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Love Lock

A symbol of love

Been looking through your albums, of photos old and new.So many loving memories, of good times shared with you. All those precious moments, and flashbacks through the years.I’ve studied each one carefully, I even shed some tears. I wanted something differ...

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I’m glad that you’re leaving.It’s time to move on.My life can restart.When you are gone. The milk has turned sour.We are no longer strong.My life will be normal.When you are gone. Whenever we argue.I’m always wrong.My life will be peaceful.When you are go...

Maybe the next timedark will think twiceof voicing its opinionin its point of viewsuffering from lonelinesshaving lost my shadowwith imperfectionnever to returnto alto sax sunrise

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Whispering windsin a world of dreamswhispering to willowsin Accapella voiceswith echoes of prayertouched by poppurifrom a far-off-placewhere the moon can seea lonely old mansuch as me

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My Visit

My visit with a red cardinal

As I Pondered my mind wondered feeling the pain that still remained Looking up I saw you there And you flew to a branch and perched yourself there Red is your colour, beautiful to see chirping away and staring at me reading my mind I hear you say It's tim...

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Sweet Summer

Doesn't need to be fancy

90s Country playing on the radio Memories flowing sunlight streaming A warm spring breeze blowing across our skin As we dance on the front porch It's not fancy but it's us The stars come out We head inside where We get tangled in the sheets The moonlight...

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The fire and the rose they are one behind a pale rain with a tongue of flame longing the soul in death's hidey-hole and catacombs lauding the sins of dead poets singing attached to the thorn the fire and the rose

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Are you still there I whisper in thin air my heart, just won't repair but are you still there I know you are there and it may not have been fair the love that we shared that you sent me a friend to help my heart mend so I don't have to pretend this isn't...

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Davey and Goliath

War in Ukraine

Peering just above the berm,her finger on the trigger,she spies a fast-approaching force,more powerful and bigger. Squinting through her rifle sights,she takes a steady bead,while trying hard to focuson the soldiers in the lead. She squeezes off a burst o...

Observation in Active Pose

a flashback of a moment - in poetic free verse -

There was a girl I knew, once upon a yesteryear On an ordinary day - with the sky so clear They were the best days of one’s life College. So much to learn…and unlearn The yearning urges of puberty grow in volume No more bedtimes or parental on-looking Alo...

The grave collects pebbles and bones among the trees my grave a palace of jewels in the marrow and a glass of my ego swept into gravel a rock hard heart with a hovel of gothic sins on Instagram with whiskey looking for Dark Trinity

Across a wall of shadowsof pantomime and dreamswith long slender fingerssweeping faintness of stringshaunting me with sweetnessand lips of golden amethystin peace this eternal houracross a wall of shadows

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The twilight's quiltwith full moon gleaminga cloth of Savioranything you dreamingmade from threadsand golden bobbinof Heaven's bedwith angels singinga drop of dawn's dewwith full moon gleamingGod's eternal crown ringing

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As covetous Death circles,knowing he has no dominion,the wraith smiles back smugly,wearing his bramble crown,sitting on his throne of dusted bones. Thought you could defeat me?Time to bow down to your tormentor,King of broken dreamsin this realm of washed...

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