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I am a native of Chicago (not the suburbs), and I am getting my degree in Journalism. My main goal is to become a writer at a magazine that speaks to women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and the interesting lives they lead.

My main hobby is creative writing, which takes me away from the stresses of everyday life. I have a few short pieces of never-before-released pieces of short erotica that I intend to turn into an eBook under a pseudonym. I have a crime-drama non-erotica piece that's going to be published under my real name. My other hobbies include photography and traveling, which I took up when writer's block hit me hard.

I am the mother of a baby girl, born summer 2017

Reading, writing short stories and poems, skating, taking pictures, being around my friends and family, and positive energy.

Favorite Books
History, photography, writing tips, biographies, and more

Favorite Authors
Zora Neale Hurston, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane, J.D. Salinger, V.C. Andrews, and more

Favorite Movies
Blazing Saddles, Waiting to Exhale, The Sound of Music, Trainspotting, and a whole lot more.

Favorite TV Shows
How to Get Away With Murder, Empire, Power, Shameless and a lot more.

Favorite Music
Anything but rap that demeans women.
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A Writer's Creative Process: Journaling

The longer version of this can be found on my website. Link is in the profile.

I am a grown woman that writes in her diary, and I’m not ashamed of it.I was given a diary at the age of ten, not knowing the purpose of having one. I didn’t have a lot of things to talk about, only how annoying people in my immediate family are. Two year...