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A Shot Heard 'Round the School

"I have awesome dreams, don't I? Oh well... story inspiration..."
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An intruder alert comes over the intercom, and the other students hide under their desks. She was talking to the teacher and his sort-of teacher's aid, so she's now heading under her desk. The door slams open and a man with a gun walks in before the teacher has time to lock the door or even react fast enough. The shooter is familiar to her, but she has no time to register anything- the gun is pointed at her teacher and she acts. She runs and tackles the shooter right as the gun goes off. She holds him down as well as she can- which is not well- and knees him, his hand loosening slightly around the gun and she slips it from his grasp, sliding it back to her teacher.

She feels no pain at first- nothing, though she knows she must have been shot. He's struggling hard and she's struggling three times as much to hold him down. A knife is drawn and he slices at her, but she tells herself physical pain is nothing until a male student comes up and helps her. She lays back, hand over some part of her left side, though she really doesn't register much other than a lot of bustling around and the teacher giving orders or someone giving orders and then she's lifted off the ground. This time she feels the pain and she blacks out.

Being the hero in a school shooting is a bitch.

***I don't know much about any of this that I wrote about- it was a dream I had last night, I really am only writing it so that it stops swirling around in my mind. There was a lot more swearing in my dream. I swore at the shooter because the shooter was Brandon, and if you don't know who I'm talking about, good, because he's a child killer and needs to go be tortured to death. A long, slow, painful death. Anyway, even if it's kinda suckish and doesn't have much detail, and probably isn't very factually correct (my dreams aren't, really, but whose are?), I hope you... "enjoy" it. Imagine waking up after this. Oh what fun.***

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