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Chapter Twenty

A clean bill of health

The old farmer tried to contain his excitement he was getting his boy back, thanks to Karen's persistence. Karen and Faye brought in the desert and coffee that no one seemed interested in at dinner time, it was most welcomed now. They talked about the best route to get to the town of Hancock. “He is going to flip out when he see's you again gramps, I wish I could go with you, but I have a paper to write,” Karen said.

Faye would be away but offered to go with Tom the following day, if he liked. But old Tom just wanted to go by himself, was glad to be able to travel down the highway once again by himself. The Old farmer smiled at them all. “I'll be okay it's not that far, besides I would enjoy just to be off by myself,” Tom said.

He had been sitting around the house following everyone's instructions on his diet, nap times. It had been two weeks since he had gotten out of the hospital, he was getting camp fever. He enjoyed being with his son and having Karen so close by, but this wasn't home and was looking forward to returning once again to his place after Christmas; besides he would have Billy to keep him company.

He had taken his morning and afternoon walks around the farm looking over his son's farm. Had got behind the wheel of the young Tom's old half ton and had even done a little snowplowing which he had enjoyed. Tom was bored; he was ready to take some of his life back. With a clean bill of health from the Dr., he should be able to lead a normal life if he didn't over do it. He kept the nitroglycerin tablets close by just in case his heart began to act up.

The next day he had gone to town with his son. They saw his Dr. who was pleased with his progress. “You're doing great Tom, just stick to your diet and lots of rest for the next few weeks and no stressful work for now.” Dr. Tony Peters told him. Tony had been Tom's Dr. for almost 20 years. Tony placed the stethoscope on Tom's chest and listened for a few seconds and wrote the results in Tom's chart. Then on his back moving it after about ten seconds to the left then the right. You sleeping okay do you need anything for that?” Tony asked.“

I do nothing but sleep during the day, but night time.” Tom paused for a second and wasn't sure if he should let his Dr. in on the dreams he had had the sense the heart attack. “I guess I might need a few more of the sleeping pills; I seem to dream a lot at night,” Tom answered.

“I will give you a couple more refills for that. What are the dreams about are they good dreams or nightmares Tom?” Tony asked. Tom felt a little silly but wanted someone to know.

“There about Jenny mostly Tony." Tom paused then continued. She always seems to call me to dinner and talks to me about things. I want to stay with her, but tells me I have work to do here, and I have to stay,” Tom replied.

“She was a lovely lady Tom. I know you must miss her, what does she tell you in your dreams?” Tony asked. He was curious wanted his old friend to be at ease about the dreams he was having. “Well its been a few days now since I had one. But she said that I would get Billy back, and you know last night a lady phoned, and she has him on her farm. Then Jenny told me a family needs help and that I have some work to do there, so I'm not sure what that means,” Tom said.

“Tom you were close to Jenny, and you both are good hearted. She would want you to help if you could." Tom didn't tell Tony about the perfume or the kiss or about after the dreams; he would wake up with severe chest pains. Maybe Tony was right, so he nodded his head in agreement. "They seem so real though I'm traveling to Hancock tomorrow, Tom said.

He looked at the Dr. for an objection, none came. Tony was writing in Tom's file “That's about 3 hours or more away Tom what are you doing up there. “Getting Billy back,” Tom replied. “I should be okay don't you think?” Tom asked.

“Oh, I think it might be okay for you to get away Tom, besides if I said no you would go anyway wouldn't you.” Tom nodded his head in agreement. Tony finished filling out Old Tom's chart and looked into the old farmer's eyes placed his pen in his lab coat pocket closing the file. He handed Tom the perception for the sleeping pill refills. Tony turned in his swivel stool faced the old man.

“Tom, you need to take it easy, light work, no lifting. Give yourself some time to heal up; there is damage to your heart, I need you to promise me you will get the dog and come home. These dreams your having may be a good thing. Dreams are funny things, some seem so real to us that we want them to be, Don't let them bother you. When my dad passed away, I would dream about him a lot. I would have conversations. There were things we never got to talk about before he died. There always seems to be unfinished business when people leave us. But one day they just stopped; I guess my mind came to terms with the loss. We have so much to learn about the brain. I wouldn't worry about them. So I know how you feel. I think we need them, either way; I am happy this dream you had about Jenny turned into reality for you. I'm glad Billy is coming back home with you; he will be good to have around the farm for the company he is an amazing dog, Tom." Tony said.

Tom folded the paper placed it in his shirt pocket began to button up his shirt. He smiled at the Dr. glad he had no objections to him traveling tomorrow. “Yes I will Tony, I'll get him, and come home. I promise.” Tom said. Tony led the old farmer to Jane, the receptionist on the way out of the examining room. “Make an appointment in four weeks for Mr. Brennan,” Tony said. They shook hands Tony took a file from the next examining room and went in.

Tom and his son stopped by a dealership on their way home. They kicked a few tires even took a test drive, but Tom decided he would wait till he got back from his trip before he made a decision on which truck to buy. Tom turned down the offer from the sales manager offering him the use of his demo for his trip Tom Brennan could have purchased a fleet of trucks, and the sales manager knew it. But he also understood when Tom said no, it meant no, so he handed him his card and told him if he needed anything he would only have to call.

Tom was quiet on the way home from the dealership; he was thinking of what his Dr. had said about his dreams he had been having about Jenny, that there was no reason to about them. He was more worried that they might stop at some point. He enjoyed his visits with his wife. The one dream, where Jenny seemed to know that Billy was okay, did bother him a little. How on earth would she have known that? He smiled to himself as soon as he thought about it. "How on earth indeed," He thought. She was no longer on earth. So he went over the words she had spoken in his head. “Thomas; Billy is fine so don't you worry about him. He is waiting for you. There is a chance there for you to help a couple having a hard time like we did when we were starting out. When you find Billy, you will know what to do.”

His son had been talking during Old Tom's daydream. “so what do you think of the idea? Young Tom asked. He looked over at his father; he seemed to be in a daze, “Dad? You okay dad.” Tommy asked. The old man snapped out of his daydream and looked at his son.

“What Tommy? “What did you ask me Tommy my mind drifted away for a while sorry, I was thinking about your mom.” Tom Jr. went over his idea to introduce a new breed of cattle that he had been studying for the farm good for beef and wanted his father's input.

Tom was scrambling back from his daze. “Well depends on a few things I suppose Tommy, But we can talk about it if you like.” Old Tom replied. Tommy was a little concerned about his dad. “Well, we can talk about when we get back from Hancock Dad. "Are you okay? I'm worried about you there is no rush you know, Billy sounds like he is in good hands. What time will you be leaving tomorrow?” Tommy asked. His father looked over at him and smiled. “Early I think." I want to see my boy Tommy; I need to see my boy. I'm fine Tom don't worry about me.” with that he turned and looked out the windshield smiled all the way back to the farm thinking of his dog, his dreams, and Jenny.

Old Tom called Kaye the night before telling her he should be there around noon if that would be okay with her, which of course it was, and she would have a small lunch made, he thanked her but said it wouldn't be necessary but thanked her just the same. He went over the route he was taking and hung up the phone. Tom was up at six am. He had coffee and toast with Tommy and Faye. Karen was still in bed but had wished him a safe trip and was looking forward seeing him when he got back the night before. Old Tom didn't have any dreams last night he slept well and was eager to hit the road. He climbed into the cab of his son's truck and headed onto the highway toward Hancock.

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