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Seriously random poem/song with possible double meanings? Even I'm confused. ..

Drip drop plop Raindrops on the rooftop Drip Drip Drop I just wanna flop Right into bed Cover up my head Close my ears to the things you said Somebody take my fears- Put them in a box…   X...x...x... Metal on metal Wait for the knives to settle And the wa...

Middle Men

What is the meaning of life

We walk the path of life, With death waiting at the finish line. The beginning and end are the same, What matters is the middle. Tis the path of the middle men…   What if life and death made transactions, And we were nothing more than the middle men. Our...

THE GIRL IN THE RED DRESSI saw her face, a crowded place.I have reached the point in my life where I have to start my journey. Time to stop ‘trying to’ live life and live it for once. With my vision blurred and a problematic iris, I found myself in the mi...

Somedays I feel like diving,out to the ocean and into the cold,just let the waves take me,until I naturally float. My most morbid thoughts,are of getting old,it's a long hard life,and I don't want to be around that long. All the time I try to feel indiffe...

Sending Off

What's the score?

Is it fateHow we relateWhen things are greatWe celebrateWe shift and spinHonoring our winIgnoring our sinsThe darkness withinThere is no painFor me to explainNo way to complainWhen we've gone insaneGoing day by dayIs there any other wayShould I simply sta...

It's the end of times, People pray for their lives. And where were you when we needed a hand to hold? And where were you when faith ran away? The children die as their mothers cry, Our lives just pass, Like grains of sand falling into the hourglass, Like...

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Take a skulk through my head.

Thoughts, random and ephemeral,stomp through my head. Some are taken note of,some allowed to float off. Ideas happen daily,some acted upon,most tossed aside. Kitten saunters through,always a pleasant thought.Kitty loves her. Is in love. Projects planned,...

A Random Moment, Part 21: Steig For Mayor?

Is life getting back to normal? Surely not!

Claire sat there with a stunned face on. “Are you sure it’s the same person?” She asked.“Who else would it be?”Just as he was about to put the newspaper down and shout Cynthia, the phone rang.“Hello?” Rufus answered.“Hi, it’s mum. Seen the paper?” “Yeah,...

A Random Moment, Part 20: Amy and Gloria Talk

Are the answers just more questions?

As Gloria pulled into her driveway, she dreaded the conversation which was to follow. Amy was talking to her as if nothing had happened, but everyone was aware that something was going on. Gloria only had a faint idea, but it was enough to make her suspic...

Mental Madhouse, a sad Teenage Girl's Mind

Trixie, a people-pleaser type has succumb to a mental break-down. What will she do?

Boredom has suppressed me far too long, it is now time to engulf this unpleasant feeling and channel it into a sort of amusing act. A 17 year old girl named Trixie. Brunette, a people-pleaser type of girl. She just got out of a relationship with her boyfr...

Random Poem

It just happened, no reason, very little rhyme.

I’m starting with a line,Moving on to another,And here’s a third,Why not a fourth?This poem, or whatever it may be,Really makes no sense,But, really, don’t think me dense,I’m about as dense as a fence.A fence with nails in,What a lovely fence,I think it’s...