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The Opposites

Chapter 5 - Unusual

As the days went by, I had improved the control of my power, and also started to train in some fighting skills. It was way too much for me to learn in such a short period of time. I only had a few weeks before my uncle decided to go up front with his plan.

We decided to go out tonight and see if we could find any kind of information.

“Are you ready Sariel?” I asked.


We both left the house. The sky was clear, the stars were shining and the moon lit up the sky.

“We need to find where they are, so that we can have some advantage. I don’t know how much time we have left until my uncle decides to start his plan,” I said

“One thing is for sure — he has nearly all the vampires on his side. And I bet the ones that are not are entrapped. He’s too powerful,” Sariel said.

“Perhaps you are right, but I still have to do something.”

Then I unexpectedly stopped. There I was again in that park, why?

“What’s wrong Susan?” he asked.

“I don’t know. It’s this park. I always end up here,” I told him.

We both looked around, but saw nothing unusual. Everything was normal. Sariel was just a few steps away when I felt some strange presence behind me. I turned to see what it was but wasn’t fast enough. As soon as I turned I heard Sariel calling for me.

“This time you will not win,” said a familiar voice.

I was against the floor, his foot on my back keeping me from getting up.

“You again.” I spoke with some difficulty.

I tried to look for Sariel, and saw another vampire holding him. Blue eyes. The vampire’s eyes were blue so he controls water. Just great, I could only control fire and I wasn’t that good. Against water I had zero possibilities.

“Indeed, I don’t like to lose more than once. After all, my dear master needs you to disappear,” he said close to my ear.

His face was so close that I could feel his breath on my face.

“And, well, that’s going to be a shame since you have such a pretty face,” he continued.

He then kicked me so hard that made me turn around. Now I faced the night sky. I heard someone else pushing someone, and I looked in Sariel’s direction. He was on his knees, blood running through his face from some stroke from another vampire. I turned to face the one pushing me against the floor.

“Let him go. You only need me,” I said.

“No, Susan!” Sariel screamed.

I turned around again to see Sariel. And then I felt a small breeze passing through me, but there was no wind around. This was an impossible breeze. But I felt it a second time, I felt the wind calling for me, and this time I also felt something different in my eyes. If this was what I thought it was I couldn’t let the other two vampires attack know. No that wasn’t just the breeze, it was wind. I was so desperate to take both of us out of there that the wind came to help me, just like the fire did last time. If I also could control wind maybe I might be able to combine it with fire. But first I needed to be sure that Sariel was in a safe place.

“Let him go,” I said one more time.

I faced the floor, so no one could see my eyes.

“Just let him go, he’s not useful to us. We already have her anyway,” said the one holding me.

I heard steps in my direction.

“I can’t leave you Susan.” Sariel was in front of me.

I looked at him, but was careful to not let the others see my eyes.

“Just go Sariel. I will be fine. Now go!” I said to him.

By the look on his face I could assume he saw one more color starting to appear in my eyes and he understood. When he left, I looked back to the floor and saw a small white stone, then I felt another kick. My face hit the ground. I was able to grab the stone without any of them noticing. I wasn’t sure if Sariel had left the stone on purpose, but most likely it had fallen from his pocket.

I felt a hand on my neck.

“Get up,” said that already known voice.

“If you stop throwing me to the floor I would be already up!”

“Shut up and start walking.”

He pushed me. I had now both of my hands free. I had put the stone in my pocket. Now I only needed it to concentrate. I knew that after this crazy attempt all my energy would drain, but I needed it to do it. I started to feel the burning in my hands and a small breeze around me. They were talking to each other, and they were holding me from my neck. Well there, dear uncle, I think you have unwise soldiers, or maybe you thought I would give up that easily. I closed my eyes, and the next second I had a flame in each hand. The one holding me looked to the other.

“You do something. Use your damn water,” he ordered the other.

But before he could even try to use his power, I had the wind go around the flames, they started to join and it created a fire tornado. They both stepped back.

“Tha. . . that’s impossible,” they both said.

Both of them started to run from the tornado, scared. And that was good, because a second later I met the floor once more. All my energy was gone, and there I was on the floor, looking at the moon. My eyes start to close, I didn’t have enough energy to keep them open. But minutes later someone raised my head, and I felt something close to my mouth.

“Here drink it. Sorry I took so long.” I heard Sariel’s voice.

He came back, and he brought me blood. After a few minutes I was able to open my eyes. My head was on his lap. Sariel contemplated the sky. I got up and sat by his side.

“Thank you again,” I said.

He looked at me and smiled.

“I’m here to help you,” he told me.

“Do you miss your home? I mean up there.” I pointed to the sky.

He looked to the stars and then back at me.

“Yes and no. Now I don’t really mind staying here.”

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