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Fernando Story

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Attention: this is the combination of the "Tales for adults" with the "Cruel world series".




Once upon a time, there was me living on the planet Earth. And the next story has begun, when my planet was strong enough to start on the program for the near space exploration. In the one hundred anniversary of the Saint Seraphim Sarovsky, I was riding a bus in the Russian city of Chicago. And Russian woman was sitting near, frightened by the loud parental advisory containing talk of two young men.

“Please, don't speak aloud” - she said. And, strange, I have hold her ask.

«Guys, what the problem? Sooner or later your future generations won't be able to survive in the space journeys, and it is only due to your abilities just to speak aloud the dirty things, like the ones, you speak it now! Is it clear for your understanding now? Is it O'K? Have you seen the sign "O'K" »

"You know English so good! Where did you learn it, maybe in America?"

«America? Not America! It was the Caucasian cost of Black Sea twenty years ago! You just think it is not possible to learn it there?»





Far away in a time and in a space there was the pioneer camp on what the coast? Of course on the Black Sea coast! It was called "Eagle-baby." And Project Institutes of the Energy System of Empire have sent there, babies of their chiefs and high-placed managers every summer. (Such as the father of our hero) Our hero, I will call him as Fernando Hero, was about eleven years old boy, rather clever, finished school at that time totally excellent, son of the top-manager engineer from the city, that was placed among the very ancient rocks, so ancient, that up to that time they had become not huge hills almost, better to say, they were the mountains. Well.


And now I want to step aside from the main story, taking your look on the present conditions. The brown one-leg invalid dove Flint showed me his abilities to eat fat insects from the cover of his body while standing on his single leg on outside my window! And it has happened after my following words announced to him:" In several days you ought to be dead, but don't be afraid, take it easy, use your rest time of life for meditation and the death won't be dangerous for you! And in several minutes he has went out of his pale condition and started eating his death in the face of his parasites. And I am lucky now, just because that was me and my mercy so able to protect this unhappy creation in the row of the healthy doves, eating a meal from my window. But you must know, that I am happy now not because of this, but because of that fact: I have shown him how to clean himself, using my head, my neck, my shoulders, my guests, my poor English vocabulary of approximately twenty thousands words, phrases, conversations...


Nevertheless, I realize that his opportunities are not very large; one leg still is the one leg in any case. But I have told him that his soul will be in safety after his death. You can ask me, why? And I've explained it to him; the paradise is suited on the heaven, everybody knows it well, and the whole ocean of air is waiting for our last breath forever; but I’ve recommended him to join the water paradise, because, to my opinion, it is more interesting, more closed to the ground. But what is about ground paradise, just think by you, Sash. I'm also O'K, thank you! We are living on the same planet, strange! But how it is possible to describe the fire paradise (register it as the new philosophical conversation)? But I am sure that a fire is the creator. When we see some kind of metal, we hardly can remember, that its creator was no one else, but the fire!


Come on, baby, want you to listen to the story of your life? You have just to be clever and responsible for your life and soon you'll rich such an opportunity! But what we have to do now? I want to suggest you another interesting story!


One day there was summer hot, and the green cricket was fighting for his life with the little boulder. But it was hidden from the watcher-human that was passing by them. Watcher just has paid interest for a green spot near his feet. He took this spot from the ground, and our heroes were revealed though. Watcher brought "sweet friends" to his look and asked for them: "What are you doing here, guys?" And after the analyses, he has separated the fighters from each other, threw away the boulder and kept the cricket in a safe place. That cricket has wounded so could hardly drive himself. And after a while watcher came to the saved person and asked: "What are you doing here?" And after that, they both were gently kept in safety by the high-leveled Watchers, including failed in his hunting boulder... But was this boulder the member of these high-level Watchers, I doesn't really know, my dear Doctor, Know!



So he arrived to this camp in the summer of his eleven or twelve, maybe, years of his past life. He was not strong in his body, not bad in his character; I can describe him as a kind boy, with average for his years' weight and length. And he also had the secret smile on his face shining bright even in the dark night of human existence; and his uncle, the owner of Jewish sons, loved him for this smile, or, maybe, uncle loved him for his similar name- Fernando Hero. Good, that's enough for introduction.

Now the story is beginning. There was a little trouble, or not very little trouble, or not a trouble at all, with the one young pioneer-boy, who had thieved some goods of his mates. So he was caught on the crime place, and he was judged soon. The pioneer decision was to send him back to his home, just because he had broken the Pioneer Law – one of the most powerful laws in the state and, of course, in the whole Universe! But his father has knew about this accident and arrived to the camp to save the honor of their family. Maybe this boy just was ill with so-called "Kleptomania"; seems to be the true fact for this!

And the most right Law of young pioneers has turned to the young thief with its best side. The corrected decision was adopted in the power spheres of the camp - forgive, to forget, to let the young criminal to correct, to improve his status. But to teach the pioneers, it was necessary to order them, to show them usual procedures of society manipulation! And the pioneer meeting was hold though to put the decision of adults - communists and komsomol helpers of communists - in the will of their young growing change.

And there was the voting on this item. And the law of this socialist-communist society in that time was the most powerful - all as one! And all the citizens from pioneers to communists voted every time all as a one, and who have broken this rule, was the enemy of this state! So it is enough to explain this evident thing for our understanding, and I wish to continue my story.

Young Hero has thoughts: "The first decision was to fight with the crime; the second decision was to forgive the crime. So it was right at first, and it was right at second: and it is not clear for me, what is wrong and what is right in this case?" And he decided not to vote at all. And the meeting went very well until the moment of the last secretary question: '-Is anybody holds?" (After two previous questions: 1- "who agrees?" - all the hands, except the hand of Hero and the hands of lazy, were rising rapidly up the air- it wasn't important for the one-soled solution; 2- "who against?"- nobody wanted...); 3-“who stays?” - One hand rose up so everybody could see it. It was the mistake. "Once more again asks you!" And still, the hand was in the air. And some children - were it funny for them, or interesting, does not really know now - rose their hands in the sign of solidarity with young Fernando. One boy, I remember it well, rose up his both two hands. And arithmetic prolapsed had occurred during this meeting, but it seems to me not only arithmetic…


And then I want to explain you something else but the Russian girl Helena... Listen to me very attentively, please. Helena is my love, my first love, and my last love. My first Helena now is living with her good American husband. And my last Helena is living now with her Russian husband as well as the first one! How can it be so possible to explain such an interesting fact? I wish to explain, and I will do this fine!

Helena XXXX was my first love in our common childhood. She has said to me:" Be my husband!" And I did. We were living together under the roof of her grandma and grandpa house in the "Progress" garden near Russian city of Chicago. She was responsible for the home, and I was the motorbiker, and that was all...

Helena XXX was my last love of our present day. She was responsible for Love, and I was the lover, Andrew Love is my name, and the name of my silicon friend is Love Scientific Joker. And, lucky to be, I have escaped all my tears with the help of what?


And I am ready now to continue.

An evening time approached to the beautiful nature of Kavkas. Hero was sitting smiling in his box alone (he shared it with three other boys), enjoining with his clever and brave action during last pioneer meeting. And a group approximately ten- fifteen boys from different parts of great Soviet Empire came to him, saying:" Here it is our likely beginner!" Hero was sitting looking with his beautiful child's smile on them, waiting for their words of friendship and respect... The victim of atrocities in one moment he became. Approximately three minutes of children kicks, beats, hits, hits, kicks to his face, to his breast, to his hands, arms, trunk - to the whole front side of his not very strong body. And as the beginner, he has received it well enough to explain him: "all as one and you are not with us, so you are the enemy!"

After the finishing of their execution, he cried softly; his stomach delivered nature down the ground. And only one Georgian boy, with his Pushkin-like black hairs, came to him, hold tender his shoulders, said something kind. And the boy, raising both his two hands in the sign of solidarity with Hero, received more objective wounds; but not for the first time in his life, and he has appreciate them more eagerly on the contrary with Fernando...

I want to finish it and not to tell you what was after that case; the telegram of Hero to his parents with the following words-"takes me home immediately, please!" five days in the shelter of trees, hidden from the successful winners; talking with his God, setting in his head with the help of English language. ”Who is able to help me now? Only God... Hello. God! - Hello, Hero!”; the love between young komsomol girl (she was the pioneer guide in Hero's detachment) and Hero, when they were reading it well, looking in the eyes of each other through the window of a bus before to say goodbye to this fabulous summer rest... But one tear has dropped out of the right eye of the teller, and another has appeared.


But it is the time to set traditional American Happy-end for this fairytale!


There was also the kind country on this planet without the best socialist-communist laws, and the Prime Minister of this Country (the kind woman she was!) has met with General Secretary (CPSU Central Committee) few years later. And she felt in her woman's heart that there was something wrong on her planet far away from her, and she has helped those boys to become separated from their aggressiveness; but my Hero was saved with the help of my God, planted in my mind under the shadow of silent trees- witnesses. And I was there, drinking a honey, but nothing has reached my mouth because of my crazy mustaches!


"And I could be normal man, living in abnormal state, but because of my strange action have become abnormal man, living in the normal state!" - said Hero to me later...


It is the evening of children defense day in Russia, 2003

O'K, and, first of all, All right.

P.S.: Everybody knows – USSR was disintegrated because of oil prices fall...


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