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"You never know who is listening"

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Years ago I wrote a story in my college class called #Promese# It is pronounced like Promise but with the "e" sound.
Promese lived in a high-rise apartment in New York overlooking a neighborhood of tall buildings filled with broken glass in the streets, the steady sound of cars passing on the neighboring streets, the constant sound of glass bottles being broken on the ground from the partiers the night before, heart-wrenching noises that kept her awake at night, fearful thoughts from hearing constant gun-shots throughout the night and a air-conditioner that seemed to work only before the sun arose and the daylight was complete but inspite of that Promese still had dreams.

That is how she filled her days and nights with
thoughts of one day being able to fulfill her dreams of becoming well known throughout the world for being an amazingly gifted song writer/singer.

Promese was always filled with Inspiration because she dreamed beyond the circumstances she lived in. She viewed her neighborhood as her audience and the 22nd floor where she lived; in her mind as the Pinnacle of success she would master as she continued to dream.

Many days Promese spent time in her room seemingly not as large as a closet yet functional enough for her to dream. She enjoyed looking, glancing out of the window as she heard the sound of ships entering and exiting the harbor in New York. As she glances towards the New York harbour, it becomes a inspiration to travel in time to her secret place; destination of "dreams".

She was very involved in school and considered to be a child Protégé among her peers but in her eyes, she only seemed to glisten because of the conditions she was surrounded with. A lot of the students in her class only seemed interested in school for socializing with friends, entertainment, being practical jokesters or belonging to the school's elite "Fashion Club The High Rollers". If you were to survive or be protected in this school you had to be a "High Roller" (Smoking dope), apart of the "Season" Girls Club; girls who dated football players, basketball players (the leading activities in school that seemed to have the most popularity) only during their season of fame. If it was football season that is who you dated. If it was basketball season you dated a basketball player, never dating the same person for both seasons because this made you seem like you were too committable. Which simply meant, no one wanted to be in a committed relationship. Finally, the "Outcast" Club named only because their most popular activity was reading & studying "books" of all magnitudes. They were the students who were not apart of any sport related activities in school because of no desire to do so.

Promese felt overwhelmed because of the lack of options available to her and others within her circle of "dreamers". Oftentimes Promese found solice in writing down her feelings about life, her dreams and even the day and very moment her dreams would become a reality. This was therapeutic, relaxing and an inner-spiritual revival of the soul for Promese because she would create music to her unknown poems and sing them from her inner soul until one day she was singing so loud her dad came in her room to see if she was ok, because of the radio being turned up so loud her mom entered into her room as well. Only to be amazed to find out that the radio was not even turned on. It was the Angelic sound of Promese's voice; the sound of music came from the rhythmic sound hollowiness in the room she was singing. Her parents were utterly surprised that they were not aware of Promese's gift; they began to encourage her to use her gift to change the world but to Promese it was only a way to relieve the pressures of the day not realizing that she even could sing good enough for others to hear. She laughed it off by thinking her parents were emotionally "weird" in a laughing way. Promese began to tell her parents mom, dad its ok, this is just a hobby. They knew they had to convince her she had something great. So they tried to find ways to get Promese noticed within the community, they stopped by the neighborhood community center and found out that they were looking for local performers to participate in their community event to raise funds to make much needed improvements for the community center. They thought immediately this was the answer for Promese so excited they went home to share the news with Promese but she had already left to go to the Library, bookstore/coffee shop, convenient store. While Promese was there she overheard some students from school talking about the upcoming community event. Promese approached them and realized one of the students was Mari, her friend from Science class. They began talking about it and decided they would both participate if the other did. So they both agreed. Mari would do a "Spoken Word" & Promese would sing. They were both so very excited that they couldn't wait to share their news with their parents. They ran home to tell their parents Mari on the 21st floor & Promese on the 22nd.

The night of the event was here, everyone had performed and now it was Promese's turn. She was so nervous until she began to hiccup.

After a brief spout with that she stepped onto the stage. She began to sing "The Impossible Dream" the audience was amazed as her friends from school were cheering and her parents were crying. This moment for Promese was life-changing because the gift she thought was a hobby showed her the transformations that took place in the lives of others when she would.sing.

She stood on stage in awe of the standing ovation she received and the unexpected invitation to sign a singing contract with a major music producer, Lance Pierre from D2DL (Dare to Dream & Live) production company who was in the audience. He was in town for the grand opening of one of his restaurants "Pierre's Exquisite Cuisine". He saw the flyer posted throughout the neighborhood of his new restaurant and decided to drop by to see what some of the local talent had to offer. He was pleasantly surprised at the talent he saw. After the show he introduced himself and offered Promese a recording contract.
Promese was overjoyed about the opportunity and so, were her parents. They agreed so much to the point they allowed Promese to follow her dreams.

Written by ManifestJ22
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