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"It was a blustery day in March"

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It was a blustery day in March.

A northern snow storm dumped 6 inches of fresh snow.

Waking up to a chilly room, the Sheriff set about to light a fire.

He heard the soft singing from the kitchen, and the shrill sound of tea

His wife Maggie of six wonderful years making breakfast for the three of them..

Dressing in the mirror, he watches this older graying man pin on a badge.

Nothing different this morning from the rest. Life rolls as water under the bridge.

Buckled belt with his pearl white handled colt, and finishes with slipping on my boots.

Pat the head of little Sarah and kiss his Maggie on the way out the door.

Nothing different this morning from the rest, or so they thought.

Bart and his greasy side kick Stan rode into Columbia. Bart knew of the bank here.

Tying up their horses in front of the 3rd National Drovers Bank. Bart tells Stan stay put.

Bart walks into the bank pulling his pistol, "this is a hold up" Bart shouts.

One shot rings out and Jake the guard falls mortally wounded.

Walking to the Sheriff's office, he hears a gunshot from the bank.

Pulling his pistol, on the run he sees a man with two "spooked" horses out front.

Telling him to drop his guns and go to his knees.

In a flash Stan pulls his pistol and aimed, only to be cut down by the Sheriff.

Bart hearing the noise out front knew there was trouble on the other side of door.

In a flash Bart opens the door and stares into the Sheriff's pistol.

Drop it !! the Sheriff shouts. In the next moment two shots ring out.

Both the Sheriff and Bart fall to the ground. The Sheriff comes up on one knee.

Then slumps down. Three bodies in front of the 3rd National Drovers Bank.

Nothing different this morning than the rest, but for the four dead men.

Tonight there will be two empty beds in Columbia. And two new widows with orphans.

Nothing different this day in Columbia but for the shock to set in.

One silver badge, one pearl handle colt and a pair of boots. A wife named Maggie.

And a little girl named Sarah never to see her father again.

Nothing different this day .... as the wind picked up. "Looks like snow" the banker says to no one, as he locks the door.

Written by fuzzy1954
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