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Dance with Me

Dance with Me

Standing on opposite sides of that hardwood floor under those heavy Venetian chandeliers which were ablaze with light. I saw her standing there looking a bit out of place wearing a backless cotton dress with beat-up old Converse sneakers, in a sea of silk and lace finery and black tie. Yet it seemed as if the Tao directed this moment to happen as all parted like the sea as her green eyes locked on mine. She reminded me of a piece of the past in the form of a teenage discotheque juke box queen I once knew, with both of us being victims of the night and being each other’s Kryptonite. Both of us helpless as this was one of the moments when being directed by the Tao was like receiving dancing lessons from God.

We walked across the empty floor and she took my arm and had me twirl her across the floor as all seemed to be looking on. Looking in her eyes I saw a reflection and told her to not look back, and not hold back. Both of us were unable to tell the place or the place we were in as we seemed to command the floor and all around us simply watched a moment of destiny being revealed. Holding my breath and counting to ten and wishing that this moment that has been dreamt and has been so overdue doesn’t end. This is the moment in which it seems like worlds have collided, and when we stood across the room it felt like we were miles and poles apart.

Some things are better off left alone just like this moment and just needing to go with it and that’s enough for now, and leaving things unspoken. And seeing the green fire blaze in her eyes as we twirl across the floor looking as if we were mismatched, with me in black tie and her in a simple cotton backless dress and comfortable shoes. Which isn’t slowing things down as we dance across those highly polished hardwood floors under those Venetian Chandeliers, and catching glimpses of ourselves in those mirrored walls.

Moving quietly like a fire, moving as if one and now seeing the others have decided to join us out on the floor, and respecting our place near the center to dance anyway we wish. Feeling the atmosphere being lightened by her presence and feeling silver sparks igniting that flame I call a heartbeat. And this is the moment that all is starting and even though I know we both have sins I just hope when this moment here on the floor that history, collateral damage and the baggage we carry doesn’t act like gravity and hold things down and back, and allow fear to rear its head. And I don’t care where she’s been for this is the moment directed by the Tao when things start at the beginning.

Feeling her gripping my hand hard as we continue on, and seem to have risen above the crowd and finally making our way off the floor. Stopping and taking a moment to catch our breath, and wondering if she is having the same thoughts about this possibly being a fool’s errand and leaving each other with torn hearts. For it would be unforgivable and would just let the demons win, and I know we both carry those scars of what we have been through and seen things destroyed before our eyes. And I for one don’t know if I can go through it all again, and have the feeling that she feels the same way.

Both of us seem to be seeking a singular touch of grace, and a breath of life. Or some touch of heavenly light in order to experience a divine rush that spreads like a fever running from the heart down through the legs. Maybe to choose the best of all the rest of what we both have left, and wondering if she is having the same thoughts as me? And would she share those thoughts with me?

I know we both carry our choices, and hide our regrets with old habits dying hard, as I take her arm I decide that they haven’t seen the last of us yet as we head back out to the center of the floor to continue where we left off.

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