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"Short, easy stories to read for those who have trouble reading"

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Up and Down

The blue sky is up.

The brown ground is down.

The sun is up in the blue sky.

The green grass is down in the ground.

The moon is up in the dark sky.

The yellow flower is down in the ground.

Look up! Look down!


Hole in Her Pants

Dora has a hole in her pants.

The hole is at her knee.

Dora also has a scratch on her knee.

Dora was running and fell down.

Granny put a patch on her pants.

Granny put a patch on her knee.

Her knee and pants are both fixed.

Dora ran off to play.


Ice Cream

My friend and I like to eat ice cream in the summer.

I like chocolate.

My friend likes vanilla.

I like mine on a stick.

My friend likes his in a cone.

Our faces and hands get sticky.

Ice cream is yummy for our tummy.


My Dinner Chore

My chore is to set the table.

I put a plate at each place.

I put a fork at each place.

I put a spoon at each place.

I put a napkin at each place.

I put a glass at each place.

I like to set the table.


Can You...?

Can you ride a bike?

Can you jump rope?

Do you like to go to the park?

My sister and I like to jump rope.

She has a red bike.

I have a blue bike.

We like to jump rope and ride our bikes in the park.


Grandma's Helper

I like to help my grandma.

I like to fold the bath towels.

It is hard work because they are so big.

I like to help wash dishes.

I wash the glasses, forks, spoons,and knives.

I like to vacuum the floor.

Grandma says I am a good helper.

She gives me an ice cream on a stick for helping.


Tom and Mike

Tom is a gray and white cat.

Mike is a small brown mouse.

They live in the same house.

Tom lays on a rug.

Mike lives in a hole in the wall.

Mike likes to try and drink Tom's milk from his blue bowl.

Tom chases Mike back into his hole.

Mike is too fast for Tom to catch.


Summer Vacation

I love summer vacation.

No school

I can sleep late.

I can play in my pool all day.

I can watch cartoons all day.

Summer vacation is fun.

The days are longer and hot.

I can wear shorts and go barefoot.

Yeah for summer vacation!


Mr. Fox

The fox is red and white and wears socks.

The fox is wearing two red socks on his front feet

The fox is wearing one blue sock on his left back foot

The fox is wearing one purple sock on his right back foot

The fox is wearing a stripe sock on his tail.

The fox looked at the clock.

It was time for him to do his exercise

The fox raced around the block.

The second time around the block, the fox tripped over a rock.

The ox laughed to see the fox trip over a rock and fall on the clock.

All the socks fell off the fox.

Now the fox was just a plain red and white fox with no socks.

The fox picked up his socks, put them in a box and ran away.


Frog on a Log

The small green frog sat on a log.

“Croak, croak” said the frog as he sat on the log.

A fly buzzed by the frog.

Zap! The frog's long tongue caught the fly.

“Arf, arf” barked a small black dog at the frog on the log.

The frog jumped from the log into the bog.

Splash! No more frog sitting on the log.

“Arf” barked the small black dog as he ran back into the woods.

No more frog on the log.

No more small black dog.

All was quiet in the bog.


The Spider

The small black spider sat on the wall.

Jack saw the spider.

Jack did not like spiders.

Jack grabbed a shoe to smash the spider.

The spider ran up the wall fast to keep from being smashed.


The spider was smashed flat on the wall.

No more spiders to scare Jack.


The Man and The Pan

The man was hungry.

The man found a can of beans.

The man opened the can  and put the beans in the tan pan.

The man put the tan pan on the stove to cook.

The man dumped the beans into a tan bowl.

The man ate the beans with a spoon.

The man was not hungry any more.


The Race

The clock read six o'clock.

It was time for the race around the block.

His friend Ace always won the race because he was faster.

Tom stretched and went out the door.

Ace was waiting for him.

They lined up, counted to three and took off.

Ace was ahead in the race.

Ace turned around, running backwards.

Ace stuck out his tongue and said, “I am winning.”

Ace fell on the ground when he tripped over a rock.

Tom laughed as he raced to the finish line.

“Yeah!” yelled Tom. "I won the race!"


Fun Sentences

  1. Buck the duck was stuck in the muck by the truck.

  2. The truck was stuck in the muck caused by all the rain

  3. The clock was sitting on top of the blocks on the shelf

  4. The man ran a fast pace in the race.

  5. It was a blast from the past.

  6. The bright light in my eyes blinded my sight.

  7. The cat chased the fat rat around the mat.

  8. The mother was walking and talking on her phone.

  9. My sister and I splashed in our pool in the summer.


Bug in a Rug

The little green and black bug sat on the tiny round rug.

The bug's name was Tug.

Tug lived under ground.

It was cold and snowing outside.

Tug was warm inside his under ground house.

Tug was as snug as a bug in a rug.


On The Farm

The cow was black and white.

The cow gives us milk.

The momma pig was light brown.

The momma pig had ten piglets.

The sheep has curly white wool.

The yellow dog herds the cows and sheep to the barn two times a day.

There are also white chickens.

We get eggs from chickens.

In the field lives a bull.

Do not go into the field.

The bull is mean and will chase you.

The farm is a fun place to visit.


The New Toy

The boy has a new toy.

The toy is small and has wheels.

He holds the toy in his hand.

The boy put the toy on the floor and gives it a push.

The toy zooms over the floor.

Do you know what the new toy is?

It is a red car.


Mom Makes a Cake

I like to eat the cake that mom makes.

I get to open the cake box.

I get her the bowl to mix the cake in.

I get my mom the eggs.

The cake mix is yellow.

She puts the cake in the hot oven.

The cake smells good.

After mom takes it out of the oven she lets it cool.

When it is cool mom put chocolate frosting on the cake.

I get to lick the frosting from the spoon.

Chocolate cake is my favorite with a glass of milk.

We eat the cake for a snack.


Over and Under

The black horse jumped over the fence.

The yellow dog ran under the fence.

The boy jumped over the ditch.

The children ran under the water hose.

The mouse dived under ground as the hawk flew overhead.

I like to camp under a night sky.

My sister likes to jump over the rope.

The children bat a ball over the net.

The dog laid under the table.


The Wagon

My little wagon is red with black wheels.

I like to be pulled in the little red wagon by my father.

I like to pull my dolls in the little red wagon.

I like to ride to the store with mom in my little red wagon.

She puts the groceries in the wagon with me to bring home.

The gray cat does not like to be pulled in the little red wagon.

The gray cat jumps out and runs up the tree.

The little white dog sits in the little red wagon.

I give her a dog bone..

The little white dog eats the dog bone and jumps out.

I love to ride in my little red wagon but my cat and dog do not.


Inside Outside

His dog lives outside in her dog house.

The boy lives inside a house.

It is raining outside but it is dry inside.

He likes to ride his bike outside around the block.

She likes to color inside on the table.

Today we are having lunch outside.

Oh no! It is raining so we have to go back inside to eat.

In the summer I like to be outside in my pool.

In the winter I like to stay inside where it is warm.


The Hike

Today my mother and father are taking me on a hike.

We are going to hike at the nature park.

On the hike we saw a small green frog sitting on a log.

Croak went the frog as he jumped into the water.

We also saw a bright colored bird sitting on a tree branch.

I like to take a nature walk with my mother and father.

We had fun.

I want to go on a hike again.


The Zoo

My grandpa took me to the zoo.

We rode the zoo train.

I saw a mommy lion with a baby cub.

The daddy lion has a big brown mane.

We saw white polar bears swimming.

We saw a monkey sitting on a rock.

An elephant was eating hay.

My grandpa got me a red balloon.

My grandpa and I had fun at the zoo.


Kick Ball

Dick likes to play kick ball with his friend Mick.

They play in the field behind Dick's house.

Dick kicks the ball to Mick.

Mick kicks the ball back.

Dick and Mick take turns kicking the ball to see who kick it the farthest.

Dick kicked the ball the farthest.

They are hot and go get a drink of water in Dick's house.

Kick ball is fun when you play with a friend.


The Playground

Jane and Dora are friends.

They like to go to the playground.

Jane climbs up the ladder and slides down the slide.

Dora goes to the swings.

Dora makes herself fly high.

Then Jane and Dora get on the go-around.

They take turns pushing the go-around.

The ice cream truck rings his bell.

Jane gets a red cherry ice bar.

Dora gets a green lime ice bar.

It was a fun day at the playground.


Buck the Duck

Buck the duck is brown with a orange bill.

He lives on the pond on John's farm.

Buck the duck loves to swim.

“Quack, quack,” said Buck the duck.

He swims and dives under the water.

All you can see is Buck the duck's tail feathers.

John comes to the pond.

John throws Buck the duck some bread.

Buck the duck eats the bread.

As Josh walks away, Buck the duck quacks.

Buck the duck is full and happy.


The Birthday Party

Today is Ann's birthday.

She is six years old.

Her mother baked her a birthday cake.

The cake is chocolate with pink frosting.

There are six candles on the cake.

There is also vanilla ice cream.

Her mother gave her a doll.

Her grandma gave her a book.

Her mother lit the candles.

Ann made a wish and blew out the candles.

Ann had a great birthday party with her mom and grandma.


The Rabbit

Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop!

The little white rabbit hopped to the garden.

The little white rabbit was hungry.

The little white rabbit saw some green leaves.

Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop!

Nibble, nibble, nibble.

The green leaves were good.

Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop!

The little white rabbit went back to his home under ground.


Hot and Cold

Summer is hot.

Winter is cold.

You swim in the summer when it is hot.

You throw snowballs in the winter when it is cold.

You wear shorts when it is hot.

You wear a coat when it is cold.

I like summer.

I like winter.


The Tree

The tree is home for birds.

The tree is home for squirrels.

Bob likes to climb high in the tree.

Sam has a tree house.

Dora likes to swing on the tire swing hung on a thick tree branch.

Tree loose their leaves in the fall.

Trees bloom in the spring.

Trees are cut down for lumber to make things.

Trees have many uses.



Apples are red

The sun is yellow

Grapes are purple

Nuts are brown

The sky is blue

Clouds are white.

The grass is green

The flower is pink.

The pumpkin is orange

The cat is black



Dora has one apple. 1

Bob has two feet. 2

Dora has three cookies. 3

Bob has four marbles. 4

Dora has five dogs. 5

Bob has six balls. 6

Dora has seven dolls. 7

Bob has eight books. 8

Dora has nine pennies. 9

Bob has ten toy cars. 10


Hide and Seek

Where is Dora?

She is hiding.

Dick and Dora are playing hide and seek.

Dora hides.

Dick seeks.

Hide and seek is a fun game.

Dick hears Dora giggle.

Dick finds Dora hiding behind a tree.

Now Dick hides and Dora seeks.


The Toy Boat

The toy boat is blue and yellow.

Tom likes to take his boat in the tub.

Tom pushes the toy boat over the water.

Tom pushes the toy boat under the water.

The toy boat was sunk by a pirate's cannon fire.

Playing with his toy boat in the bath tub is fun.



Rain makes the flowers grow.

Rain makes the grass grow.

I like to play in the rain.

I like to stomp in rain puddles.

Rain on my roof makes me sleep.

Rain makes the creeks rise.

Ducks like the rain.

My cat does not like the rain.

Rain fills my swimming pool.

Rain is good.


Soft Ball Game

Soft ball is a summer game.

Soft ball is a team game.

I like to pitch the soft ball.

It is now my turn to bat.

I hit a home run.

Yeah! My team won the game.

Our coach takes the team out for ice cream.


Days of the Week

On Monday my mom washes clothes.

On Tuesday my mom takes me out for lunch.

On Wednesday my mom takes me to the playground.

On Thursday my mom bakes cookies.

On Friday my mom and I go to the store and buy food.

On Saturday my mom and dad take me swimming at the beach.

On Sunday we go to church and to my grandma's house for lunch.


The Cat and The Bird

The cat sat down by the tree.

She was looking up.

A bird was up in the tree.

The cat licked her mouth.

The cat began to climb the tree.

The bird flew away.

No bird for lunch today.


The Brown Dog

The brown dog ran up the hill.

The brown dog's name was Mutt.

He sat down.

The brown dog barked.

Ted called the brown dog.

Mutt ran to Ted.

Ted gave Mutt a bone.

The brown dog wagged his tail.

Mutt was happy.



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