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A Summer Day

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The low hum of the air conditioner breaks the silence of the room. The sheets are soft below my body, and my face is buried into a pillow. Sunlight slowly tiptoes across my floorboards, making its way toward me. I scrunch my comforter closer and turn onto my side.

There is a knock at my door. My mother gently opens the door, fully waking me up from a good night's rest. After she leaves I scurry across my room to a small pair of slippers left by my dresser. After slipping them on I head down the long spiral stairs towards the smell of cinnamon rolls that had been drifting in the air. Making my way into the kitchen I spot the delicious breakfast rolls sitting on the counter. I reach my hand up to grab one and then continue to the TV room where I hear a show playing.

My brother is curled under one blanket watching his favorite show. I finish my cinnamon roll and curl up next to him. We watch the characters on TV and share a laugh now and then. It is a beautiful day so we are told to go get dressed. I put on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts my mother picked out for me. My brother and I ramble down our back porch steps into our small backyard.

I search for my trusty red cape in our garage and proceed to tie it loosely around my neck. My brother is dressed in his Batman gear. We spend hours playing superheroes as there is always a new villain for us to go fight.

As daylight begins to grow weary we climb back inside our house. We shower and then dress into our soft pajamas. Our mother has dinner ready for us at the table. We eat and tell our mother about our day. Afterward, my brother and I find the chocolate ice cream stashed in the fridge and grab two huge spoons. We take massive scoops and plop them into our bowls. I run into the TV room and take my place on the couch. My brother follows suit. I place a large blanket over us and we watch one of our favorite movies. The soft blanket encases me in a cocoon, and I soon drift off into sleep.

Our mother wakes us at the end of the movie. I trudge up the spiral staircase toward my room. I climb into bed and nestle into my pillow. The light of the moon shines slightly through my window breaking up the darkness. The hum of the air conditioner breaks the silence of the room.

Written by AriannaPhilip
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