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Water's Falling

Water's Falling

To create the lake, the small village of Capel Celyn was to be drowned under the floodwater.

This was written after the response to my comment on Water's Rising by Tams. https://www.storiesspace.com/stories/flash-fiction/-waters-rising-.aspx Although fiction, it is inspired by the true-life events that lead to the drowning of the tiny Welsh village of Capel Celyn in 1965

On the twenty-eighth of October nineteen-sixty-five, the Llyn Celyn reservoir in North Wales was officially opened. Its primary purpose was to supply water for the city of Liverpool.

The whole project had been steeped in controversy. To create the lake, the small village of Capel Celyn, which included twelve houses and farms, a post office, a school, and a chapel with cemetery, was to be drowned under the floodwater. The fifty occupants of the village were forced to leave the place they all knew and loved when their homes became submerged.

Fifty-five years later, Liverpool no longer had the need for water from the reservoir and it was decided to allow the water level to fall. Once again, the ruins of Capel Celyn were to be revealed.

Two local surveyors were dispatched to the site to begin plans for landscaping the area, Dafydd Williams and Bryn Gruffydd. Slowly, they picked their way through the poignant remains of the lost buildings. Suddenly, as they crossed the foundations of what had once been the chapel house, Bryn tripped and all but fell.

“Hey, Bryn, Watch-out!” his workmate called out. “You all right?”

Bryn didn't reply but stood motionless, staring at the concrete floor.

Dafydd went over and looked down.

“What the hell?” he exclaimed.

Embedded in the floor was a very rusty eye-bolt and, attached to it was what appeared to be an equally rusty pair of old handcuffs. Nearby lay the almost rusted away, but still recognisable frame of a hacksaw.

“Why on earth would you have an eye-bolt in the middle of the floor like that? Bloody dangerous if you ask me!”

They walked on, discussing the hidden dangers that their job entailed and watching for anything else that they might trip over.


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