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The Opposites

A young Susan sees her life changing from day to night, everything changes in her life

Chapter1-First encounters

That day everything changed for me, I had to leave the sunny days for the cold nights. I had to lie to everyone I knew, and I felt bad about that, but I had no other choice. That day was so hard,I was so confused that I felt I want to end everything around me, but now I was in a different world, and it was not easy to end and I could never return to my old life.

Now I was alone I had nobody that I could tell what happened to me, not even I was sure what and how it had happen, why I had changed. And like every night for a while now, there I was, passing the same park, for some odd reason I always end up here.

I glance at the full moon that peeked between the clouds high in the sky, beautiful as always. I had just reached one of the empty benches like it was there just waiting for me to sit down, after siting I took a deep breath.

“And here I am again. I wish I knew why I always end up here.” I say to myself.

Not far away from where I was a bright light appeared from nowhere, white like the snow, only for a few seconds coming from sky to the ground. Ok That was unusual, but nothing that a would make me think that I was going mad just a few weeks would seem strange or out of ordinary any longer.

The sunrise was just in a few hours. The warm sun, the one that I would never feel again. I was still looking at the sky when I heard something or someone pass running just in front of me, but I didn’t look. It was so strange to listen to that sound at this hour, no one was around here at this time, I knew that because I was always there. But then the runner stopped abruptly, like something caught his attention.

I got up and started to go, it was better to just go home before the dawn, if the sunlight touched me I would burn.

Yes there are others just like me, I knew that because somehow I was able to feel them, it’s like that feel that attracted me to the park.

What’s the point of being immortal if I’m all alone. Do my senses trick me? Do I really feel the others like me? I have been looking for others like me, someone that would help me understand this new world, but nothing until now.

“Almost home for another boring day.” I whispered to the last moments of the night.

I was opening the door when I felt someone just behind me and made me turn rapidly. And there he was, not much taller than me, bright brownish eyes and dark hair not long but not short hair, but what gave him up was his teeth. The canines were longer than a humans.

“Hello.” He said waving his hand at me and smiling.

I didn’t believe, after all this weeks trying to find someone and finding no one, finally someone found me.


“Finally I could find you, it was difficult.” He said still smiling.

How was it difficult to find me? I did the same every single night. “Why it was difficult?” That was the only thing that I could say.

“Well it’s not easy to track a justborn, especially one like you.” He said

So I was called a "justborn," and what did he mean by especially one like me?

“Why were you looking for me?”

“You really don’t know?

“Ah no, that’s why I’m asking, and the same reason that I have been looking for some one. I don’t know anything about . . . well me.”

The smile in his face changed, what looked so natural now looked dark.

“Well this is going be easier than my master thought.”

“What are you…”

He disappeared before I could finish my sentence. What was he talking about? That was a bizarre first contact with someone like me. I went home the sun would rising just in a few minutes.

“Home sweet home…I think” I murmured.

I lay down on the sofa. The windows were all covered with black curtains to not let the light of the sun pass. Well it was going to be a long day. I just grab the tv remote start to go through the channels.

That was a well not so good thing, for now, I cannot sleep, I’m always awake. I only see the time passing by.

“Argghh nothing to see on so many channels, I really have to get something to do during the day.”

If only I could see people without trying to bite them and drink their blood I could be around them, well not that all of them deserved this behavior from me, but when I first turn and drank from the guy that was the closer to here I was at the time and felt the impact of the blood on my I got afraid that I would hurt someone that was important to me, I even lied to all my friend and family.

I got up from the sofa when someone knock on the door. Who the hell would be knocking on my door? I told all my friends that I was out of the country. My family was in a complete different city very far away and they would not visit without saying something. I approached the door and push the button to activate the camera to see who was on the other side of the door. Another strange boy, but this one was not like me, but I was not completely sure that he was human. He was a just a little taller than me, his hair was brown and his eyes were green with a mixture of brown in them.

For some reason unknown I decide that I would open the door, since there was no sunlight on the second floor corridor I was safe.

“Hello. Are you Susan? “said the young unknown man.

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

He just smiled. My mind was telling me to just shut the door, but I didn’t do it.

“Well I think I will have a lot to explain to you. But finally I found you after losing you in the park, I was not sure that was you there. “ he said to me.

The smile was still in his face, and well it was a charming smile. Wait did he say park.

“Wait that weird white light, was it you?” I asked him, guessing his answer.

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