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The Opposites

Chapter 4- The power

He didn’t answer me immediately, he got closer to the bed and sat on the end.

“You should be lay down resting, you are still weak.” He told me

“I’m better now, tell me what happen please. I saw flames on my hands.” I ask him.

“Yes, there were flames on your hands, I think that’s the power you can control. And also.” He said to me

Sariel hand me over a small mirror. I look at the mirror and saw my eyes.

“My eyes changed color. They are red, how this happen?” I said confuse

Then I remember the burn on my eyes.

“The color of a vampire eyes shows the power that the same control. Since you control fire they turn red.” Sariel explain.

“But why did they only changed now?” I question.

“I think it was because it was the first time you used your power. And that also drain your energy.” He told me.

“And what about what you did afterwards. What did you did to save me?” I ask him curious.

He showed me a small white stone.

“See this stone, it produce a bright light, similar to the sun, it doesn’t burn but takes the energy from the ones that are from the underworld because they can’t go out in the daylight. You were not affect directly that’s why it only took some of your energy.” He clarify.

It took my energy? I knew I had already regain some but I still wasn’t all recover, and I knew what I had to do.

“My energy already stop recovering, I will need blood to regain all my energy back.” I told him.

“I will get some for you.” He said while he stood.

“Where are you gonna get blood?” I ask.

“In an hospital. They have blood from donors, they will not miss a few.” He told me already at the door.

“I never imagine you doing something like that.” I said to him.

“Well we do everything that it’s in our hands to help. We just don’t fight.” Sariel said.

“Thank you.” was all I could say at the moment.

He then left the room, and I just thought that I need to put an end to all that was on in this crazy world. I need it to end all this craziness of my uncle, find out if my parents were dead or not. But I need it to train to be able to defeat my own uncle. But until I full recovered I couldn't do nothing.

It had pass half an hour when Sariel came back, with a few packages of blood, he came closer to me and handed me one. Then e left the room, I think that it made him uncomfortable, and I didn’t blame him.

I drank the blood and I start to fell my energy and strength coming back. The flavor and sensation of the blood in my mouth was new, but felt so good, the blood was cold but somehow felt warm.

As soon as I got all my energy back I got up from the bed and went to the door, but I didn’t open. I didn’t know if the other room had the windows uncover.

“Can I leave the room, or the windows are uncover?” I ask

He didn’t answer. But the second later the door start to open.

“I’m glad that you are better.” He told me.

Sariel was smiling, but was different from earlier. He still was concern.

“I’m near to be full recover, thanks for what you did.” I said to him.

“You can come out of the room, I cover all the windows.” He inform.

“It’s strange to see the dark fabric on the windows when everything else is so bright.” I said.

“Yes but the curtains didn’t stop the sunlight to came inside so I just cover then with the most dark fabric I found.” Sariel told me.

He went in direction of the sofa. I followed him.

“What will you do now Susan?” he ask.

“Well I cannot stay quiet, I have to end this. But first I need to now how to control my power.” I start saying.

I look to my hand, how was I gonna do that. Sariel placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I will help you.” He said.

Sariel made a signal to follow him.

“Here, close your eyes and concentrate, think about what you felt yesterday.” He said

I did what Sariel told, but that was not easy, every time I tried to concentrate and just think about the sensation that I felt, I saw everything happen again. But after starting lose the count of how many times I already try I started to fell a small burning sensation on my arms, I felt hardly anything but it was there. But as soon I open my eyes the feeling disappear.

I sat on the chair that was close too me, what kind of vampire was I, that I couldn’t even control the power I had.

“I will never control this.”I told to myself.

Sariel was too close to me now, he leaned down to stay at the same height as me.

“It’s never easy, but I’m sure you will get there, you just need to calm down.” He try to comfort me.

He grabbed one of my hands.

“There, let’s try again. Close your eyes.” He said

I close my eyes, the fell of his hand o mine was so different.

“There, now just think about fire, don’t think in anything else.” He continue.

Thinking just about fire, easy too say, not easy to do. I took a deep breath and tried to empty my mind of all other things and just focus on fire. Several images of flames came to my mind, and then I start to fell a small burning on my hands that keep going stronger and stronger.

“Now open your eyes slowly.” Sariel spoke again

I couldn’t fell his hands anymore. As I open my eyes I could see a small flame in each of my hands. There were small but they were steady. I look at Sariel, he smile.

“See you can do it, with time you will do that without even thinking too much.” He told me.

I joined my hands and the two flames became one, I look at the flame and the look at Sariel and smile too. I felt the flame disappear of my hands.

“Thank you Sariel.” I said.

“I will always help you when I can. You don’t need to thank me.”

He was smiling, and I smile back to him. I couldn’t remember the last time I smiled like this.

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