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Adventures In Ventorros. Part 2

"The Reece and Giorgia Adventures"

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As Sue turns off the headlights of her car, Reece and Giorgia turn on their flashlights.

"OH, MY COD!" they yell.

Kiera cringes as she gets her first clear view of her uncle courtesy of the kid's torches. His eyebrows are platted down to his shoulders and tied off with pink bows.

"Nice bows, Uncle Phill!" she says cheekily, and he glares at Sue mumbling about blue, and it is all her fault.

"The colour suits you" Reece snickers.

"Yeah, they really compliment your red eyes," Giorgia adds fluttering her lashes.

"And you wonder why I'm allergic to children" he grumbles as he flicks his eyebrows that have started growing again over his shoulders and slams on a pair of sunglasses while glaring at them all.

"Quit whining will you, Phill. I told you I didn't have any blue ribbons, only pink. Jeez sometimes you can be so ungrateful" Sue tells him as she slaps him on the head.

"Men wear pink all the time now Uncle Phill; I think you look nice," Kiera says, trying and failing not to laugh.

"Oh, they do, do they?" He says eyes narrowed.

Everyone nods at once.

"Name one person."




"I rest my case," he tells them all, outraged.

"Men DO NOT wear pink" he adds stubbornly.

"Everybody, get in the car, NOW" he yells as he storms off, gets in the car and slams the door while grumbling about even bothering to cure himself and men wearing pink.

"Uncle Phill, you shut an eyebrow in the door" Reece calls out helpfully.

"He can't see, Reece" Giorgia pipes in and shines her torch at the car.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO BLIND ME?!" Uncle Phill yells as he opens the car door, pulls in his eyebrow and slams it shut again.

"Get in the car; I haven't got all day" he adds moodily.

"WOW, he's grumpy in the mornings. I'm seriously reconsidering finding the cure for him" says Reece.

"Me too" Giorgia adds.

"He'll be fine once he's had his cuppa kids, I've got a flask in the car," Sue tells them reassuringly.

"Go get in the car; we need to get to Graham's. Sit as far back as you can; you don't want to antagonise his allergy" She adds.

"Don't be so sure about that" Giorgia mumbles as she walks off.


"Oh, Sprite, there you are!" she cries as she scoops up a fluffy white cat and gets in the car.

"But that's not!"


"I didn't say any..."


"Sprite wants you to shut up!"

"I got that loud and clear" Reece grumbles as he climbs in.

"OUCH! You just sat on my eyebrow."

"Phill, stop yelling and being a miserable git, there's tea in the flask" Sue yells out as she and Kiera head towards the car giggling.

"I think you're gonna have to re-platt his eyebrows" Kiera whispers.

"I think you're right, pet, they're way past his bum now" Sue whispers back as she opens the car door.

"I know, right?" Kiera whispers back before climbing in.

"MIND MY EYEBROW" Uncle Phill yells.

"DON'T SHOUT AT MY MUM!" Giorgia yells back.

"Yeah, don't..."


"PHILLIP! Just shut up and drink your tea" Sue yells as she starts the car and heads off to Graham and Mrs. M's house.

Uncle Phill wisely sips his tea and keeps quiet.

The sun is just beginning to rise as they pull into Graham and Mrs. M's house. Graham rushes out to greet them all.

"Welcome, welcome. You're right on time" He tells them.

"Why are you wearing a skirt, Graham?" Reece asks aghast.

"It's not a skirt; it's a kilt" Graham retorts defensively.

"I like to stick to my heritage when I go on quests" he adds.

"Why are you wearing your handbag around your waist?" Giorgia asks.

"It's not a handbag it's a Sporran. It's where a Scotsman stores things he'll need for his quests" he replies even more defensively.

"OH, My COD, Sprite just rolled her eyes" Reece laughs, pointing at the now tabby cat in Giorgia's arms. He'd given up questioning it; he got fewer hisses.

"So what's in it?" Giorgia smirks.

"ENOUGH with the questions, we have a quest to fulfill. Everyone follow me" he replies marching off but not before handing Mrs. M his sporran.

"Put some stuff in it" he whispers.

"I don't feel so bad about the pink now" Uncle Phill snickers earning a glare from Graham.

"I know, right? At least you're not wearing a skirt" Reece chuckles giving him a fistbump.

"It's not a skirt" Graham yells back at them.

Achoooo, hmmph. Uncle Phill sneezes loudly and trips over his eyebrows.

"Oh, My Cod, it's getting worse!" He sobs as he lifts his face off the floor.

"Keep away from me!" he says to Reece as he crawls away from him.

"Calm down, Phill" Sue says as she pats him gently on the head.

"They need re-platting, they're down to your ankles now. Reece, run along after your mum and help Graham get the S-Car-Go ready" she adds as she pulls a comb from her handbag.

As Reece rounds the corner listening to the sounds of

"OUCH! That hurts" and

"Quit being such a baby."

He can't believe his eyes. There before him are several large snails the size of ponies. Each one was wearing a saddle. A stick placed between their antennae with an empty pouch dangling down in front of their heads. All of them wearing a blindfold.

"WHAT THE HECK" he yells.

"Quiet boy, you'll spook the S-Car-Go's," Graham tells him sternly.

"Do they really eat boys?" he asks, shifting his feet towards his mum.

"Only on Mondays" Graham replies.

"Today is Tuesday, right?" Reece squeaks.

"True, but they skipped dinner yesterday" He replies with an evil grin. Reece shifts and hides behind his mum's legs.

"Quit scaring my son, Graham" Kiera snaps.


"No, wait, Sprite, come back" Giorgia yells as a ginger cat runs away and heads off towards the mountains.

"She's not a fan of S-Car-Go, pet. Don't worry about her; she'll meet us up there" Sue assures her as she joins them.

"How do you know she will?" Giorgia asks concerned.

"Because that cat will do anything to get her paws on another one of Moni's magic moon olives" Sue replies.

"Who's Moni?" Graham asks confused.

"Yeah, who's Moni?" Uncle Phill asks too as he rounds the corner and joins them.

"Oh, My COD!" Giorgia laughs as she see's him

"You look like Princess Leah" Reece laughs even harder.

"Have you not taught your kids to respect their elders?" He asks and glares at Kiera.

"It's on my to-do list" she mumbles from behind her hands, trying to hide her giggles.

"See that it is" he retorts.

"Now who the heck is Moni?" he asks, turning his attention back to Sue.

"The giant, his name is Moni" she replies.

"How do you know his name?"

"I'd rather not say" she replies guiltily.

"The time for being evasive has passed, Sue" Graham buts in.

"We have a dangerous quest to fulfill, and we can't go in blind. Tell us everything" he demands.

"Fine! Moni and I used to go to school together; we were the odd ones out being so tall and all. Naturally, we stuck together and were close for a time. Until we outgrew each other, that is" she replies.

"Oh, no, what happened?" Giorgia asks.

"He literally outgrew me, pet" she replies.

"He was always a tall lad, but then he shot up to over twenty foot tall and kept growing, things weren't the same anymore, and the townsfolk chased him off into the mountains, but that was seventy years ago."

"Oh, that's so sad," Giorgia says.

"POPPYCOCK!" Graham yells.

"You don't look a day over thirty, now tell us the truth, no more of this nonsense."

"Fine! Moni and I stayed friends, and I used to visit him when I could, he was so lonely. He made a wish upon a star that no one else would have to suffer as he did and it was granted. The moon shone down and made the olives on that tree magical. It will cure almost anything. Moni's wish came at a price though. The olives don't work on him, and he must guard the tree against those who are undeserving and would steal them."

"Awww, that really is sad," Giorgia says, and everyone nods in agreement.

"It is pet; I miss him. I've not seen him in thirty years" Sue replies sadly.

"But you don't look a day over thirty, how can that be?" Uncle Phill asks suspiciously.

Sue mumbles a reply.

"I can't hear you."

"Fine! I was getting old; I didn't like it. I asked Moni to give me an olive and he wouldn't so I stole one. He's very angry with me" she tells them all with her head bowed.

"Are you immortal?" Reece asks.

"No pet but it did reverse the ageing process. I took the olive home and popped in into my martini. I went to get some cat treats, and when I came back, Sprite was drinking from my glass."

"So Sprites immortal too? I'm confused" Reece replies.

"No one is immortal. Though we both have lived a very long time, we're still ageing. In Sprite's case, not only is she long-lived, but she can also take the form of other cats, she's unique" Sue tells him.

"Ah, all makes sense now" Reece replies.

"Hey, should we be taking you? Moni's already mad at you because you're a criminal mm-mph" Kiera covers Reece's mouth so he can't finish his sentence.

"Reece, what have I told you about.."

"I know, I know, think before I speak, I'm gonna lose a euro. But she did steal, Mum" Reece replies.

"Maybe she just borrowed the olive?" Giorgia suggests.

"Indefinitely?" he asks, raising his eyebrow.

"Exactly!" she replies.

Shaking his head, Reece asks.

"How is a magic moon olive going to help Uncle Phill? He doesn't want to be immortal; he just doesn't want to be allergic to us anymore."


"Now let's not be too hasty, Reece. I've always wanted to see the future, and after the laughs, at my expense, I'm questioning curing my allergy" Uncle Phill responds.

"Arghhh, the magic moon olives don't make you immortal, they cure ailments. My ailment was getting old, so it cured that. Phill's is his allergy to children so it will cure that. With regards to the risks of taking me, you'll have to lump it. Only I know the way to the tree once we get up there." Sue tells them.

"You've just shattered my dreams of immortality, thanks a lot, Sue" Uncle Phill replies sulkily.

Mrs. M joins them and hands Graham his sporran.

"Are you ready to go? The sun's risen" she asks.

"Indeed!" Graham shouts clapping his hands enthusiastically.

"Times a wasting. I want to be back in time for dinner, Mrs. M's making pork chops" he adds.

"I love a nice pork chop, is there enough for us all?" Uncle Phill asks.

"Providing we all survive our encounter with Moni there will be plenty for us all" Graham replies.

"Excellent!" Uncle Phill replies excitedly.

"I'll whip up some of my homemade cheese sauce" he adds.

"Oh, dear God, no! Please don't do that?" Kiera begs.

"Why not?" He asks confused.

"Everyone loves my homemade sauce" he adds.

"Puh-Leaze! Mum showed me that picture on Facebook. I've seen glue, that looks more appetising" Reece replies.

"I think it was stickier than glue considering how it stuck to that pan. No way am I eating it" Giorgia pipes in.

"You don't count as everyone, Phill. I'm not eating it either...or anything else you cook for that matter" Sue declares.

"Well then, now that that's settled, shall we be on our way?" Graham interrupts.

"Everybody, climb on an S-Car-Go, but steer clear of their heads, they're starving. Do you have the M&M's Mrs. M?"

"They're in your sporran, dear" she replies.

"See, I told you they came in handy on quests," he says as he glares at the kids.

"We get M&M's to eat?" Reece asks excitedly?

"I sooo love this quest already" Giorgia adds as she climbs on an S-Car-Go.

"The M&M's are for the S-Car-Go's. They can't get enough of them" He tells them.

"Everybody, line up your S-car-Go's next to mine. Phill, your eyebrows come loose, Sue can you sort that out, it's distracting."

Sue quickly pins it back up then joins them inline.

"Right, where was I"

"Uncle Phill's loose eyebrow is distracting" Reece replies helpfully.

"Hmmph. Now see the stick before you?"

Everyone nods.

"Consider those your steering wheels, any questions?"

"How do you..." Reece and Giorgia ask.

"Good" Graham interrupts.

"Now, in a moment, Mrs. M is going to unlock the gate. She will then fill the pouches in front of the S-Car-Go with M&M's. Make sure you have a good seat because once they get a whiff of them, they're going to fidget. Mrs. M, the gate if you please."

As Mrs. M leaves to open the gate, Reece whispers to Giorgia.

"I sure hope he's got underpants on under that skirt."

"Me too" she whispers back.

"For the last time it's not a skirt, and of course I'm wearing underpants" Graham hisses.


"Arghh, you just sneezed on me" Sue snaps, and she cleans herself off with a tissue.

"Ewwww," Reece and Giorgia say in unison.

"Sorry, Sue" Uncle Phill mumbles.

"The kids are to damn close, I can't help it" he adds.

"Hold on tight; here she comes" Graham yells.

The S-Car-Go's start shaking with excitement. Their tummy's rumbling loudly. Almost like a motor engine. As Mr's M fills the pouches with M&M's, they start shifting forward, and everyone except Graham grips their saddles tightly.

"Don't grip the saddles, grip the steering wheels" Graham shouts.

"You mean the stick?" Reece yells back.

Everyone grips the sticks and wobbles in their seats.

"Now on the count of three, everybody, whip off the blindfolds and follow me."






"Just turn the stick left or right, simple."



Graham tears off the blindfold and zooms off.

"Woah!" Reece exclaims

"They are really fast" Giorgia replies nervously. Kiera, Sue and Uncle Phill nod in agreement.

"LOOK OUT! He's coming back" Reece yells.

Graham screeches to a halt in front of them.

"What are you waiting for?" he asks.

"We haven't got all day, let's go."

"Graham, perhaps we should have some lessons first, I think..."

"No time for that" Graham interrupts Kiera and whips of everyone's blindfold.

"OH, MY COOOOOOOOD!" everyone screams as the S-car-Go's zoom out the gate and up into the mountains. Graham being the more experienced rider, catches up easily and takes the lead.

Two hours later and almost halfway Reece tells Giorgia.

"I think I'm a natural."

"A natural at falling off" Giorgia snorts.

"That was earlier, I've got the hang of it now. You fell off too" he replies defensively.

"Once" she replies buffing her fingernails.

"Everybody take a right" Graham yells.

"Since when is left, right, Reece? You're such an idiot" Giorgia shouts after him.

"I know which way right is; this S-Car-Go doesn't though" Reece lies, catching his sister up.

"Uh huh!"

"I hate you."

"Mum, Reece said he hates me."

"Mum, Giorgia called me an idiot."

"Really? That's awful!. You should tell your Uncle Phill" Kiera yells back.

"I don't want the cure anymore. Do they ever stop?" Uncle Phill whines. Kiera shakes her head and so it continues.

Two hours later.

"Are we there yet?" Reece and Giorgia whine.

"Not yet" Sue replies sweetly for the thousandth time to hide her irritation. Everyone else had stopped responding altogether.

"I'm so hungry" Reece moans.

"Me too" Giorgia groans.

"What happened to the passion fruit we picked you?" Kiera asks.

"We don't like passion fruit" Reece grumbles.

"Did you try it?" she enquires.

"Yes," they both lie.

As Kiera prepares to lecture them about honesty, Graham shouts.

"Oh, Thank Cod. We're here."

"Haha, you said Cod." Reece and Giorgia fall about laughing.

"This is the worst quest ever" he grumbles as he climbs off his S-Car-Go.

Sue and Kiera start giggling behind him.

"What are you two laughing at?" he demands.

"Your skirts got stuck in your pants, mate" Uncle Phill says with a friendly slap on the back.

"It's not a skirt," he says through gritted teeth as he adjusts his kilt.

"So what now, Sue? The S-Cars-Go's can't go any further; the rest is all rock" He asks.

"There's a hidden path over there" She points to a rock fifty feet up then pulls out her comb and starts braiding Uncle Phill's eyebrows.

"It will lead us through caves; it will be dark."

"We still have our flashlights," Reece and Giorgia say helpfully, clicking them on and off.

"Which won't do us any good if the battery runs out," Kiera tells them, and they stop clicking.

"How long will it take to get there?" she asks Sue.

"About half an hour pet but we have to get past Moni after that" Sue replies just as the ground beneath them starts to shake.

BOOM BOOM BOOM The sound of giant footsteps is almost deafening. The loud piercing scream they hear is, and all but one cover their ears.

"Did you just scream?" Kiera asks Graham.

"No" he replies, avoiding eye contact.

"Why are your knees knocking together?" Giorgia asks.

"Hello, the ground is shaking" he responds.

Everyone glances down at their knees and then back to his trembling ones.

A giant roar shakes the mountain, and he dives behind an S-Car-Go.


"Oh, My Cod, It's Moni, he knows I'm here" Sue squeaks.

"How can he smell you?" Giorgia whispers.

"He's a giant; he's got really big nostrils. His sense of smell is excellent" Sue whispers back.

"He's going to find us, and he's going to eat us. OH, My COD" Graham squeals.

"All of you run, get into the cave so he'll follow you."

"I don't want to die; I don't want to die" he repeatedly mumbles as he trembles in his hiding place.

"You coward" Reece yells.

"You want us to risk our lives so you can save yourself."

"Preposterous!" Graham yells back.

"Somebody has to save the S-Car-Go's. Mrs. M will kill me if the giant eats them. Everybody knows how much the French love snails" he adds defensively.

"Moni's Spanish" Sue points out.

More loud booming footsteps, even closer cause the rocks to slide.

"SUE" Moni roars.

"RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" Graham screams as he tears off into a cluster of olive trees and hides, leaving the S-Car-Go's.

"Unbelievable" Reece says shaking his head.

"What do you expect from a man who wears a skirt, kid?" Uncle Phill replies.

"Sue, get us into the caves, he can't get to us in there, right? He asks.

"He's too big to enter; we should be safe in there."

"Do you think we should tell Graham that?" Giorgia asks.

"NO WAY! He left us to die" Reece replies.

"Excellent point, Reece," Kiera says casting a dirty look in Graham's direction.

"Follow Sue everyone. Let's get this cure and get out of here" She adds.

The giant gets closer and closer, roaring at Sue as Uncle Phill, Kiera, Reece, and Giorgia follow her towards the hidden caves.

"Almost there," Sue says.

A dark shadow forms around them, and they all look up, and up, and up, and up. How tall was he?

"RUUUUUUNNN!" Kiera cries, and they do. Uncle Phill trips on an eyebrow at the entrance to the cave. Sue, Kiera, Reece, and Giorgia turn and see Moni's giant hand reaching for him. They all charge forward. They grab on to his eyebrows and drag him into the cave. Moni manages to grab onto his ankle, and a tug of war begins. Moni is strong, but they are more determined, as Uncle Phill screams in pain, they dig their heels in and give one giant tug, and he breaks free of Moni's hold, and he roars in anger.

"That was close" Reece pants.

"Too close" Kiera agrees.

"I never thought I'd be thankful for these" Uncle Phill states, indicating his eyebrows.

"They saved my life, and so did you. I can't thank you enough" he says as he hugs Sue and Kiera.

"I'd hug you both too, but I can't with this blasted allergy," he tells the kids sadly.

"Then let's go get the cure," Reece says as he jumps up.

"Yeah!" Giorgia agrees, joining him.

"Just give us a second to catch out breaths, kids" he replies.


"Sprite, you found us again" Giorgia coos at a pair of bright green eyes staring out from the dark.

"How do you know it's her, it's pitch black in here?" Reece asks


"Yep, that's definitely Sprite" he adds.

"I wonder what type of cat she is this time?" he wonders.

"Turn your torch on and let's see," Giorgia says, so he does.

"SNAKE, WATCH OUT IT'S A SNAKE" Uncle Phill yells.

"Where?" Giorgia cries

"Oh, my Cod, I hate snakes." Sue squeals

"How big is it? is it poisonous?" Reece mumbles from behind his mum's legs.

"Very" Uncle Phill chuckles.

"Why are you laughing? Where is the snake?" Giorgia demands 

"Over there" He points and laughs.

Giorgia points her torch and.

"Oh, My Cod you pranked us" she yells at him which makes him laugh harder. Kiera and Sue start to giggle.

Hissss, Sprite was not amused.

"That's your eyebrow, not a snake. I can't believe you pranked us" Reece laughs and high fives him.

"Aww, she's black again, come here, Sprite" Giorgia coos, scoops her up and strokes her behind her ears. She purrs loudly, and it echoes through the cave.

"Stop that, Giorgia. Moni will hear you" Reece whispers loudly.


"I'm pretty sure he knows where we are" Giorgia replies and rolls her eyes.

Uncle Phill, still chuckling from his snake trick gets up, and his tummy rumbles.

"Lead the way then, Sue. I want to be allergy free and munching on pork chops with homemade cheese sauce this evening. Let's do this." he says rubbing his grumbling stomach.

"I'm not eating his sauce, Mum" Reece whispers.

"Me neither" Giorgia whispers back.

"Shhh, nobody is going to eat it except him, just don't tell him that you'll hurt his feelings," Kiera tells them quietly.

"But he pranked us," Giorgia sulks and stamps her foot. Sprite growls and Reece ducks behind Kiera's legs.

"Euro" Kiera mouths when Giorgia goes to say more.

"We all ready then?" Sue asks.

"Follow me then," and they do.

They make their way through the dark cave, with only one torch between them because two were too bright and set off the bats. By the time they reached the exit, they were all exhausted, covered in cobwebs and more than a little afraid to face Moni again.

"So what's the plan, Sue" Reece asks.

"The plan is," Kiera tells him.

"For you and Giorgia to stay here with your Uncle while Sue and I go and 'borrow' a magic moon olive."

"Indefinitely" Sue pipes in grinning.

"NO WAY!" Uncle Phill, Reece, and Giorgia yell in unison.

"Shhhh, Moni will hear you" Kiera scolds them.

"Not happening, Precious" Uncle Phill tells her.

"I'm not Graham; no way am I letting you and Sue face a giant while I sit here and stay safe. I'm not a coward. Next, you'll be asking me to wear a skirt."

"I know you're not a coward, Uncle Phill. But you have the most important job here. I wouldn't trust anyone else to keep my babies safe. Please stay here with them for me" Kiera implores.

"But he's allergic to us, how can he protect us?" Giorgia points out.

"Now see here" Uncle Phill says defensively.

"I can protect you from anything. I can certainly keep an eye on you" he adds.

"How so?" Reece asks.

"Like this," he tells them, pointing from his eyes to them.

"I may have to sit all the way over here because I'm allergic to you but nothing and no one is going to get passed me."

"Well, you've convinced me," Giorgia says sweetly and sits down on a rock.

"Me too, I feel completely safe now. You and Sue go and get a magic moon olive Mum, and we'll stay right here. Reece adds and sits down next to Giorgia.

Watching them suspiciously, Kiera turns to Sue.

"So where exactly is this tree?" she asks.

"It's pretty much right above us, but we have to climb up. Moni will see us. I think I should go first and distract him..."

As Kiera and Sue plan. Giorgia whispers in Reece's ear, and they start making plans of their own.

"Right then," Kiera says.

"Sue and I will be back soon. You two, STAY HERE, you do not leave this cave no matter what. You stay with your Uncle, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mum" They agree, too easily for Kiera's liking.

"Promise me," she says.

"We promise Mum," they say sweetly, their fingers crossed behind their backs.

As Sue counts to three, Giorgia whispers in Sprites ear. She jumps down from her lap and silently makes her way towards Uncle Phill.

A God Almighty roar shakes the cave. Kiera and Sue disappear, and Reece and Giorgia put their plans into action.

"Why are you two so quiet?" Uncle Phill asks suspiciously a few minutes later.

"Because we're about to break Mum's rules and you can't stop us" Giorgia replies sweetly.

"You'll do no such thing" he replies.

"Watch us" Reece smirks.

Giorgia bends down, scoops up Sprite, and they both start running out of the cave.

"GET BACK HERE NOW" Uncle Phill bellows, but when he gets up to chase them, he falls flat on his face. The blasted cat had tied his eyebrows around his ankles. As he rolls over and reaches to untie himself, he hears large footsteps approaching.

"Oh, My Cod" he whispers fearfully. He needed to get out of the cave.

Reece and Giorgia sit quietly hidden behind a boulder, staring up at the magic olive tree. It's beautiful even in the sun, the olives are the colour of stars, and it shines.

"Has he come out yet?" Giorgia asks.

"Nope, that was a great idea to get Sprite to tie up his ankles" Reece replies.

"I know, right? She's such a clever girl" she says, scratching her under her chin.

They can hear Moni roaring in the distance. He can't be close. The tree is just sitting there asking them to borrow an olive.

"Can you see Mum or Sue?" Giorgia asks.

"I can't see them anywhere" Reece replies.

"Right then, you stay here, and Sprite and I are going to climb up and get one."

"Why do you get to go?"

"Because, it's my plan, not yours."

"Be sure to tell Mum that when she catches us."

Giorgia pokes her tongue out at him and climbs out from behind the boulder. Holding Sprite close, she makes her way over to the caves and starts to climb. Any second now she expects to see the giant appear. Or worse, her Mum. Boy, were they in trouble when she finds out.

As she climbs higher and higher, she hears mumbling below. She grins. It sounds like Uncle Phill finally escaped his eyebrows. Still, she was too high up now, and so close, nothing could stop her. Everything was eerily quiet as she finally made it to the tree. Sprite purred and licked her lips when she spotted the olives.

As Giorgia reached up and plucked one, Moni roars. His footsteps sounded like earthquakes. He was coming, and he was coming fast.

Giorgia leaps and starts climbing down as fast as she can scraping her knees in the process. Sprite was clinging to her back, her claws digging in but she didn't care. If she could just get down and into the cave, everything would be ok.

It seemed like forever, and she was so out of breath, but her feet finally hit the ground, she'd done it. She'd saved the day.

Reece had sat quietly behind the boulder and watched his sister climb, he thought he heard his Uncle at some point, but he was keeping his eye on his sister, an eye out for Moni, and last but not least, his mum. They were in so much trouble when she finds out.

After Giorgia had plucked the olive and he heard Moni's mighty roar he jumped out from behind the boulder. No way was Moni going to eat his sister. Mum would take away his Xbox for life.

He watched her climb down with impressive speed. Just as she reached the bottom, she turned around and smiled. At the same time, Moni came climbing over the mountain behind her. Roaring.

"RUUUUUUUUNNNNN, GIORGIA!" Reece yells at the top of his voice as a giant foot descends upon his sister and Sprite the black cat that was clinging to her for dear life, at least, he thought it was Sprite, according to Giorgia every cat so far had been her. It was all very confusing.

Giorgia looked up as the shadow of a giant foot blocked out the sun, she could barely see. Her heart was pounding, she could hear her brother yelling, and Sprite was hissing and scratching wanting to attack, but she couldn't let her go, she'd get squashed, it was looking likely that they both would be any second now!

She wondered how on Earth, she was going to get out of this alive, or without punishment. Mum told them both to stay put and stay out of trouble. It was all Reece's fault, or that's what she was going to say to Mum, no way was she going to admit it was her idea to sneak past the Giant, she'd lose all her euros.  She needed a miracle.

Reece ran as fast as he could towards his sister, she was so exhausted from all the climbing, no way was she going to make it before Moni trod on her. When he finally reached her, he wrapped her in his arms and held her tightly before he could help himself.

"Reece, what are you doing" She yells

"I've come to save you; you could show a little gratitude" he yells back.

"Save me how? by hugging me to death before we both get squashed?" she retorts.

"Erm, I hadn't thought that far ahead" he replies.

"RUUUUNNNN!" He yells.

"That's what I was doing before you hugged me."

"Let's argue about this after we survive, ok?"


Looking up, it was hopeless, Moni's foot was too big, they were not going to make it. They could hear their Mum, Sue and Uncle yelling but there was nothing they could do, they were too far away.

Suddenly a loud battle cry echoed around the mountain. Moni paused mid stomp buying Reece and Giorgia precious moments, and they both dived head first behind a boulder.

As they both peered out, neither could believe their eyes. Graham in all his glory was running straight towards Moni, swinging his sporran around his head.

Behind Moni stood Uncle Phill and Kiera on either side. Turning back to Graham, they saw him spin his sporran one last time and then let it fly. It soared through the air, higher and higher and struck Moni right between his eyes.

"AND THE HIGHLANDER MEETS GOLIATH" Graham roars and starts doing a victory dance. The can-can?

As Moni stumbles back, they hear their Uncle yell.

"Pull, now, as tight as you can precious."

And she does, their mum pulls her Uncles eyebrows as hard as she can. Moni stumbles back, falls and goes crashing to the ground. Their Uncle screams as his eyebrows are torn out.

"Don't worry about me, tie his legs" he yells to Kiera and Sue, and they do.

Having his victory dance, cut short by Kiera screaming at him to 'Save her kids' Graham scoops up Giorgia and Sprite, grabs Reece's hand and starts running with them towards the cave.

Moni is roaring with fury, tearing at the eyebrows binding his legs. Everyone is screaming. Reece trips so Graham throws Giorgia over his shoulder, picks Reece up and starts sprinting as fast as he can.

"Noooo" Giorgia screams as the olive slips from her hand and starts rolling down the mountain.

"We have to go back" she cries.

"Not going to happen" Graham replies.

Sprite, now a Siamese again leaps from her arms and chases after the olive. She's so close, but the olive falls, and so does Sprite. Giorgia screams, but Graham doesn't release her until they reach the cave. Kiera grabs them both and drags them into the dark and out of the way. Moni's hand reaches inside to catch them. He catches air and roars.

"We have to go back, Mum" Giorgia sobs as Kiera hurriedly puts her into an S-Car-Go saddle.

"No way, Giorgia. You both could have been killed" she replies.

"But the olive is gone, Mum, we have to get another one, and we have to save Sprite, she could be hurt."

"We can't go back now; I don't have another sporran to save you all with" Graham interrupts.

"What were you even doing there?" Reece pipes in.

"Last we saw of you; you were cowering behind those tree's over there."

"I did no such thing" Graham retorts indignantly.

"I told you I was taking care of the S-Car-Go's and I would catch you up." 

"I believe you; thousands wouldn't" Reece replies.

"That's enough now, Reece. Graham did save us" Uncle Phill tell him sternly.

"That I did young man, and you'd be wise to remember it. A Scotsman always fulfills his quests" He boasts.

"That reminds me, Phill. you owe me a new sporran."

"Consider it done, mate." Uncle Phill says and shakes his hand.

"Right then, time to get you all back to your farmhouse. Kids, Precious. I can't thank you enough for trying. It means so much that you did. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. It's been a pleasure."

"But we want to spend the rest of our holiday with you" Reece and Giorgia cry.

Sneezing and scratching his arms, he tells them.

"Look at my eyebrows kids. They've already grown back to my chin. Being near you makes me sneeze and itch. Look at my eyes" he says pulling down his sunglasses to show his eyes that are entirely bloodshot.

"You'll just have to come back when you're older. I told you, I won't be allergic to you then" he adds.

"It won't be the same," Reece says sulkily.

"No, it won't" Giorgia sobs.


"SPRITE, Oh, My COD. You're alive" Giorgia cries and jumps out of the saddle.

"I'm so glad she made it" Reece sniffles.

Giorgia falls to her knees and scoops up Sprite who's back to being a small white kitten with big blue eyes.

Reece sits down next to her with tears in his eyes as they both pet her. He puts his arms around his sister as she cries with joy.

"I thought you were dead" she sobs.

"She's alright. Sprites special" he tells her.

"She sure is, what's that?"

"Is that what I think it is?

"It sure is."

"Oh, My COD" they yell, placing Sprite on the ground they jump up and down in excitement.

"Give it to me; you dropped it last time."

"That was Graham's fault."

"What's going on?" Uncle Phill asks.

Reece and Giorgia turn toward him with grins on their faces. Giorgia holds out her hand palm up and opens it.

"Oh, My Cod, is that what I think it is?" he asks and they both nod excitedly.

"What is it?" Kiera, Sue, and Graham ask as they gather round to look.

"OH, My COD" Kiera screams.

"Sprite saved the olive. It's so pretty, look how it shines."

"Now Uncle Phill can be cured."Reece and Giorgia cheer.

"I'm not taking any chances; no way am I going back to face Moni. Give me that" Sue says and snatches up the olive.

"Open wide Phillip," she says.

Before he can respond, she forces it into his mouth and pinches his nose.

"Now swallow it" she demands, and he does.

"How long does it take to work?" Giorgia asks.

"Shouldn't take long" she replies.

"Lift your sunglasses up, Phill."

He does, and they are clear blue, no red in sight.

"Does that mean it's worked? Is he not allergic to us anymore? Reece and Giorgia ask.

"Only one way to find out kids, come here," he says holding his arms wide open. The children rush into them and hug him tightly; he wraps his arms around them and breaths them in. And they wait, and they wait and.


"Nooooo" Reece and Giorgia cry.

"Just kidding" Uncle Phill laughs.

"Oh, My Cod you pranked us again" They reply laughing.

"And I'll prank you more before the week is out. From now until you leave we'll be spending every minute together."

As Uncle Phill, Kiera and the kids make their way back to the
S-Car-Go's. Listening to Graham's tales of self-proclaimed heroism. He tells them.

"Now that I'm not allergic to you anymore, we're going to have a Whale of a time," and Reece and Giorgia cheer with delight.

The End.


Big thank you to frogprince for editing for me.



Written by Kiera
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