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Anderson Roberts

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The story of a sadist mind as he plays with the mind of New York's best agent

Dream: Why you didn’t save me Robert; But I tried; You could have saved me, You could have saved me,
It your fault that I am de…..

Huh! Damn nightmares are back, (Alison) ‘what wrong hunny’ nothing am good just a lot on my mind ‘Tricia’ yea Tricia!

Tricia was a sixteen year old Latina from New Jersey and my first case as lead detective,Back then we stayed in the city of Conroe, just outside of Houston, oh! I was so over joyed when I got called up, I just didn’t know what exactly would have gone on. I was so young, only twenty six at the time destined to walk in my father shoes; An iconic figure and a highly respected man in the bureau, when he wore that badge it became his life no longer just a job. And that morning I woke up early the neighbor's had not yet began they morning quarrel the heater was still running and the dogs seemed quiet. In the shower I could remember Neil Diamond singing ‘hell yeah’ on the radio as the kettle was steaming and the smell of freshly brewed Ohio bean seeds filled up the room with a lovely aroma. Oh how the guys admired my coffee compared to the everyday black pot office coffee. I grabbed that new Shivon shirt Alison got me for Christmas back when we just started dated, it's like I wanted everything to be perfect. Left the house at 5:30 just to beat that i-45 rush….. Remembered looking out the window wondering if anyone remembers all those who lost their lives here not so long ago. These were hard times for a lot of us; filled with such irony that people will always forget the victims will we remember the killers. I stopped just south of the park to a little Denny's dinner which honest had become one of my rituals they are just so convenient with some of the best customer service and the food is like oh my god out of this world. I sat there in the drive through listening to Joe O’Conner on the radio talking about the flaws in the justice system and how no matter what’s the situation cops will be for cops. Just thought it was a bunch of crap back then. 

I arrived at the precinct just minutes to 7:00, Alfred the janitor greeted me with the occasion howdy partner, it always seemed to make me chuckle, see Alfred was a longtime friend of my father and a real influence in my family. One Halloween he dressed me up in a cow boys outfit and it was so hilarious that the name just stuck with me ever since. I sat there in the briefing room just thinking, when the guys came in with the usual racket. Benjamin with his duffel like usual arguing with Samuel over the details of the horrific 9:11, Al-Qaeda attack on the nations capital, the guys bickering back and forth about how many planes were hi-jacked that day that, couldn't help but guess how much people around knew the truth of even border research on what actually went on, apparently they all just flagged it as a tragedy and ever body moved on with they lives, Cooper another lead detective came in with the occasional over dressed, high attitude, Brain and Kacy wasn’t arguing however which is stranger because they are always snapping at each other for everything but instead they had that can’t believe last night long stare on their faces. We waited not long for Ryan to walk in papers in hand, disappointment on his face. “Ok today we have three cases, two forms of robbery and a major kidnapping, Roberts pick your team you’re on the robberies” come on sir again, give me the kidnapping, after all I deserve it. I argued once again I was just so young and so cocky. I got the case and thought it was a chance to prove that I belonged here to the other guys. 
Benjamin, Samuel and I headed over to San Francisco exchanging case details on board the Norwegian it was so classy and comfortable, Benjamin argued about the budget cut backs and the manner in which we travel. It was a four hour flight to San Francisco International Airport with a two hour drive to Fairview-CA, upon arrival we were greeted by sheriff Castor a former war veteran from the Hayward police department, who filled in the details about the missing person. She was a sixteen year old girl name Tricia, long blond hair, with hazel eyes, and a distinctive birth mark on the right side of her face. She is a high school graduate majoring in sociology, hanged out with the popular crowed and has no record of have a boyfriend. She left school yesterday evening and never made it home. It got my attention that the girl was missing for a whole day with no one reporting it when I question the sheriff he said that the parents thought she was staying over by some friends. I argued that with Castor cause parents don’t just assume they child isn’t coming home even at sixteen, they could have called the friends to find out what’s going on, for all we know that girl could be dead right now thanks to their negligence. I had Samuel separate the parents in rooms and leave them there till I was ready to speak to them. There was more going on here than they were saying and I wanted to know everything. 
The pieces of the puzzle weren’t fitting and the parents know why. I got nowhere with the mother so left the suspicion that the father would have the answers, brought him in the living room sat there in total silence, till he began to crack and I knew I already had him; It was time we learned the truth but what came out not even I would have ever guessed. Turns out Tricia left her mother’s house a good while back to go leave with her teenage lover, a guy who goes by shadows I was so frustrated that a mother would allow a sixteen year daughter to go leave with some guy let alone one we had no name for. I couldn’t stay and dwell on this for too long time was already against the essence and I needed to track down ‘shadows’. I knew best place to find answers was back at the school her friends definitely knew this guy who else do teenage girls gossip to, what the parents didn’t know the friend would, 
Benjamin and I headed to the school while Samuel’s cleared the area just in case something new came up. Never in my years as an officer did I encounter a case so and I wasn’t about to just let it go, it border me how parents could be so neglectful when it comes to their kids. Huh; couldn’t keep my head on that needed to focus on the case if we were to find that little girl. Arrived at the school, classes were just being dismissed Ashley and Sara met with us just outside the library and confessed to lying about Tricia being with them; they are just kids and still manage to get themselves in such a dilemma. So I applied pressure on them for the name of Tricia boyfriend and they complied at the mercy that no charges be brought up against them, I wasn’t about to ruin the girls whole future with this mess so I agreed. Turn out his name is Wilson Lawrence an educated law study and a biology genius, who for some reason dropped out of college, Sara also added that Tricia confided in her and was about to leave him to try and put her life back together. 
We got his residence from the schools registry and raided his location with a twenty man swat team. The house sat on a land mass of two hundred and fifty square feet of land it was huge. Inside we found traces of blood but no signs of Tricia, I called in for a larger squad of official’s in belief that they were somewhere on compound. Using favors from friends I called in for a satellite scan of the area which showed that there was actually another building on the land, the property belongs to a wealthy business man and high end member of society Mr. Antony Lawrence, a big fish who made his way up the chain of command, and right now calls some shots for some of the highest ranking men in San Francisco, so I assumed shadows was either a relative or a son. Why else would Tricia have trusted him and how would he have been able to take care of himself and Tricia, we split up in to group Benjamin took the rare with sixteen officers and I with the other four went through to the front, Samuel would meet us with the additional help but time was wasting and I could wait.

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