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The Opposites

Chapter 3 - Revelations 

What was I supposed to do now? Everything around me was so muddled. My own uncle wanted to get rid of me, and angels were helping me? With every single minute that passed, all of this got more and more confusing. Now I had to leave my own house to escape from the vampires that my uncle had sent to get me, and my only help was Sariel .

He told me that vampires have the power to control one of the four elements on earth, but I had no idea which one I could control. I never tried anything because I didn’t know what powers I had — or if I had any powers at all. He also told me that most of the vampires can control the mind of humans and a few of us were able to even control other vampires, and for one more surprise my uncle was one of the ones that was able to do just that, plus he can control fire. How could I win this? Would I be able to defeat my own uncle when I didn't even know what kind of powers I have?

Sariel was still on the sofa, fascinated by the television. Nightfall was near, and I still had no idea where we would go. I sat next to him to try and find where we would go.

“So where will we go after the sunset?”

He stopped looking at the television and looked at me.

“To my house. None of them know that I’m helping you, so...” he said like it was obvious.

“I thought you had said that it was your first time on earth?!” I asked him, confused.

“Oh and it is. But when we are sent to here we kind of have a house for us,” Sariel explained.

“Oh, okay then.”

I got up from the sofa. In a half hour, we would be leaving this house for an undetermined time. Vampires are fast and we didn’t know how close they were, so we needed to be fast leaving the house. We needed to leave before any of them noticed I was gone.

“Well, I will get ready — the sunset is nearly here, ” I said to him.

“Do you need any help, Susan?” Sariel asked me.

“No thanks, just stay there. I will not take too long.”

I went to pick up just a few things and put them in a backpack. This was such a drastic change to me, all these new things. And I was guessing that this was nothing compared to what was coming ahead.

I went back to the living room. There were only a few more minutes of sun.

“Well, I’m ready. As soon the sun goes down, we can go,” I informed him.

Sariel got up and approached me.

“I’m truly sorry about all this.”

“Well, it’s not your fault that my uncle wants to get rid of me,” I told him.

“Even so, I’m sorry that something like this had to happen to you,” he said.

“Can I ask you why angels come to earth?”

“We come here to help people who lost their way. But we never get in real contact with them,” Sariel explained.

“So why you did you make contact with me?” I asked him, confused.

“Humans cannot know we exist. We just make contact with them when it’s an extreme case or something like that. But you are not human — you are from the underworld, you already know that there are more life forms than only humans — so we can make contact with you,” he clarified.

Oh right, I forgot that I wasn’t human. I was still not use to that.

The sunset just had made though the horizon.

“Okay, we can go now, there is no more sunlight outside,” I told him.

“Let’s go fast before some of your uncle's guards appear,” he said as he reached my side.

We left the house as quietly as possible and then start going down the street. The lights were on, the sky was full of clouds and the moon was nowhere to be seen.

Sariel was in the lead. After we had been walking for about twenty minutes, he informed me, “We are nearly there.”

We were passing by an alley when someone pulled me back. My only reaction was to scream, but in that same moment a hand covered my mouth.

“Hello again. Today I'm gonna take you with me,” the person told me

That voice, it had to be the same guy who had stopped me in front of my house. He was definitely stronger than me.

“Let her go,” I heard Sariel saying.

“And who do you think you are ? Go away, she belongs to us,” responded the one holding me back.

Great. I couldn’t escape, and would perhaps be dead in the next few hours. I was an insignificant and weak vampire to be the heir. I didn’t even have any powers.

I saw Sariel looking at me. He look thoughtful, possibly trying to find what he should do.

“See, just go away, you can’t do nothing. I will take her now,” the guy continued talking.

I struggled to try free myself, and then I felt my eyes burning. The look on Sariel's face changed. He was serious now, like he saw something that he'd never seen before.

The burning that I felt in my eyes was now on my arms and hands, and seconds later the arm around my waist and the hand on my mouth just let go of me. I gazed at my arms and now could understand why Sariel had that serious look. Flames. There were flames on my hands and arms. But they didn’t stay long, vanishing as quickly as they had appeared. All my strength left my body. I felt myself falling, and then the arms were around me again.

“You cannot win against me. You will be going with me,” the one who trying to take me said.

Then I heard Sariel close to scream.

“Susan cover your eyes.”

I did what he said. And shortly after that I felt a warm wave passing by my body. I couldn’t truly tell but I had the sensation that it was some bright light. Then the arms holding me disappeared one more time. But I also felt the rest of my strength and energy leave my body. After a few minutes I felt someone pick me up from the floor, and I tried to fight back.

“Calm down, it’s me.” It was Sariel's voice.

I tried to talk but was only able to mumble.

“Don’t talk, you are too weak,” he said.

I couldn’t even open my eyes, which were still filled with the burning feeling. Sariel walked for about five more minutes until I heard him open a door and seconds later he lay me in a bed.

“There, you need to rest for a while now,” he told me.

I had no idea how much time had passed, but slowly I felt my energy coming back to my body, and after some time I finally was able to open my eyes. They were still burning but not as badly.

I looked around. The room was certainly light. Everything in the room was white or soft colors, except for the fabric covering the windows, and it was so dark that it seemed out of place. I sat up with some difficulty, and at the same time the door opened. On the other side of the door was Sariel.

“What happened in that alley?” was the only question I had.

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