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The Prince of the Pond

"dreams can come true."

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I had always heard stories of the prince of the pond, but had never seen him in real life. I mean, why would I have ever seen him, he lived in the castle at the edge of the lake, surrounded by the great big thistle shrubs. No one ever came out that went inside the shrubs. Oh how I dreamed of one day, getting a glimpse of the prince. I often thought of ways to get inside, or close to the castle. But I never had the courage to get more than twenty feet or so away. I sat for hours gazing up at the castle, willing the prince to show his face.

Then one day, there was a flurry of activity near the castle. Oh my, could this be the day, I see my prince. I had butterfly's in my stomach doing twists and turns, I took a chance and moved closer. In one fell swoop the thistle bush pushed open, and a whole entourage proceeded out. The prince rode in the middle on a golden lily pad, oh my, he was a site to behold. A light golden green skin tone, and big dark black eyes. I let out a little moan, and his eyes turned toward me. Catching my gaze with his eyes, he locked on, and moved his entourage over toward me. Oh no, what am I going to do? I seemed to have lost my voice, and my legs were all wobbly. I looked nervously around for some place to hide. Just my luck, I picked the one spot on which to camp out, that was completely out in the open. I tried to will myself to be invisible, but it didn't work. I looked up, and the Frog Prince was standing right in front of me, gazing into my eyes. My breath caught and my heart fluttered. Oh my, he was so enticing, I couldn't tear my eyes away. He blinked, as he reached his hand up, and touched my face. I felt a shock run through my whole body. Oh my, I had never felt this way before. My mind was racing, my heart was beating faster than anything, I've ever felt before. I realized that Prince Cal was talking to me, and shaking my head, I tried to focus.

Cal: “Whats your name? Your eyes are beautiful. Will you join me for dinner?”

Me: “Lucinda, my lord. Thank you. I don't think I should. I'm just a lowly frog girl. I don't know what I would even wear. You're the prince after all.”

Cal: “Please call me Cal. I don't really fancy all the formalities, much to my family's dismay. I don't care what you wear. I just want to have you join me for dinner.”

Me: “How will I get there and get home? No one returns from behind the thistle, when they enter. My family would worry.”

Cal: “My guards would open the gate for you. Your family may join you.”

Me: “Oh, that would be okay I guess.”

Cal: “I will send transport for you and your family at 6 tonight.”

Me: “Okay, I will go tell my family. See you later Cal.”

I hopped off in a hurry, relieved and excited, at the same time. My family was never going to believe me, how was I going to tell them. I didn't hear all the whispers, or see all the looks, as I ran past. As I got closer to home, I noticed that I had gathered a following. I saw my parents were standing on our porch, just staring at me, mouths hanging open in total disbelief. I stopped short, not knowing what to say. Everyone around me stopped. After a few seconds, the silence was broken, everyone started talking at once.

I ran into my parents arms, letting out a big sigh of relief, to be wrapped up in their warm embrace. We walked inside and shut out the din of the noise, the silence was a blessing and a curse. I knew I needed to tell them everything, but I could also see, that they were a bit mad at me, for venturing so far from our home.

Lucinda: “Mom, Dad, I know I shouldn't have ventured so far from our home, but please don't be mad. I met the prince, and he's so dreamy, and he invited us to the castle tonight for dinner. He's sending his guards to collect us at 6. Oh, please say yes? Please, please, please, can we go?”

Dad: “Lucinda, slow down and breath. You don't want to pass out.”

Mom: “Oh, Lucinda stop making up stories. You know the prince never leaves the castle. Henry, stop encouraging her fantasies. You know how she gets.”

Henry: “Martha, if this were a fantasy, do you think half the pond would have followed her home?”

Martha: “Humph, fine, and just what are we to wear to this grand dinner, Henry? We are dirt poor, and the prince is rich beyond our wildest dreams.”

Lucinda: “Oh mom, the prince said he didn't care what we wear, just as long as we came to dinner. He seemed kind of sad and lonely, but oh so wonderful. He has a light golden green skin tone, and big dark black eyes. Oh, and when his hand brushed my face, an electric current ran through me.”

Dad: “Lucinda dear, go get cleaned up and put on your best outfit. Martha dear, let's go get ready, the prince's coach will be here soon.”

Martha: “Henry, I just don't think, we should encourage her. You know, that the prince can have any girl he wants. Why would he want our daughter to join him for dinner? I just don't want her to get hurt.”

Henry: “Dear, do you think I want to see her get hurt? But the prince has requested us to join him for dinner. Do you suggest we should decline? Do you wonder, what might happen if we do that? Now be a good wife and do get dressed.”

At precisely 6 o'clock, there was a knock on the door. Martha answered it, and in front of her stood the dashing young prince. She stepped back, her eyes wide with surprise. Stuttering and stammering, she dropped to her knees and curtsied low.

Lucinda came running down the steps and stopped in her tracks. Her eyes lit up when she caught sight of prince Cal. He stood there in a royal blue robe, lined with a golden hem, black boots, and a black top hat. Lucinda started to swoon, he was so dashing, as he stood in her doorway.

At the appearance of Lucinda standing on the stairs, Cal couldn't help but stare. Her dark green skin was enhanced by a stunning, burnt orange dress, and small, glittery ear rings, and shoes to match the dress. He sprang into action, seeing Lucinda about to fall. Reaching her before she hit the floor, he possessively put his arms around her.

Regaining her composure, but still embarrassed by her near fall, she introduced the prince to her parents. After some small talk, the procession headed back to the castle. Lucinda sat beside the prince on his golden lily pad their eyes locked on each other.

Written by Noraj
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