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The Opposites

Chapter 6 -Hard Choices

We were back to Sariel’s house. The sunrise was minutes away. This was too close to a disaster ending. I needed to learn how to control my powers, and be able to keep my energy doing so.

“You should go rest Susan.” Sariel spoke.

“I’m fine.” I said.

I sat on the floor, close to one of the covered windows. Sariel came close and sat by my side.

“How can you control also the wind?” He asked, confused.

“I would like to know that too. It just came to help me, I just wanted to know what I could do to take us from there, and from nowhere I felt a breeze around me.” I told him.

“Looks like everything is on your side.” He said.

“Yeh, I would like to think so. But we still have no idea where they are.” I stated.

“We will find them, don’t worry.” Sariel said, encouraging me.

My energy was not totally restored. I rested my head on his shoulder, he didn’t move.

“But even if we found them, I’m not sure I can defeat my uncle.” I said a little discouraged.

“I’m sure you will, I will help you in everything I can.” He said.

I didn’t tell him I had the stone, if everything else failed, that was my only solution. Even if that meant that I would also be affected. I looked at Sariel, he had fallen asleep. I got up carefully so he wouldn't wake up, covered him with a blanket and went to the other room to train. I needed to control not just my powers, but also my energy. I had to find a way to use my powers without them draining my energy every time I used them. The room was completely different from when I saw it for the first time, we had change it so I could train with fire without burning every single thing that was around. But now I also could control wind. I approached the mirror by the end of the room, I could see one more color in my eyes, the red and green mixing together. The colors were a warning for other vampires, red for fire, green for air, blue for water and brown for earth. We’re supposed to only have one of them, but somehow I had two, and my instinct told me that it was not the last color I would see in my eyes. I stepped way from the mirror and went to the center of the room, I looked at my hands, I closed my eyes and thought in both fire and wind. In one of my hands I started to feel a burning sensation, it didn’t really burn my skin it was just the feeling of burning. In my other hand I felt a breeze around it, I opened my eyes slowly and saw a small flame on my left hand and a small tornado on my right hand, but I also felt my energy leaving my body, and fast.

I lowered my hands and both the flame and the small tornado disappeared, and I felt my energy coming back slowly.

“This is not going to be easy.” I whispered.

I sat on the chair next to the window, I closed my eyes again this time to concentrate on my energy. If I could just understand why all my energy was draining so fast while using my powers, maybe I could find a way to control it as well. After about five minutes, I started to feel a numb feeling crossing throughout my body, I could feel my blood flowing trough my veins, it wasn't only my blood. The powers were there too. I concentrated a little more and tried to separate both types of energy, it wouldn't be easy telling the difference as they were very similar. After maybe half an hour I finally was able to separate both, but to be sure I made a flame appear on my hand. I felt it burning in the hand and finally opened my eyes.

There it was, a flame strong and vivid, and my energy was still the same, but to see if I was right I raised my other hand. I thought about the wind, and just seconds later there it was, a small tornado on my hand.

So I had to separate both energies. It still took away some energy from me, but not as much. I was so focused that I didn’t notice Sariel at the door until he talked.

“You are making great improvements Susan.”

I looked at him, and all my concentration was gone, the flame and tornado disappeared.

“I think I discovered how to manage my powers without draining all my energy. But it requires a lot of concentration.” I told him.

“I’m sure you will control that in no time.” He said.

“I guess. But the problem is I don’t have that kind of time, they are still after me, and my uncle will not stop. I have to do something quick.” I said.

“We need to find them first, then we will think of something,” Sariel spoke.

“And how will we do that? They always find us first, we can’t go anywhere.” I told him.

Sariel pushed another chair and sat in front of me.

“We just need to find a way to escape them before they can do something.” He said.

“I should go alone next time.” I suggested.

“No. You can’t go alone, it’s too dangerous. I will not let you go alone.” He opposed.

“It’s to dangerous for you too Sariel, you don’t fight. And maybe if I let them catch me it will be the best way to get close to my uncle. Then at least I will know where he is.” I clarified.

“You still can’t control your powers well enough. And that is way to dangerous I will not let you do it.” He stated.

“I know you are here to help me, but you already helped me too much. I will not let you go to the middle of a fight that is not even yours.” I said.

For the first time I saw sadness in Sariel’s face, and that was not right. He should smile. I knew that probably I wouldn't leave the fight alive but I couldn't let him know that.

“I will be fine, I promise that I will defeat my uncle.” I told him.

“You can’t say that Susan, you can’t just go like that without knowing what powers your uncle has.” He said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think that I only will have fire and air on my side.” I told him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Something is telling me that also have the powers of water and earth. But even if I don’t have them, what I have now will be enough.” I answered.

“I still can’t let you go by yourself. Let me go and help you.” He requested.

“I will not let you fight. You never fight and now is not the time for you to start. Please listen to me.” I asked him.

I really didn’t want to do what I was about to do, but that was the only way to make him stay. I reached for his face with my hand, and made him look directly into my eyes.

“You will stay here, you will not follow me.” I whispered.

His face went blank. I had controlled his mind, and this hurt me, I didn’t want to do this, especially to him. But I had no other way. I knew that the moment my energy started to go, the control on his mind would disappear and that he would go after me. But by that time I hoped that all would be finished.

Night was falling, it was time for me to go. I look back to Sariel.

“Please smile for me one last time.” I whispered

A smile appeared on his face. I got up and kissed his cheek. A tear fell from my eye.

“I’m glad that I could meet someone like you. And I’m really sorry.” I said.

And then I left the room, and walked to the future that waited for me. I was going to finish all this madness once and for all.

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