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Sapphire: Hey Guys...

It's an illness... not a horror movie

Hey guys. My name's Sapphire. Yes, like the gemstone. I know, original, right? What were my parents thinking? Well, my eyes are sapphire blue. Gorgeous image, right? Jealous?

Don't be.

Have any of you ever heard of schizophrenia?
Do you know what it really is? Or is all of your knowledge from one source: movies?

Thought so. Not many people actually know what all it entails. Hell, even I don't know everything about it, but I'll enlighten you on some of it.

It makes you see things that aren't really there. For some--like child schizophrenics--they're like imaginary friends, but to you they're actually there. For many, though, they are the reason you can't sleep, the reason you can't eat, the reason you scream or panic when there is nothing in the room.

It makes you hear things that nobody is saying. They'll be voices you've never heard before or sometimes voices you know very well--like a best friend. Oh and they are nasty voices. What goes really well with schizophrenia? What do they diagnose before schizophrenia so very often?


If you're a child schizophrenic, good luck getting help before you're thirteen. If you see things, but don't hear things or hear less than you see, they'll say it's just a stage. They'll say you'll grow out of it. But then you don't grow out of it. Actually, it gets worse.

If you're older, it'll still take a long while before they actually correctly diagnose it and even longer to find something that works. Something that keeps everything away.

It makes you paranoid and feel like everyone's out to get you. How can anyone blame you? There's a voice in your head that sounds just like your dad, saying nasty, horrible, sick things to you. There's a voice like a best friend, telling somebody all about her "crazy schizo friend".


Apparently, I've had it for a decade, but they only recently diagnosed it.

Are you still jealous?
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