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The Body“Keep it together, newbie,” hissed Todd Fletcher, staring at her with his steely gray gaze, telling her to hold it together and not to let the other officers see the horror or repulsion she felt at that moment as she looked over the body. Swallowi...

Anderson Roberts

The story of a sadist mind as he plays with the mind of New York's best agent

Dream: Why you didn’t save me Robert; But I tried; You could have saved me, You could have saved me, It your fault that I am de….. Huh! Damn nightmares are back, (Alison) ‘what wrong hunny’ nothing am good just a lot on my mind ‘Tricia’ yea Tricia! Tricia...

My Side of the Story

The story of two crazy ex's in an odd situation

The second I saw that dirty skank I knew that couldn’t be her truck. She’d never made more than minimum wage and there wasn’t a financer in the world that was going to sell her something that big and definitely not that new. Maybe she could trick some new...

Soul Collectors

Nick was a cop till he was shot; now he's got a job collecting souls. He's after one in particular.

Prologue Christmas seemed a horrible time to kill someone. I never used to like working at that time of year when I was alive, and I still don't. As a cop I tended to deal in misery; the Bad, the Mad and the Sad were my clientèle, and at Christmas the suf...