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The Going Away Party

A party brings back memories and a harbored secret.

Today is Austin’s last day in Detroit. He is heading to Dallas to teach classes on economics at a university while working towards his doctorate in the subject. One of our coworkers decided to throw him a surprise going-away party. I was hesitant, but decided to attend, because I wanted to be a good sport and show that I am a team player, a big surprise for everyone. The real reason I was reluctant to go was because I had a huge crush on Austin and didn’t know how to communicate that to him.

Sallie, a lady I work with, spotted Bill and Austin in the hallway and ushered everyone into the room where the party was going to take place. “He’s arriving with Bill. What are we going to say when they walk in?” she asked.

“Sallie, isn’t it obvious what we’re going to say?” Lorna asked and everyone laughed. Like children waiting anxiously to sit on Santa’s lap, we waited for the men to come into the room, where Austin thought he was going to have a celebration with just the boys. When the two of them waked in, we all shouted, “Surprise!”

“What is this?” Austin asked.

“It’s a party, and you’re the guest of honor,” Bill explained.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say.”

“You can start by sharing your most memorable moments here at the firm."

“Ok, Ok. First, let’s bring out the cake and drinks. Then I’ll tell you all my finest moments here.”

Sallie, Grace, and Melissa jumped at the opportunity to be waitresses for this party. Lorna and I looked at each other in disgust, knowing the real reason for them putting together the celebration. The women brought out a double layer chocolate sheet cake that said Congratulations, Austin in white frosting. John and Stefan poured sparkling wine in plastic cups. The beers were stored in a cooler, and Grace started cutting the cake, offering each person a slice. I took a slice of cake and a cup of wine and retreated into an empty boardroom so I can be alone. Lorna saw me leaving and raced towards me.

“Chastity, you’re leaving so soon?” she asked.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to come, since those three decided to put this together and become serving wenches,” I answered.

“I know what you mean. I’m just here to watch them make fools out of themselves, like usual. I’ll let you know what happened.”

“Thanks, Lorna. I appreciate it.”

On my way into the boardroom, I walked by Austin’s desk and saw the wallpaper he had on his computer. It was of the two of us at a bar in Canada. Austin and I were holding up mugs of beer, smiling like Cheshire cats. Under the table we were sitting at, his hand was going up my skirt and I was trying my hardest to not let anyone know about the little game we were playing. The screen saver went to the picture that was taken at Bill’s birthday party, where we got a little too happy and started making out. Grabbing my diary, I looked at the screen saver on my laptop. It was of a group of us in the Upper Peninsula on a weekend camping trip. Austin and Bill tossed me into Lake Superior prior to taking the picture. Those were happy times, I thought to myself.

Turning off the computer and placing it in its bag, I walked into the boardroom and opened up my diary. I began to read some the entries when my mind wandered back to the birthday party. I was driving home because Austin was too wasted to get behind the wheel. While driving, Austin was running his hand up and down my leg, trying to inch his way to the melting pot. I slapped his hand away, knowing what was on his mind.

“Cool it. I’m trying to concentrate on the road,” I told him.

“But, Chastity, I can’t control myself,” Austin slurred.

“Austin, stop it, please.”

“Why can’t I get some of your loving?”

“Do you want me to wreck your car?”

“No. I want you to make me feel better and make me like it. Can I see your undies?”

I looked at him and said teasingly, “I’m not wearing any.”

Austin rolled down the window and howled like a wolf. Luckily for us, I drove up to Austin’s apartment and ran inside, because nature was calling, with Austin following on my heels. He turned me around and gave me the biggest, sloppiest, drunken kiss ever. It was like making out with a St. Bernard. I pulled away from him and escaped to the bathroom. When I walked into the living room, he pulled me down on the couch.

“What is this?” I asked.

“It’s your present,” he answered.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Only if you want me to,” he said, seeming sober to me. He then ran his fingers through my curly dark hair. “Chastity,” he whispered, “what you did with Bill is highly unlike you. Obviously, you made Bill a very happy man tonight. Watching you flirt with someone other than me has got me hot and bothered. Seeing you in that little denim dress isn’t making it any easier on me.”

My mind started to race. I remember flirting with Bill, but didn’t notice that Austin was watching us. He must’ve saw Bill lead me into his room and not emerge until twenty minutes later. Bill’s hair was disheveled and my dress was wrinkled. Austin gave me a look as I walked passed him to go to the bathroom. I don’t know what Bill told Austin, but I’m convinced that this is where I am with him now, sitting next to Austin and in his arms. Damn you, Bill, I said to myself.

I wrapped my arms around Austin’s neck, and whispered to him, “I’m all yours tonight, Austin.”

Austin kissed me with passion. He then carried me into his bedroom, where he has possessed several other women. Like a fine piece of china, he laid me down on his massive bed and stared at me. He unzipped my dress and removed my white lace bra so that I was in my birthday suit. Austin put one hand on my breast and started kneading it when the sound of my name got louder and louder.


I woke up with a jolt, and saw Austin staring at me. “Had a nice dream?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah,“ I answered, and then looked at the page where my diary was open for him to read my most intimate thoughts. I quickly closed it shut.

Austin put his cup of beer on the table and took the diary from me and flipped through it. “Looks like you were taking a trip down memory lane. May I inquire about that trip?”

I yanked the diary from Austin’s hands. “Well, Austin. Do you remember Bill’s birthday party, and what happened afterwards?”

A big smile went across Austin’s face. ”Oh, yes. That’s the party where you made Bill happy and me jealous. Then you made me a very happy man later on. Were you reliving that night?”

This guy knows me too well, I said to myself. When Austin looks at me with those hazel eyes, I can’t lie to him. “Yes,” I admitted.

Austin yanked me from the chair I was sitting in and pulled me into a vise grip. I stared into his hazel eyes as he stared into my murky brown eyes. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Austin pressed his lips on mine and walked me over to the door, still kissing me. Once we were outside the boardroom, he pushed me against the wall and pressed his body onto mine, as if to shield me from the partying. I wrapped one leg around his hips and we were making out heavily. It wasn’t long before we were spotted by Bill. He saw us in that compromising position and fumed as we ran back into the boardroom.

About two minutes later, Bill angrily knocked on the door. “It’s open,” I said.

Bill walked in with a beer in his hand. “What’s going on in here?” he asked, sounding upset and angry.

Quickly, I open up my bag so I can put my diary in it, but it falls to the floor. I kneel down and grab the diary that landed at Bill’s feet. “That’s a good position for you, Chas,” Austin says with a smile on his face.

I blushed profusely. Austin laughed, then turned to Bill and said matter-of-factly, “Chastity here is going to tell me what it was she wrote in her diary about what happened at your birthday party.”

Bill looked at me as Austin continued. “I actually was expecting a bit more out of that kiss. What possessed you to?”

“I wanted to know what your reaction would be if I made a move on you,” I answered.

“You did what?” Bill asked me. “Did I hear that correctly?”

Austin looked at Bill. “Yes, you heard it right.” He then turned to me and said, “I do want to know in detail about the little escapade that occurred between you and this one.”

“Wait a minute. Is this a confessional? Chas, are you and Austin seeing one another?” Bill asked me, this time a bit more demanding. “After what we shared, you’re going to jump his bones?”

“Damn, Bill. Who else am I going to see? With you, it was just sex. You didn’t ask me out once. Plus, you were too busy fucking every slut who came through here to even notice me.”

“What I do with them is none of your fucking business, bitch. You probably spread your legs for any guy who is desperate enough to fuck you,” Bill snapped.

“Come on, Chas. Are you going to spill it or what?” Austin demanded.

The bitch in me started to come out a bit. “Austin, I don’t fuck and tell every detail.”

“You probably wrote about it in your diary,” Bill piped in.

“That’s none of your damn business.”

At that moment, Austin blew up. “Goddammit, Chastity Meyer! Quit bullshitting and tell me the truth or I’ll force it out of you and brag about it,” he spat.

I met his gaze with daggers in my eyes. “You’ll probably brag about raping me to the rest of that fucking clique you belong to.”

Bill’s jaw dropped to the floor and Austin sat down and looked at me with eyes that were intensified and suddenly softened. “Chastity,” he began. “You know how to boil my blood. I didn’t want to get violent. I’m sorry.”

As we stood up to leave the boardroom, the Village People came in. “Austin, why did you leave the party?” Sallie asked.

Austin put his arm around me and replied, “Well, Sallie. I went looking for Chastity and here she was, all by her lonesome reminiscing about days of yore. Bill came in and joined us in a philosophic discussion that got heated. I have to get Chas home. She’s my ride to the airport.”

Sallie looked at me, then at Bill in disbelief. She asked Bill about his plans for tonight, to which he responded, “They don’t include you, Grace, or Melissa. Chas, I’ll come over later tonight, ok?”

The looks on the women’s faces were priceless when I said yes to Bill. Grabbing my items, Austin, Bill, and I left the boardroom and went straight to the townhouse Austin was renting from Bill. Inside the townhouse, we had a long discussion about our love lives. Toward the end of the night, we forgave each other and decided to move on with our lives.

The next morning, I packed Austin’s belongings in boxes and took them to my place until I can get to the post office and ship them off. Bill dropped Austin off at the airport, and I made plans for a brand new adventure.

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