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Titanic 2.0

"Another dream I had, maybe why I don't like swimming in the ocean."
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Published 8 years ago
The boat was sinking; my friends scrambled to gather all that they could. In the distance, a tidal wave headed this way. Why were we on a cruise ship? All the movies about these ships ended with people dying and the boat sunk. At least shore was not far away.

I ushered my friends to hurry out the door, to the last lifeboat I had waiting for us. I remembered, I had to get the necklace my mother gave me, a beautiful, expensive one at that. So I ran through the golden room I spent thousands on reserving and snatched the necklace off the nightstand in my room in the corner.

I return to find all my friends gone. I run outside and see them all in the lifeboat halfway down the side of the ship.

"Why didn't you wait for me?!" I called down to them, hurt by the fact they left me behind.

"You can handle yourself!" One shouted back up to me.

In a panic, I saw the wave hurtling closer to the boat and the shoreline. I ran frantically across the bow, looking for one last lifeboat. I was scooped off my feet. A brown haired man picked me up and started to carry me.

He jumped off the side of the boat, and almost as if he had wings glided across the water. He stepped on floating debris and ran to shore constantly jumping from lifeboat to lifeboat.

Once on shore, he tossed me up into a palm tree. I looked down, but he was gone. I searched for my hero, but no sign of him anywhere. The wave hit. Water rushed past me as it crashed into the shore, abruptly it receded and my friends washed up onto the beach.

"See I knew you'd be fine!" The friend called out to me.

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