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The Christmas Card Part 2

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Penny tore open the card that she had already made out to Ian and added some more lines to the ones she had already penned. She then selected a fresh envelope and addressed to him and placed it in the stack she would drop off at the drive up post office on her way to work.

Three Days Ago: Ian arrived at his current residence and spent a moment in his car admiring the Christmas lights and decorations he had put up. It wasn't that difficult a task as he lived in a beautiful one year old double wide trailer in a very upscale trailer park.

He had purchased it from an older female that decided to relocate to Fla and move in with some college buddies. She accepted his first offer and in less than two weeks before Thanksgiving he was moving in, that was three years ago.

After dinner he located his address book and fell to the task of starting his Christmas cards. He took a seat at his kitchen table and assembled the pens, stamps, stickers and return address labels he would need. He came across Penny's parents name and began to fill one out. He then paused and looked at the line just below it that had been reserved for her, but he had been scratched it out years ago.

He still felt anger whenever he thought about her and how she refused to listen to his warnings and her belief that it was all based on jealousy and lies. In all their time together she never understood that he had never and would never lie to her. He had refused to attend the wedding or the reception despite being invited and when they came into the nightclub he worked at part time it was effort to remain silent and not stare at her.

He remembered Blake walking around and introducing her to his friends and all the while proclaiming how much he loved her and how beautiful she was. They soon became regulars and avoided his end of the bar.

They never stayed late because her job started at 6:00 AM, so he would leave long enough to drop her at home and return in less than an hour. That's when he would start working the room and chattin up the lovely ladies.

He would take multiple trips out to his van with various ladies where they would smoke a joint and then make love. Ian didn't have much to say to him when he parked himself at his portion of the bar and attempted to start a conversation.

"Hey, ya know we used to be friends," Blake said one evening.

"That's the correct term, used to be," Ian responded.

"So you're still pissed that she chose me over you?"

"I got over that," Ian lied.

"Then what's your problem?"

"My problem is you don't give a shit about her."

"Yes I do."

"Is that why you do ever little sleeze that comes in here?"

"Screw you."

"No thanks, you already did."

Blake finally gave up on attempting any conversation with his formed friend. When the stories of Blake having struck her and that a TRO ( Temporary Restraining Order) was in place began to circle the bar Ian had no comment.

He was made aware of the messy divorce and the fact that she was forced to move back home by some of her female co-workers, he was unsympathetic to her plight. Birthday and Christmas cards were returned to her unopened as he was angry for the longest time.

"Hey, she was warned, "was his stock response.

His own love life was non-existent. Oh he dated, but none of them could hold a candle to her personality and looks. He finally gave up trying and became the guy that always came alone to parties and despite attracting the attention of a few females never made an attempt to date any of them.

He picked up his pen and printed ' I MISS YOU TOO' inside the front flap of the card before he sealed it and mailed it off the next day. The bar closed early of Christmas Eve and Ian was home before 10:00 PM. He donned his lounging clothes, and turned on the TV. He had just opened a bottle of red wine and had not yet poured himself a glass when the doorbell rang.

Normally his friends never just dropped by without calling first so he couldn't imagine who it might be. He opened the door and there stood Penny.

They stood there staring at each other for the longest time before he invited her in. She removed her long Winter coat he discovered she was wearing a skin tight red velvet mini dress trimmed in ermine and a wide black belt.

Her leather high heeled boots were thigh length and black in color, it was the sexiest Santa outfit he had ever seen. He was about to compliment her on it when in the blink of an eye she had her arms wrapped around him and he followed suit.

The passionate kiss they shared seemed to last forever and he was surprised to find tears streaming down his cheeks and noticed tears on hers as well.

"I have missed you too," she whispered in his ear.

They sat on the couch and Ian poured her a glass of wine and turned the TV off. They sat and talked for hours and shared their pain and loneliness of the years they were apart and she begged his forgiveness.

"I know it will take you awhile before you trust me again and all I can do is try to convince you," she said.

Just being in each other presence again began to fire the passions and yearnings that they had suppressed for so the last few years.

"After Blake there was no one," she told him.

"I know the feeling. After you there was no one," he responded.

The electric clock on the TV showed it was now Midnight and officially Christmas day. She stood up and unzipped her dress to reveal striking red lingerie and nylon stockings trimmed in Christmas bows. She took him by the hand and led his to his bedroom where they made love for hours before they fell asleep in each others embrace.

Penny arrived back home around 7:00 AM where she showered and slipped on her nightgown and robe and then headed to the kitchen to make coffee. Her family woke a few hours later and they opened their presents to each other.

After breakfast she dressed for the day and then helped her Mon in preparation for brunch.

"I invited a friend over," she informed her parents.

"Another loser?" her Dad commented.

"I think you might be surprised," was her answer.

The doorbell rang at around 1:00 PM and when her Father opened it and saw Ian standing there he pulled him inside and gave him a hug that almost cracked his ribs, her Mom's greeting was no less intense.

It turned out to be a Merry Christmas.

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