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I Hadda Dream

This came to me at 3:30am and wouldn't let me sleep until i wrote it. We all have dreams.

I Hadda Dream 

I hadda dream, baby girl, you an me, in the park. You had on the prettiest pink dress and ribbons in your hair. I was pushing you on the swing, and you was laughing, your feet just about to touch the clouds, the sun like a big ball of light up in the sky. Afterwards, we sat under a big old oak tree and had pb&j sammiches and Oreos and a big thermos of ice cold lemonade. Yeah, that was a good day, baby girl.

"Come on, come on, Don’t die on me. Hang on, hang on."

I hadda dream, baby, my face shining with joy as you walked across that stage and they handed you that diploma. That’s my baby girl, I said to the couple next to me. Valedictorian, can you believe that? I’d be so proud of you, baby, knowing you were gonna make something of yourself. Afterwards we’d go out to ice cream with all your friends, my treat, and just laugh and laugh about whatever.

"What about the baby?"

"She’s social services problem now, not ours."

"Shit. All over a load of bread. Trigger happy bastard."

"Can’t blame him. Just last week he got hit by a couple of punks in ski masks. Bought a gun so it wouldn’t happen again. Said he didn’t mean to shoot anyone."

I hadda dream, sweetie, you packing up your things, going away to school. UCLA, maybe, or Harvard! Damn, wouldn’t that be something? I’d be holding back my tears, of course, waiting until we got you there. Be missing my girl, but so proud of her!

"She looks like a junkie."

"Just malnutrition. No sign of track marks, nothing. I’d say she’s been skipping meals so her daughter can eat."

"What about the bruises?"

"Someone’s been treating her rough. Her old man, maybe. Or her pimp."


I hadda dream, honey. Gran’daughter on my knee, bouncing her just like I bounce you, her momma an daddy out in the kitchen, laughing. You’d be a lawyer, by then, or a teacher. Maybe even a doctor. Hell, for all I care, you’d be an artist, long as you were happy, baby. That’s all I ever wanted for you. To be happy and healthy, and safe. I love you so much, baby girl.

"Who was that?"

"My wife. Wanted to know if I was going to make my son’s play. Told her I’d do my best."

"How you guy’s doing?"

"Okay. Think we’re going to get that loan approved. Jill’s still waiting to find out if she’s got that scholarship or not."

I hadda dream, baby. Ain’t too much to ask God that just this once, he was listening, is it? Just this once…

Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Doctor Long sighed, brushing a strand of tangled blonde hair from her face, his chocolate skin in deep contrast to her pale white flesh. With a Surgeon’s skill, he tenderly closed eyelids over deep blue eyed that would never see again.

"Time of death, 3:23pm."

"Damn shame, Doc."

"Yeah, damn shame. She was so young. Probably no more then 16. Had a whole life ahead of her. You contact her next of kin?"

"Doing our best. For now, she’s being listed as ‘Jane Doe’. No ID, nothing."

"Wonder what she wanted to do with her life."

"Someone like her? Probably nothing."

"Everyone has dreams, Officer. Everyone."

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