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Published 8 years ago
The General stands on the edge of the forest. His grey-green eyes haunted by death and destruction looks over the beauty of the meadow before him

His heavy armor matches the heaviness in his heart.

When will the bloodshed and devastation stop.

Blood covers his armor and face. His own or others he does not know or care.

He is lost in despair.

His eyes take in the sprawling green meadow before him.

Lush green fields with clumps of white and yellow flowers dotted all over. Truly beautiful.

At the end of the fields there are low hills climbing towards the distant snow capped mountains.

In the distance he spots a rider galloping across the emerald sea of grass. As the rider comes closer he can see that she is riding carefree and alone.

Her long dark hair flying behind her in the dawn sunlight.

She does not see him yet and he stands still

She gallops closer still and he can see that she is riding bareback. She is a great rider one with the horse. Her long grey dress is made out of some magical shimmery see through fabric. He looks at her stunning body made even more alluring by the semi cover of the dress

She gallops closer still and her horse starts and stops right in front of the general. She sees him and looks fearlessly into his eyes. The general looks into her brown eyes and feels utter peace and relief. She just sits there and looks at him. The mysterious beautiful lady in grey has him mesmerized.

Without a word she brings healing to his broken burnt heart. The beautiful lady in gray.

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