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Leap Of Faith

Learning to trust again is a leap of faith.

I’ve been burned before My giving nature taken for granted My friendship chewed up and spit out My heart poked with holes So, I’ve treaded more lightly this time around Perhaps wiser than before? Cautious about how much to give Holding back some of myself...

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Are you okay?

I am okay. ~•°•~ I am okay to know that you're happy It's not because of me. ~•°•~ I am okay to watch you grow It's not with me. ~•°•~ I am okay to see you smile It's not for me. ~•°•~ I am okay to know you're in love It's no longer with me. ~•°•~ I am ok...


It only takes once

It calls out to you Begs you Try Me Try Me You know you want to It whispers I'll take all your pain away You try it once You swear that's it you think you’re in control Then you try it again and again It takes over your being It calls to you More More You...

...with cello strings in nature's woods in the silence of an unspoken tree to the edge of forever, I see drinking deep the inevitable the aroma of coffee and only me and patience in living in nature incorporating life into prayer and myths listening to wi...

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Breaking through the clouds Illuminating the fields of wheat Warming them with pleasure Maple spreading out for the winged Nesting high up into her leaves Then underneath

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All my addictions Wrapped up inside my brain You want to take a run at this disaster You'll only have yourself to blame The door it's locked The windows wide open That closet is full of pain Take it to heart Run for your life It's a hard falling rain Wher...

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Gas Station Cheeseburgers

The taste of life

I like gas station cheeseburgers Those red hot burritos too The sun coming to shine on my backyard Got a woodpecker and squirrel, they think they own the place I suppose they probably do I like getting high in my basement Listening to Davis Byrne and John...

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Hold The Door

What ever we want it to be

That old man with the walker Took one to the knee another to the thigh on his trip to Vietnam Comes to every one of his grandkids' games If he doesn't get a move on He'll miss the whole thing Hold the door Here comes that kid with the fingernail polish No...

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I want to watch as their eyes light up when I walk into the room I want it that when they catch a glimpse of me the rest of the world falls away And I am the only one left in focus I want deep late-night conversations about our dreams I want lazy afternoo...

I see you You see me We see nothing at all Hand in hand we walk into our willing blindness I speak You speak We don't understand any of the words Tongue on tongue tied into a tight knot You listen I listen The noise is so loud we can't hear The lights hav...

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Death, the great unknown, the final journey we must take alone. It comes to us all, without warning or delay, and leaves us with nothing but memories to stay. It's a journey we can't escape, a fate we must all embrace. It's the end of our mortal coil, the...

Come home to me my rose bud Ebb Tide, rising, in lieu of dark roses, a beautiful flower was, as the song, loves a woman, so flows emotions, softly now walking with the silent winds and the faded blooms of yester-hour's crying.

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