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A Farmer's Hard Work

The influence of a farmer's hard work on a duchess

There lived a farmer, a hard working fellow by the name of Alden. He grew beans for the empire, giving his all, working and toiling all day, with few breaks and little rest. The county he lived in was ruled by a kind duchess, who spent plenty for the welfare of the people, building wells, houses and much more, but the folk who lived there grew to be bandits, thieves and scum. Even with such good living circumstances, why were her people like this?

One day, the duchess came by the countryside on a whim and fancy. As she wandered through the fields and strolled down past an ancient oaken tree, she happened upon Alden.

"My oh my, what a gloomy atmosphere at this dank, old farm. But yet... yet your crops are bountiful and abundant. How, I wonder did it come to be?"

"Pardon me duchess, but may I speak?" Alden asked timidly. The duchess waved her hand carelessly as she affirmed her consent. "Indeed duchess, this humble farm may be decrepit and old, but it is the care given to each and every sapling, every crop I grow which permits them to flourish. Tender are the hands which grow them, and precious are they to me as a new born babe."

The duchess gently covered her mouth, her eyebrows knitted tightly together as she stared at him, attempting to make light of the situation. Then, after a brief pause she muttered to herself but a few words

"How queer. One would assume that it is the environment, the nature which shapes all living things, but nurture? Nurture does play a role it would seem." As this thought sped through her mind, it brought new insight onto her conundrum which troubled her and by gaining understanding, she learned how to deal with her plight.

In the years to come, the duchess utilized a sterner approach. While she gave, she also took, and punished those who would do her land wrong. But even as she was harsh, she still remained kind, for it was her nature, and her generous heart was always willing to forgive others, as long as they repented. And thus it was, through the care given by Alden, a simple, hardworking farmer, which prompted the change in the duchess, and led the county to prosperity.

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