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Milly's Adventure

"How I got my home"

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"The story of how Millytigger came into my life"

Hi folks, my name is Milly Tigger.

This is how I found my forever home after a rough start in life . I wasn't sure I would ever have a safe space . My beginnings were rough I was born to a Yorkie and poddle living off grid in a place that was pretty run down .

But anyway, one day, I peeked at the computer screen and saw where the lady was trying to sell me and my brother, and I whimpered.

The teen human said, "I'm sorry you saw that, but we are going through some hard times, so we want you and your brother to have a better life."

A week later, my brother went to his new home after a very sad goodbye. The couple who adopted him couldn't afford to take us both . But I had a feeling my time would come. A few days later a big white pickup pulled into the driveway and a nice man got out of the truck and talked to my owner.

The man said, " I saw the ad, and I'd like to meet the puppy ?"

The lady said, "Katie bring out peaches to meet this gentleman "

Katie brought me out and I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if he would like me since I was so little.

The man took one look at me and then he scooped me out of Katie's arms

He said, "Oh, what a sweet pup. I'll take her home with me ."

The family gave me hugs and kisses and then gave the man my toys. I was nervous but excited when he loaded me up, and I wasn't sure what the future held. I hoped for a better life. He decided Peaches didn't really suit me, so he named me Milly, and we drove away from there and headed to my new home.

He talked to me about his other pups that passed away and he was excited about introducing me to his special lady who loved doggies. My tail wagged and I bounced all over the place. He said Jimmy and Molly would have loved me, but they got sick and went to heaven.

We got home after going to Walmart for things I needed. I was surprised a brush and leash and treats that were all mine and I got a brand new kennel for me to sleep in.

The lady was so excited about me that when she got home from her church thing, she scooped me up and hugged me tight—well, a little too tight—kissed my nose, and said I was a cutie.

She said she believes Jimmy lead them to me and I was thankful for that pup. They are always taking pictures of me and showing me off to their friends which is so funny sometimes I worry about them. I know that they have had doggies before but the way they act you wouldn't know it.

We all bonded pretty quickly. I go everywhere with them. The only time I'm on my own is when they go to church. Even then, they have their friend Matt, who lives next door, check on me. This is better than I anticipated

We take lots of trips and we go shopping alot. I have been to Utah twice since they adopted me. On my first trip, I was nervous since it was a long trip, and they packed my treats and bedding. I was afraid they were going to abandon me, but that wasn't the case. The lady and man ( Sara and Ray ) just wanted me to be super comfortable and have everything I needed . We got to the hotel and I got to sniff the bushes until it was to check in the room. We got in the room, and I got the Zoomies and ran all over the room, and they just giggled at my antics. I'm so glad I make my humans happy. They went to dinner I had to stay in the pick up with the windows down a bit since I couldn't go in the restaurant but they just got the food to go so I wouldn't be alone. We went back to the hotel and settled down to eat dinner. I got my very own hamburger and some baked potato. I was so excited. I ate slowly not to get a belly ache. After dinner the three of us settled on the bed and watched baseball.

When it was time for bed, I didn't put up much of a fuss since I was exhausted after all the traveling and sightseeing today. I curled up in my comfortable kennel and fell fast asleep with my stuffed toy.

The next day was just as busy, but the fun part was that Sara snuck me into the empty pool so I could cool off a bit, and it was so much fun . We had to go back to the room before anyone spotted me in the pool. Ray just shook his head and dried me off and we settled down for a nap. Sara went back for a swim, and then after she came back, we went more sightseeing and got ice cream. I got a pup cup it was my first one ever. It was so good.

We went home the next day I was excited to get back to a routine but I knew we were going on another trip and it would be longer and I am excited to be going places with them. They spoil me so much that I get special meat that's all-natural and made for doggies. So, every night at home, I get a little hamburger patty,

I am living my best life they pamper me. I hardly ever walk anywhere unless I'm outside doing my business. Otherwise one of them is carrying me . Thank goodness they haven't tried to put clothes on me . I would have to rip the clothes to shreds if that happens in the future.

Written by DenimAngel
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