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Life As A Spoon

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Life as a spoon.

It was cold, and wet, no light anywhere, and I with my comrades would fight to stay alive!!

Earlier that day we had been sent out to the front lines. We had fought against the dirtiest of things, and in doing so we ourselves were very unclean. This was a religious effort, everyday we would be sent out from our holding barracks and be sent out on duty leaving some behind awaiting their next mission. My mission today was to handle dinner, ah yes mom's homemade chilli … the heaviest, dirtiest, hottest thing to carry. But just as I was assigned by my lieutenant I did so and if I may say so myself I did very good for such a rookie. I had just been upgraded from a baby spoon to a small serving spoon. But as I was saying after the meal I had been put into the silver detox tank, but not for long. Because soon I would be rinsed then put into... the cave. This cave was incredibly scary for a rookie such as myself. It was huge, pitch black, and a giant whirl pool would swirl suffocating the air around us.

Sooner than I had hoped the hands of those who supplied the holding barracks would reach in and pull the rest of us up and place us inside the cave... This is where the true mission would begin. Placed inside the cart while others of bigger rounder sizes surrounded us, I looked around. Plastics were on top along with the cups, the glass would be placed down here around us for protection. I watched as the cave began slowly suffocating the air and around us leaving us with nothing more than the darkness that now surrounded us. Sargent Ladle yelled out, “Alright team! Huddle up, get ready here comes the true enemy.” I heard the jingling of my platoon hustling to get together. And then we heard the click. "Alright men get ready! Prepare your selves!!" Lieutenant Sporkus chanted out.

What we heard next was the rupturing growl that spit up from the bottom of the cave, this is when we would all be tested.

First came the sputter of water then right after would lead straight to the waves. One by one they came hard and fast and if you weren't strong enough you would be tossed right out of the cart and into the bottom to be spun around and around in circles till the end of the mission. We all held on for awhile but then someone let go. We watched him as he fell into the swirling water tornado below. All I could remember thinking was "Good luck."

“It's his own damn fault for coming in here anyways! The cave is no place for a plastic like himself,” yelled Sargent Ladle. I looked away and continued holding on. I wasn't going to lose, not now, not ever.

Eventually the water had subsided and now would begin the drying process. This process was the easiest part, we could just sit there and enjoy the warmth. Soon after we would hear the click and then a bright light would shine throughout the cave and cheers would spread across the cave like wildfire as one by one we were taken out and put back into our holding barracks to fight another day.

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