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Love and Learning

"A second chance to learn is a lifeline to some"
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To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. Such a first impression meant a lot to Saffy, because a sense of normality set her in good stead for the admissions interview she'd dreaded for so long.

It was all about confidence, and although The College of Further Education was very undemanding, Saffy had absolutely nothing on paper other than court and care orders for the panel to consider. She had no academic qualifications whatsoever, and to folks who didn't know her or her unfortunate story, she was just another misfit, a delinquent awkward pest.

Yet to those who did know her, and those who would listen...

"What should I tell them, Steffanie?"

"Tell them anything you like, Saffy, it's sure to be good."

And she did

She told them all about me, as it happened, and everything else she dreams of and loves.

And the more she talked and intrigued them, the more they understood and believed in her.

They offered her a place, of course.  

I so hoped they would. 


The End






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