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A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 8

i'm not even sure anymore.

Vampires Lullaby Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Kidnapped

Vladimir and Alex left the white room, locking it away once more. The two joined everyone in the living room.

"Alex, you're okay! You didn't kill yourself," Starlight threw herself at the unaware teen vampire. Alex hugged her back.

"I'm sorry for worrying you."

Crystal joined in, "I'm glad you're okay."

He nodded. Mars got up, "Do I get one too?"

Alex stared at Mars for a short while and then quickly ran away, hiding behind Vladimir.

"Aww! Why not include me as well, newborn?"

Alex peeked from behind Vladimir, scowling, "No way, pervert." 

Everyone looked at Mars. Starlight and Crystal started tearing Mars apart.

"What did you do? Don't tell me you- You deflowered his sacred body!"

Crystal started to aim her nails at Mars' eyes. Alex ran, holding her back.

"That is so not what happened. As if I would let him even get that far!"

Everyone just started laughing and having a good time. Everything was so happy and peaceful. It was as if nothing happened within these past five months.

Mars had got up, leaving the room. Alex noticed this, following Mars outside. The blizzard continued to rage on, and the issue of rogue vampires still loomed in the back of everyone's minds. Mars had entered the garden, walking through the rows of lifeless plants. Alex thought to himself, (What is he up to?)

Mars stood silently as the wind picked up violently, faster and harder than before. Snow flew everywhere, several streams encircling Mars. The beauty of it amazed Alex, but it scared him as well.

(It looks like he's disappearing.)

The thought of him even vanishing made Alex's heart freeze. Alex quickly pushed his way through the freezing snow and the razor like the wind.

"Mars!" The vampire turned at the sound of his name.

"Newborn…" I was shocked. The newborn Vladimir had created was running towards me, his face shrouded with fright. But that's a new face. It suits him. To think he would call my name, even after I forced a kiss on him.

Alex quickened his pace.

(Why is my heart feeling like this? Is it because he kissed me earlier?)

Alex finally made it to Mars and he threw himself at the black-haired vampire.

"Whoa! What're you doing new-" The entire garden erupted in red roses. Mars stared in wonder, "Oh…my god."

The roses glowed blood red due to the shine of the moon. When Mars looked down at Alex, he only then realized the crimson haired boy was embracing him. Mars smiled, returning Alex a gentle embrace.

Mars had brought Alex back inside, wrapping the young vampire in a blanket, "I thought you were scared of me since I kissed you."

Alex's cheeks changed color, causing Mars to burst out laughing. "Knock it off," Alex sat down on a chair, sulking. "Asshole."

Compressing his laughter, the vampire stood behind Alex, resting his upper body on the chair.

"Wh - what?" Alex fumbled around with the words.

"Nothing, I was just thinking how cute you look right now." Alex swung his head around.


Mars' gentle hand caught Alex's chin, "You look really beautiful now. Lust and passion bring out the real you."

Mars slowly caressed Alex's face.

"Stop, what are you-Nn."

"Alex," His fingers ran along Alex's lips, causing the young vampire to try to hold back his voice.

"Mmn. Hn!"

Alex quickly regained his composure and ran away. Mars stood, slightly disappointed, "I was…really serious. You've gotta be kidding me."

Vladimir sat with the others, silently enjoying the momentary happiness. He noticed Alex had run into the room. He walked over to Alex, "Alex, are you okay?"

The teen looked up face still bright red, "Yeah! I'm fine."

Vladimir knew something happened but didn't press the subject.

"Vladimir, what're we gonna do about the rogue vampires?"

Vladimir leaned against the wall, "I suppose we will have to fight them. I will not allow this city to continue being their target."

Alex smiled, "I won't either. Let's take them down."

Everyone but Alex, Vladimir, and Mars left to go back home.

"Mars, I have somewhere to be. Will you stay with Alex until I return?"

The black haired bloodsucker grinned, "No problem. I'd be happy to stay with him."

Alex came running around the corner, "Uh, Vladimir! Can I come with-?"

"No." Alex looked at the floor, pouting. "I will be back soon."

The crimson haired teen walked towards the door, "Fine. Mars, let's go get something to eat."

Mars followed suit, basking in happiness. Vladimir twitched, sensing something, and yelled, "Wait!"

Alex had already opened the door. They came face to face with a harvest gold-haired woman, "Alex Winwright."

Alex stared at the woman, then spoke, "Who are you?"

She smirked, "Who cares? Do you know Monica Rachel?"

Alex jerked, lowering his mournful gaze.

"So it was you that night. The red hair gives you away."

Mars scoffed. "A human, what do you want, a death wish?"

Vladimir interrupted, "Her death would be noticeable. Since, she is the daughter of Miami's chief of police."

Alex grabbed the woman and dashed up the stairs to his room.

"AAH! Hey!"

Vladimir sighed heavily, "Mars, be back quickly. Make sure Alex feeds as well."

Mars waved as he left the mansion, "Sure thing."

Vladimir slightly chuckled, closing the main door behind him.

Alex threw the woman into his room.

"You better not kill me!"

Alex slammed the door.

"Trust me. I don't plan on it. You know Monica, right?"

The woman glared at Alex, "Yeah, but you, as her murderer, have no right asking questions. You're coming with me."

She brought out a pair of handcuffs. Alex ran towards her, turning her own device against her, "That won't work on me. Who are you?"

The woman turned to face Alex, "I'm Taylor. I'm a detective."

He stood behind her, "Did Monica…ever talk about me?"

Taylor laughed, mockingly, "Yes. Though, as to why she spoke so loving of her murderer is beyond me."

Alex paced the room a few times, and then slowly slid to the floor, his hands grabbing his head, "What did she say?" He asked this with his head buried in between his now folded arms.

Taylor took a long look at him, "You didn't mean to kill her, did you?"

Alex silently shook his head. Getting up, he removed the handcuffs from Taylors' wrists. "I never wanted to hurt her. But, I've become something that takes life to preserve its own, a blood sucking creature."

Taylor leaned against the door, "You mean a vampire?"

"Yeah, I'm a vampire. So are-." Alex abruptly stopped talking. He sniffed the air.

Taylor spoke, "What's wrong?"

Alex immediately took Taylors' hand, pressing her against the wall, "What are you doing?"

"Stay behind me. We have company!"

Mars drained his victim until their eyes rolled back into their head. Another human watched in horror.

"Better take this one back to Alex."

The human tried running away, but Mars knocked him out cold. Just as Mars was about to head back to the mansion, a shock went through his brain, "…Shit. Alex!" The black haired vamp wasted no time and swiftly raced back to the mansion.

The walls exploded, letting in seven vampires with black masks adorning the area around their mouth and nose. Alex took a defensive stance, with the intention of protecting the mansion, the white room and Taylor, who stood behind him in shock.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Alex hissed, making sure there were no openings to Taylor.

The assailant vampires laughed smugly, "We're here for you, so come nice and quiet like."

Alex glared at the opposing vamps viciously, "Over my fucking dead body." He stood shielding Taylor, prioritizing the situation.

(I can't take them. But I have to get her out of here!)

The teen vamp looked for a means to escape, but any way he chose, he and Taylor would be caught.

Alex put his hands up, "On one condition. Let the human behind me go. She has nothing to do with this."

"We ain't interested in her. Our objective is you, day-walker. Let's go."

Alex jerked at the name. "How-!"

"Let's go!"

The teen vampire went over to their side.


He turned toward her, "One thing, black and blonde are my favorite colors. Thanks for being there for Monica."

The rogue vampires left, with Alex in tow. Taylor thought about what the crimson haired teen had said.

"Black and blonde?" Her mind remembered the two men that were with Alex, "That's what he meant."

She ran down the stairs, and before her stood Mars.

"Where's Alex?" The black haired vampire roughly shook Taylor.

"He left with the freaks who busted through the upstairs wall."


At the same moment, Vladimir and Heaven arrived back at the mansion. Both immediately became aware or the new scent. Vladimir, with Heaven following suit, burst through the door.

"Mars, what happened here?"

"Well, from what the human just told me, some of the rogues smashed in and took Alex with them. He did it so they wouldn't harm her."

Vladimir's face filled with distress and he bit his lip, "I see. Tomorrow, send word to every available vampire."

Heaven interjected, "Vladimir. This is going to be a bloodbath. Do you really want that?"

The blonde lowered his head, "No. But he is my last descendant. I will not allow Legend to snuff out Alex's life."

Mars smiled, "Alright, I won't allow it either. In fact, I've already sent messages to all our allies."

The other three stared in wonder at Mars. Taylor stepped forward. "Hey, you're not the only ones involved."

Vladimir broke in, "You will do nothing. You are neither a vampire nor a Hunter. You also do not possess any useful skills."

Mars laughed. "Actually, she can acquire them."

"How?" The blonde creature of night stated.

"I also asked for aide from the Hunters."

Vladimir and Heaven stared, speechless.

"We won't succeed on our own. It's a full scale war, and I took a necessary risk."


Mars smiled.
They agreed. "We're all to meet at Caballero Rivero Cemetery."

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