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The Haunted Harley

"Miranda finally found a buyer"
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The kid at her door could not be older than 18, Miranda thought. He looked harmless enough so she opened the door. She wasn't really worried because despite her slender and shapely appearance Miranda was a match for any male twice her size and weight. She had to be as she was a bikers woman.

"Hi, and what can I do for you?" she asked.

"Is that motorcycle in the garage still for sale?"

Miranda smiled. The bike had belonged to her husband William " Boots" Randall. He was gone now, killed by a wannabe at a biker function almost six months ago and it was the only thing of his left for her to dispose of.

His living will had given a lot of his belongings to his club brothers but the Harley had been left toher to do with it as she saw fit. Oh she had tried to sell it numerous times as she had her own bike, but the sale was never closed. Why? Because the bike was haunted.

She would start it and ride it up and down her street to demonstrate to the prospective buyers that the bike indeed ran. If she switched it off no one could start it up again. If she left it running and allowed the would be owner to swing a boot over and attempt to take it for a test ride it would just die and would not restart again.

As she stood in the driveway and watched yet another once interested party drive away she would look skyward and yell, "Ya know Boots, this shit is getting old."

She walked the kid to the garage and activated the remote opener in her hand and the door slowly slid up to reveal the stunning Harley and the kid took one look at it and tears sprang to his eyes. It was all black and chrome and custom paint job gave the appearance that the paint was still wet.

"I have never seen such a beautiful bike," he told her.

He walked around it several times admiring all the custom parts that Boots had installed on it and asking her questions about it. As she answered she noticed that he gently ran his hand across the seat, tank and handlebars all the while muttering how beautiful it was. Then he asked the fatal question.

"Does it run?"

She swung her slender leg over the seat and switched on the key and kicked it to life. The motor issued the deep Harley sound as Miranda revved the engine and then it settled down to the deep lub, lub, lub sound that the bigger and older Harley's make when at idle.

"Can I take it for a test ride?"

"Do you have a motorcycle endorsement?"

The kid pulled out his wallet and produced his license, he indeed had the endorsement. She also saw that she was correct about his age, he had just turned eighteen. She switched the bike off and dismounted and told him to give it a try.

The kid mounted and just sat there for about a minute with his eyes closed. Miranda mentally noted that Boots used to do the same thing.

Miranda held her breath as the kid switched on the key and placed his foot on the starter pedal and pushed down forcefully, the bike roared to life. Miranda almost fainted and she reached over and switched off the bike and asked him to start it again, and he did.

A smile lit up her face as the kid placed the bike in gear and slowly made his way down her driveway to the street. Once he hit the street he twisted the throttle and the bike took off.

Tears filled her eyes at the sound of the Harley pulling away. It was that sound she associated with the last time she saw Boots alive and heading to the gathering on the far side of town. It would be ten hours later that the club president arrived and gave her the bad news.

As she heard the bike approaching she quickly dried her eyes and replaced the smile on her face.

The kid returned the bike back to its original resting place and she noted that he had tears in his eyes too as he thanked her for letting him take it for a test ride. On an impulse she invited him inside for a Coke and he shyly accepted. As he followed she felt his eyes on her backside as she walked in front of him. She looked over her shoulder and sure enough he was staring.

"Get a good look?" she asked and the kid must have blushed about fifteen shades of red at her question and stammered a unintelligible response.

"Hey if you didn't look I would have worried about you."

Once out of the oppressive Summer heat and enjoying their soft drinks he visible relaxed so she asked questions about his life in general. It seems he had recently quit school and went to work and was enjoying life.

"Well kid you're in good company, both my late husband and I quit school."

She asked about his friends and was stunned that he did not have that many and no special lady in his life.

"Most of my friends are into sports and I am not a big fan of any sport. Most of the girls I know have marriage and babies on their mind and not riding motorcycles."

She smiled when she noticed that he was now staring at her cleavage.

"So are you gonna ask me how much I want for the bike?"

"No," he responded taking his eyes off her chest.

"Why not?"

"Because I probably can't afford it."

"How much can you afford?"

"About one thousand dollars."


The kid stared at her unbelieving what he had just heard.

"But its worth ten time that amount."

"Probably more.but your were the only one that could start it. So is it a deal?"


"There is one condition. You accompany me to Ramblers tonight to show off the bike."

"But that's a biker club hangout."

She left the table and returned with a large framed photograph. The picture showed a medium built, handsome bearded man. His arms poking out of his leather vest were covered with tattoos and his fingers were adorned with heavy silver jewelry.

"This is my late husband Boots, he was the man that built that bike from the ground up."

She also told him of the dozens of folks that wanted to buy it but were unable to start it.

"Boots must approve of you."

She retrieved the title and they rode together to the title bureau where it was switched to his name.

She lied about the price to save him the tax. Then they rode to the license bureau where the new plates were purchased. She noted how gently he removed the old plate and handed it to her before he affixed the new one.

They rode back to her house where she bid him goodbye and told him to be back here at 7:00 PM.

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