-Attack - A Fuel Story

The stars of Monday Night Fuel look to celebrate Valentine's Day while also maintaining dominance...

16th of February – Season 1 Rosemary Lekota was not a big racing fan. But she knew that she hadn’t been invited to this pay-per-view to watch the motorsport. She hadn’t been invited to be entertained by these sports entertainers. No… she had been hired to...

The Scramble - A Fuel Story

For the first time ever, witness all the F-X racers battle it out all at once to be numero uno!

26th of January - Season 1 The moment that Tendai Mathemba stepped out of the uber, he had expected to be immediately recognised. After all, even if he wasn’t a celebrity by normal circumstances, he was a multiple-time continental open-wheel champion and...

Year End Bash - A Fuel Story

With Christmas around the corner, F-X looks to break in the festive season the only way it knows how

15th of December – Season 1 Teresa Koek held a hand in front of her face as she yawned, trying to keep her sisters from seeing her. She always yawned during hymns while in church. She didn’t know why. Actually, that was a lie. She knew why. It was because...

Show-Down - A Fuel Story

For the 1st time ever, the F-X racers take to the down town streets of Ngelosi in this exciting PPV

24th of November – Season 1 Mandla Xulu had always been a fan of motorsport. Like many South Africans just like him, for years growing up, he would have done anything to have South Africa represented in the top racing series. So, when Mandla heard about t...

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Hallow's Eve - A Fuel Story

The 2nd ever Formula-X PPV starring the racers of Monday Night Fuel

27th of October – Season 1 Glen laughed. He was currently looking at a sheet of paper that was riddled with columns of numbers, but he was currently looking at the one right at the bottom. It was the sum total of money they had made on pay-per-view buys o...

Arbour Games - A Fuel Story

Like adrenaline-filled racing action? Then don't miss out on this one.

30th of September - Season 1 Moodswing swore. They were behind schedule. The event was set to start at 6 pm and his first two racers were nowhere to be seen. A bead of sweat travelled down his brow as he looked. He looked at his watch again: 5:50. Dammit,...


Mercenary meet the parents

Mercenary meet the parents

Mrs. Bucannon appeared to be a sensible person. She wore a simple gown and tasteful jewelry. If she wore makeup, I couldn't tell. She was a blond version of Grace, and her icy blue eyes were looking at me strangely.   A pair of screaming females met Grace...

I stared at the old church. The white walls and stained glass had stood the test of time. I was not happy to see the loaded parking lot. It only made the job more complicated. Add a "just married." sign on the back of the limo, and you have all the ingred...

The Last World - Part One

Two people, one life

To be or not to be that is the question, that ran through my brain. Could it be vaguely obvious killing myself because of this hell land? What I was implying was that Mother Nature decided to throw a tantrum which was primarily to cause an unavoidable dea...


the Wanderer

you dont need to be in the spot light to change the world

After a massive war of the four Kingdoms where there was no winner only death the world was shocked to its core the world powers that once held the lands together. Where gone and chaos ruled the land the weak were killed, and the strong seek to control th...


A rude awakening

Todd awoke on his back in a puddle of beer and broken glass with his ears ringing and his vision blurred. He laid still, watched the ceiling fan spin lazily without seeing it, and thought about nothing. A few seconds passed and he sat up. He closed his ey...