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The garments of Autumn's patchwork leaves of green, now nature's basket of red and gold falling to a breeze, stars twinkling at dusk twilight in a kaleidoscope of dreams imagination listening to the symphony of crickets karaoke watching the inhabitants am...

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Away from the carbon dioxide and the clatter of the city the citizenry sleepwalking. Away from the mainstream breathing fresh air from manifolds in the trees. Playing our Bossa Nova in Mother Nature without mascara to hide the fault lines. Taming the shre...

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...crescent thumbnail moon of love's radiant gaze merging soul to heart like a gondola on night's sea cresting the tides with the man on the moon in my fantasy of love's radiant gaze

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...the sound of silence dissolving beneath a full moon pulsing blood in my veins echoing like a bird with wings soaring into the wind to catch a leaf falling then it becomes a raindrop dripping with a human soul, dream awakening

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Layers of brushstrokes and rough edges in one's imagination of a lovely dream where each stroke is a poetic stanza a breath of expression softly released beyond the futon of memory sticks with recycled art seen through the eyes in one's imagination of a l...

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46 words 46 words the faces on the old bark on backroads of memories of musings, doings and lucid dreams of red clay down by the feet of my shadow where Mama now rests surrounded by nature's postcards in the faces on the old bark

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The crowd is getting anxious – then the lights begin to dim, and in the spotlight’s capture, they can see – it’s really him! A true iconic rocker – one that everybody knows, with a fanbase he’s collected from a thousand prior shows. The instruments are wa...

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Sophisticated shadow in silhouette seen through the windowless pane dressed in nothing but moonlight draped over the midnight hour pale as a white rose petal clouding the leaf smiling on the flower sophisticated shadow in silhouette

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Toy Bear

Dreaming of being a real bear

He sits on top of my cupboard just staring into space a layer of dust covering his body a slight smile upon his face. But I tend to think if he were real he'd be out chasing bees eating ants and berries and climbing large pine trees. He'd be swimming in L...

With sleeves of leaves in nature's vest the winds blow mellow upon the dew as I sit composing silently musing the loveliest of dawn's twilight reminiscing a budding seed to leaf a flower

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Maybe is a powerful word, coming from the right people.

Maybe when you're alone you think of me, because I was your wife-to-be. Maybe you tried but could not see, that I needed you in my life especially. Maybe time will tell if you were right, that I don't need you in the night. Maybe you don't need me in your...

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When I think of you and the way you speak, it makes me think that our love is unique. When I think of you and your perfect physique, my heart melts and my knees grow weak. The way you lay beside me in your sleep, I love our conversations because they're s...

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Did it really happen if nobody remembers it?

Do you remember our first night? When you hold me in your arms so tight, even though the moon wasn't bright, It was the only place where I felt right. Do you remember my scent? And I do miss your accent, I still remember the day you went. When you left, w...