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The Fish, the Witch, and the Mermaid

"A cute little story about a little boy turned into a fish"

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There once was a fish 

from Grayling Michigan, 

Who wished with all his heart

to be a little boy again.

But an evil Sea Witch

had cast a spell and

When next he awoke

he had fins and a tail!

His mommy and daddy

he thought missed him a lot

He was four foot tall

with a frog named Sir Lancelot!

He missed his friends

and even his bedroom

And all of his cars

that went zoom zoom!

One day while he was swimming

he saw a magical mermaid

He swam to her wondering

if she could make the spell fade.

“Yes, I can” she replied,

“But there is something you must do

Because once, I was a little girl

when the witch cursed me too!”

“But what can I do?

I’m just a little fish.”

“You’ll swim up the river with a message

and I will grant you your wish.”

“Take this note to my parents

to meet me here under the moon.

Then we can be normal again

and seal the evil witch’s doom.”

So the little fish swam

and swam with all his might.

He could be a little boy again

as soon as tonight!

Up the river he went

even swimming under a boat!

He knew his chore was important

so he’d deliver the note.

The mermaid lived

in a really big house.

But how could he get in there?

he surely wasn’t a mouse!

Then he saw a big dog

at the stream where he’d swam

But he couldn’t remember

did dogs eat fish or ham?

He thought really hard

and came up with a plan

He’d give the dog the note

and ask him to give it to the man.

The big dog just nodded

then trotted on his way.

As the little fish swam

back to the mermaid, he’d pray.

The moon shone bright

on that dark, dark day.

He and the mermaid waited

her parents were on their way.

When out from the shadows

walked her mom and her dad.

Oh goodness!! He thought,

she wore a big pointy hat!

She said, “Alla kazoom

and alla kazzat”

Then POOF! he had all

his arms and legs back!

He smiled real big

and watched the mermaid with a grin.

Not a trace of scales

not even a fin!

While everyone thought

she was finally gone,

The evil sea witch rose screeching,

“What have you done?!?”

The mermaid’s mom turned

with a devious grin,

“Abracadabra, and alla kazoo

your powers are gone, you’ll not spell again.”

The evil witch screamed

as the river swallowed her whole,

“She can’t bother you now

time to get you home, let’s go!”

The little boy walked

smiling with his new friend

“We can be friends forever

and thank you, again!”


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