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The opposites

A young Susan sees her life changing from day to night, everything changes in her life

Chapter 2-Discoveries

“Wait that weird white light, was it you?” I asked him, guessing his answer.

“Yes…that was me.” He answered me and then continue. “I saw you in there but I wasn’t sure that it was the person I was supposed to find.”

“Who are you anyway?” I asked confused at this point.

We where still at the door, he didn’t stop looking at me.

“I was sent to help you. Even if we don’t usual help vampires, they sent me here.” He said to me

All of this was starting to get stranger. Finally I got to meet one vampire, and he acts like I’m suppose to know something about myself that I really don’t know. And now another unkown guy. He appears out of nowhere saying he is here to help me. What the hell was going on, on this underworld?

“Can you tell me what are you? I’m very confused right now.” I inquired.

“Oh sorry. I though you would suspect. I . . . well I’m an angel.” He alleged.

An angel? Why was an angel here to help a vampire? And why didn’t that silly smile was still in his face? It start to look very awkward.

I look out the door and start to see neighbors getting out of the apartments. It was better to continue this conversation inside.

“Just come inside, and we will continue talking.” I told him and step aside to let him in. “You can sit on the sofa if you want. And can you start to explain why is an angel here to help a vampire?”

“The Elders told me this was an only time help.” He replied.

He sat on the sofa and look at me.

“What? That doesn’t make any sense, I almost know nothing about vampires, and even less about angels. But why are the angels helping me.” I questioned.

“Well on the normal way of how we deal with the vampires we are not supposed to intervene. Unless the Vampires really mess it up.” He explained, now he was really serious while he was talking.

“Who mess up for you to be here with me? Did I did something I shouldn’t?” I asked confused

“No no, you didn’t do anything wrong. On the other hand your parents did.” He said.

“My parents, but they live like in the other side of the country.” I told him not understanding what he was talking about.

“Not those ones. You should have realized that they are not your birthparents after you changed right? Since you change without any other vampire changing you.” He explained.

I never really thought about that, but it would make much more sense to what occur three weeks ago.

“Soo who are my really parents? Why did they gave me up?” I start burst questions.

“Well according to what the Elders told me they were high up in the vampire world.” He start explaining to me.

He made a pause before continuing talking.

“I mean really high up. They were? Are? Well I’ not sure. No one outside the vampire world really knows what happen 22 years ago, but at least at that time they were queen and king of your world.” He made other pause. “Some say that they died after making sure you were safe. Others say they are still alive but imprisoned. Well without anybody knowing for sure it’s a mystery. Either way you are the last from their line, and that makes you their successor.” He lower his head before continuing. “But the person that was after their status was the kings younger brother. He thought that since you were born girl he was the next to go up to the throne. But the king decided that you would be the one.”

I was so confused with all this new information. Discovering that I was a vampire was a surprise, and now discovering that my birthparents were the queen and king of the vampires, and that was a change that they were dead.

“And why are you here then?” I ask him, his presence still didn’t make any sense.

“Well the angels were the ones that found you a new home to keep you safe. Your parents asked us to save you. The king was suspecting that someone was trying to over power him, and he didn’t trust his brother. So they decide to put you safe and then go to fight. They asked to keep you safe until you full turn to a vampire. I think they thought that once you turn you could take their place. But his brother won and now his brother is after you. When he took the kings place told everyone that you also died. The worst part is that he is trying to bring their world to be know by all humans, he wants them to know that vampires exist, and he wants that they fear them.” He made another pause. “And well the angel don’t really think that that’s a good idea. The Elders sent me to help you to prevent this to happen.”

“And how am I suppose to stop him, and they already know where I am.” I told him.

He got up so quickly that it scared me.

“WHATTT. When did they found you?” he ask me terrified.

“Just before the dawn.”

He was really nervous.

“I’m so screwed. I failed.” He whispered to himself..

Now I could see that he was sad.

“Why? They didn’t do anything to me. I’m still here. Maybe they are still deciding what to do?” I said trying to calm him

“Maybe your right. We have to go somewhere else. If they know where you are we have to move you to a new place.” He told me.

“But it’s daylight outside. I can’t go anywhere until the sunset.” I remember him.

“Well then we will need to be fast once the sunset hits. We can’t stay here any longer than that.”

This was going to be a very long day. Then I remember something he knew my name, but he never told me his.

“Yey, you still didn’t tell me your name.” I told him.

“Oh sorry.” He excused. “My name is Sariel.”

“Ok Sariel, since we have to wait make yourself at home. But don’t touch the curtains.” I warned him.

And he was smiling again. He looked more like a 5 year old kid on a candy shop then an angel to help me. Or maybe . . .

“It’s you first time in earth isn’t it?” I ask.

He look at me surprised.

“Yes. How did you know?” he question me.

“Just wild guess.”

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